18 Best Ways How to Detox Your Body in 2018

“Health is a relationship between you and your body.” ~Terri Guillemets

Introduction to Detoxification of the Body

People want to know how to detoxify the body, what detox does and how to cleanse the body naturally. These are good questions with no easy answers. We are going to cover these topics as we believe detoxification is foundational for a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

There are a range of different detoxes with different health goals. Some people do weight loss detoxes while some are seeking to do a full body detox and need to know how to detox the liver. These questions need to be answered from a natural perspective so you know how to detox your body for your particular goal.

Let’s examine some practical steps we can take to help in the detoxification process which is essential if we are to function at optimal health.

  1. What is Detoxification of the Body?
  2. How do you know if you need to detoxify?
  3. How To Cleanse Your Body?
  4. Step One: Prevention Before
  5. Step Two: Pipeline for Healthy Liquids
  6. Step Three: Priority of the Plate or foods that detox your body
  7. Step Four: Get good sleep
  8. Step Five: Start exercising
  9. Step Six:Treat your skin right
  10. Step Seven: Detoxification and Gut Health
  11. Step Eight: Promote Liver Health
  12. Step Nine: Promote Kidney Health
  13. Step Ten: Prohibit Toxins from Recirculating
  14. Step Eleven: Purging the Colon
  15. Step Twelve: Plan to Replenish Nutrients
  16. Step Thirteen: A Purifying Bath
  17. Step Fourteen: Detoxification Pathways Need to be Clear
  18. Step Twelve: Procedures that may be Necessary
  19. Step Fifteen: Preliminaries
  20. Step Sixteen: The Right Supplements for Detoxification
  21. Step Seventeen: Protocols
  22. Step Eighteen: Pressing Forward

What is Detoxification of the Body?

Body detoxification is very important as we live in a very toxic world. We should always be listening to our bodies. Detoxification might be the trend for 2018, but you should only detox when you feel your body is calling for toxin removal. Detoxifying your body has many long term benefits including:

  1. Weight Loss Detox
  2. Body Cleansing including the skin, stomach, liver and colon
  3. Toxin removal
  4. Drug detox
  5. Strengthening the immune system
  6. Detox heavy metals from your body including mercury and lead
  7. Increasing overall health care.

The goal of every detox diet should be detox for toxin removal. Removing toxins from the body can result in losing weight and an overall feeling of superior health. A toxin is a pro-oxidant which causes electrons to be taken away from the biomolecules which produces oxidation.

Antioxidants like vitamin C restore electrons back to oxidized biomolecules. “Increased oxidative stress causes 100% of all disease.” (1) Essentially all disease then results from the relative presence of and the interactions among and between, pro-Oxidants (toxins), pathogens (pro-oxidant providers), and antioxidant (nutrients).

A nutrient is only a nutrient if after it is metabolized it is broken down and gets to the basic molecular level. It is only nutritious to the degree that it is antioxidant. It must produce molecules at the cellular level that have an antioxidant effect. If it is bad for you it is because when it gets to this level it has a pro-oxidant/toxic effect.

How do you know if you need to Detoxify?

When you are paying attention to the signs your body is giving you, you will know when to detox. Professional detox enthusiasts will schedule four detoxes in their year over a seven to fourteen day program, we recommend you schedule one to two detoxes in your first year then progressively increase if you feel your body asking to be purged of more toxins. These detoxes do not account for the “one day mini detoxes.” Feel free to engage those programs without hesitation.

If you are not tuned to the needs of your body, there are twelve general symptoms, according to Sara Gottried M.D., indicating your body is demanding a detox. These twelve signs include:

  1. White or yellow coated tongue (and/or bad breathe)
  2. Congested Sinuses
  3. Increased Belly Fat
  4. Sugar Cravings
  5. Gallbladder issues
  6. Abdominal Bloating
  7. Overheating
  8. Weight Loss Resistance
  9. Acne and/or itching skin
  10. Fatigue unrelieved by sleep
  11. Moodiness
  12. Insomnia

Tally the symptoms you see over the next three or four months. If you have more than three symptoms, you should seriously consider detoxification of your body. There is an incorrect idea that detox is a luxury reserved for fancy spas. This is not the truth.

When our body is inundated with toxins and heavy metals, we function poorly. Detox is an absolute necessity as it alone has the ability to remove road blocks to health and wellness. Knowing how to detox naturally can be the key to unlock a level of wellness unbeknownst to you.

How to Cleanse Your Body

Going on a detox? Let us help you prepare for detoxification! We commonly get question from customers asking us for the best body detox cleanse. We have developed an eighteen-stepdetoxification program to show you how to prepare for an all natural body detox diet.

You can use these steps as a checklist to get your body optimized for detoxification. Our goal is for you to have healthy and natural detox cleanses so you can eliminate toxins from your body. After all, the best toxin detoxes leave you feeling healthier than ever.

Step One: Prevention Before Detoxification

How to cleanse your body of toxins? It is important that we know where the toxins are coming from and then stop that source (or sources) so you no longer have them entering your body. This is essential if we are to make progress because we need to stop the endless Merry-go-round and start making real progress in this area.

If we are going to remove toxins from the body, we must be diligent and look at all areas of our life. This way we can create the best body detox cleanse for our personal lifestyle. I would use products that are chemical and toxin free. I suggest using a fluoride free natural toothpaste, natural soaps, natural toilet paper and natural shampoos.

Glutathione should be included in all healthy detox cleanses as it is the “master antioxidant.” All the types of products you use in your house need to be evaluated and only use that which will not put toxins in your body. It may cost a little more to do this, but think of it as investment in your health and it is a lot less expensive than getting sick.

If you see positive results with Glutathione, you can even incorporate Liquid Gluthione or Glutathione Suppositories as part of your long term diet regimen. All the types of products you use in your house need to be evaluated and only use that which will not put toxins in your body. It may cost a little more to do this, but think of it as investment in your health and it is a lot less expensive than getting sick. The long term benefits of Detoxification justify the short term inconveniences.

Step Two: Pipeline for Healthy Liquids

Water is one of the best detox drinks as part of a full body detox. You can add Tumeric and Lemon for added health benefits, but having distilled or filtered water is foundation to create the best detox drink. We should drink at least a half-gallon of water each day. During every stage of detoxification, distilled water should be considered to prevent introducing an outside source of toxins. Plastics should be the first thing to go.

We would recommend disregarding plastic altogether as it has been shown to have negative long term effects on your health. “Distillation is effective because it removes the water from the contaminants, rather than trying to remove the contaminants from the water.” (2)

Some have raised the concern about the acidic nature of distilled water but Dr. David Williams explains this subject very well. “It’s true that distilled water is acidic, whether it comes from a store-bought jug or a distiller at home. The acidity occurs because carbon dioxide from the atmosphere dissolves in the water, creating a very dilute solution of Carbonic acid. Distilled water in a container that’s been sitting open for a while could have a pH in the range of 6 (For comparison, vinegar has a pH of about 4, or 100 times as acidic).”

Your body responds to this trivial amount of acidity by producing more stomach acid. So long as your digestive system is in good shape, and you’re not taking any medication to block the production of stomach acid, then the amount of acidity from distilled water won’t affect the body detox process.

If you have one of those issues simply used water from a reverse osmosis system. Do not drink fluoridated water and I suggest you use a filter for your drinking water and your shower if you have regular city water. Your skin will absorb those chemicals. Any filter is better than no filter and if you have no filter you are the filter.

Water flushes the liver tissues, aiding in removing toxins, and assists the kidneys during a liver detox, so the liver can focus on its own cleansing. The fact is, you need high quality clean water if you are ever going to become healthy or stay healthy. Drinking more distilled water is how to clean toxins from your body. You create a powerful and natural detox cleanse when you combine an increase of distilled water with glutathione.

Step Three: Foods that Detoxify the Body

Does your diet consist of foods that detox your body? You should begin selecting foods that detox your body by first screening of your food. Read labels because it is important to know what you put in your body. You do not want to buy anything with high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats and other harmful substances that are in some food products.

The source of your food. You want to source food that detoxes your body. Get your meat from a quality source without all the chemicals in them. I only get my beef and chicken from a trusted source. There are more good options out there and you can find them if you look. Beef and chicken are rich in protein and does not have the harmful additives when gotten from the right source.

You should get organic fruits and vegetables and each most of them raw for maximum nutrient value. If you can tolerate raw fruits and vegetables, we highly recommend incorporating them into your natural detox cleanse.

Do not fry or overcook foods at home and avoid using a microwave. A diet low in sulfur foods and high in acid makes you more susceptible to toxic metals. The best detox food is organic food because it does not have the harmful chemicals and will be richer in antioxidants. Organic fruits and vegetables are pillars of effective detoxes. According to the featured findings, organic fruits and vegetables can contain anywhere from 18-69 percent more antioxidants than conventionally-grown varieties.

I would make sure that you have at least one raw vegetable at your family meal time. It is best to not fry or overcook any food when cooking, just make it an occasional treat if you eat out. Avoid trans-fats, hydrogenated oils and other harmful food additives. Cooking fries in an oven that you cut from fresh potatoes is better than deep frying them.

The strength of your food: The right diet will help protect you. Likewise, it is important to know the foods that detox your body. A high acid diet of processed foods hurts our health and runs down metallothioneins. Metallothioneins are like a sponge and wherever they find toxic metals they will remove them. “Among the heavy metal-binding ligands in plant cells the phytochelatins (PCs) and metallothioneins (MTs) are the best characterized.” (3) Ascorbate C helps build this important substance. Metallothionein is a protein made up of two amino acids glycine and sulfur containing amino acid of cysteine.

The poly peptide binds magnesium/zinc and will bind to any of the toxic metals which are then excreted through sweat, urine and stools. When the body is low in Metallothioneins and Selenomethionine, an accelerated accumulation of toxic metals take place. Selenomethionine is a toxic metal trap and is the only form of selenium that works for this purpose.

Step Four: Maximize Sleep for Greater Results

According to Andy R. Eugene and Jolanta Masiak, insufficient sleep impairs your glymphatic system, causing toxin build up. Sleep is an nonnegotiable essential for a full body detox. Without eight to ten hours of sleep on a consistent basis, your body cannot optimize the full body cleanse process.

Maximized sleeps allows for maximized waste removal. During the sleep process, brain cells are shrunk by 60% in order for the glymphatic system to flush waste from the brain into the blood stream. Once the waste is transferred to the blood stream, it can be completely eliminated from the body. The glymphatic system, however, is only activated during sleep. Normal sleep cycles range between eight to ten hours, we recommend aiming for ten to twelve hours to optimize the glymphatic system.

Step Five: Start Exercising

Exercising is a proactive way of partnering with your body to do a healthy full body detox. Some people have the idea that detoxification of the body does not allow for physical exercise. This is another myth surrounding how to approach a full body detox. During a full body detox, high-intensity interval training (HIIV) is beneficial for pumping toxins out of your system.

If you decide to engage in HIIT or a similar form of exercise during a full body detox, remember to slightly increase your caloric intake to ensure your body is being fueled for workouts and replenished after workouts. Natural detoxification is not a starvation diet. If you do not wish to engage in high interval training, there are low impact options such as the treadmill, dancing, bicycling or swimming that serve as beneficial disciplines to burn fat and increase the elimination of toxins.

Step Six: Treat Your Skin Right

We discussed using a natural shampoo as a method of smart skincare. In addition to using a natural shampoo, exfoliating the skin by dry-brushing before showing improves circulation and promotes new cell growth.

We recommend introducing Epsom salt as an essential part of your full body detox. Epsom salt allows for maximum magnesium absorption, promoting heart health and normal sleep cycles. If you are able, soak in an Epsom salt bath after exercise for at least thirty minutes. Epsom salt will reduce swelling and promote maximum recovery.

Step Seven: Detoxification and Gut Health

It is very important to have optimal gut function: Take probiotics and enzymes before you start detoxification. Probiotics help bind and clean toxins from the body and can be used as part of your long term regimen. “Binding isotherms for cadmium and lead were characterized for Lactobacillus rhamnosus LC-705.” (4)

Probiotics and good gut health are important before we start our detoxification protocol. “Arguably the largest detoxification component of the body, the endogenous enteric bacteria are an enormous reservoir, which can be constantly and safely replenished.” (5) We recommend Immune Power from Nutri-Spec as it uses four varieties of Lactobacilli probiotic strains which may provide extra strength immune and detoxification support.

Step Eight: Promote Liver Health

The liver is an important organ and plays a key role in the detoxification process. “It also takes up toxic substances and converts them into harmless substances or makes sure they are released from the body.” (6)

We need good nutritional support for the liver, so we should use healthy fats such as omega-3 fats, olive oil, and flax oil, amino acids which boost your liver’s detoxification capacity, and minerals, particularly zinc and selenium which help your body detoxify metals. Probiotics are important in liver health. “In liver health, the main benefits of probiotics might occur through preventing the production and/or uptake of lipopolysaccharides in the gut, and therefore reducing levels of low-grade inflammation.” (7)

Wondering how to clean your liver? Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is very good for the liver. You want to avoid toxic substances and foods for the liver like alcohol, caffeine, refined vegetable oils, chemicals, sugary drinks and snacks. It is best to eat quality meats, fruits and vegetables. Don’t overcook your meat or store in chemically laden containers. It is good to cook it slow on a low temperature such as braising or pan-roasting meat.

You want to refrain from charing, high-heat grilling and using chemically sprayed coated pans can all create toxic byproducts that wind up in your food supply. Cans made with BPA or plastic Tupperware and bottles might also potentially leach chemicals into food.

Step Nine: Promote Kidney Health

The kidneys are very important in the detoxification process. “Every day, the two kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood to produce about 1 to 2 quarts of urine, composed of wastes and extra fluid.” (8) It is important that we properly nourish with the right foods with dark foods such as black walnuts and black beans.

Other helpful foods include asparagus, pineapple, kale, grapefruit, apples, lemons, ginger, garlic, and onions are all very good to incorporate into your diet because they help flush your kidneys of toxins. Exercise and reducing stress are also important. An herb cleanse can be helpful as well. “Parsley is known as one of the very best treatments to help cleanse the kidneys.

It is recommended to thoroughly clean a large bunch of parsley, soak in a equal mixture of water and vinegar and then rinse clean. Then boil 8 cups water and add the parsley for ten minutes, then filter the parsley off and save the water in a pitcher and place in the fridge. Drink one cup daily to cleanse your kidney.” (9)

We also recommend supplementing with high quality VitalTox EDTA Suppositories to clean your kidneys and bowels before detoxification. These suppositories allow the high quality EDTA to remain in the body longer, extending the binding effect with the harmful metals. Whenever you supplement with EDTA, we recommend pairing it with Ultra Binder at the same time. The EDTA releases the heavy metals, the Ultra Binder is what catches the metals, so they can be safely and completely excreted.

Step Ten: Prohibit Toxins from Recirculating

When you are doing a natural detoxification program, you want to give the toxins a one-way ticket out of your body. The last thing you want to do is to have them recirculate in your body. To do that we need to dramatically increase our fiber intake because fiber prevents it from recirculating in the body.

Fiber should be a staple of your detox and your long term diet regimen. When toxins go from liver to gut need fiber there. “If we don’t eat or supplement with enough soluble fiber, our bile, instead of being ushered out of the body and then replaced with fresh bile produced by the liver, is repeatedly recirculated in our system. In the process, it becomes more concentrated with toxins, which, in turn, can lead to all sorts of inflammatory diseases such as gallbladder disease, intestinal inflammation, and even skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.” (10)

When people eat a fiber-poor diet the bile can become increasingly concentrated with toxins and fats as it recycles back to the liver. “Another problem with inadequate fiber intake, Hurd says, is that it results in a change of consistency in our bile.

As bile becomes more polluted, she explains, “the physical state of bile is not as liquid as before,” she says. “It becomes sludgy, like mud. Eventually, it can turn into a solid substance we call gallstones.” Moreover, Hurd explains, the trashier your bile becomes, the more acidic and irritating it becomes to your tissues. This can lead to a host of problems, including swelling and inflammation in your colon, duodenum and all the way up in your esophagus.” (10)

Step Eleven: Purging the Colon

Colon cleanse: I suggest doing a colon cleanse once or twice a year. Life Vitality Pro Detox is an all natural body detox program designed to optimize the colon for complete detoxification. When the colon gets clogged our elimination is not functioning properly. When younger, our bowel movements were long and wide which is normal and quick without straining. When the bowels are short, narrow and broken up our colon is clogged.

Step Twelve: Plan to Replenish Nutrients

You are going to lose nutrients when you do detoxification. It is important that these are replaced because the goal is to do detoxification safely, slowly and sensibly. This must be done on a daily basis and you use quality supplements to help the nutrients that you need during this detoxification period.

Step Thirteen: A Purifying Bath

For this you would use Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and baking soda which should be aluminum free. Add three cups of Epsom salt and a half cup of baking soda in warm water in your bathtub. Put the salt in under the spout in the tub so it dissolves better. If you use a thermometer to check the temperature make sure it is a non-mercury one. You are doing this for detoxification, but it will have other benefits as well. 12 minutes of soaking will reduce inflammation, muscle aches, tension and muscle cramps. 20 minutes of soaking “may soften skin, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the skin barrier to keep skin hydrated.” (11) It also can have a relaxing effect reducing stress as well.

Step Fourteen: Detoxification Pathways Need to be Clear

The crucial pathway: The liver is an essential pathway that needs to function properly. “The liver plays an important role in protecting the organism from potentially toxic chemical insults through its capacity to convert lipophiles into more water-soluble metabolites which can be efficiently eliminated from the body via the urine.

This protective ability of the liver stems from the expression of a wide variety of xenobiotic biotransformation enzymes whose common underlying feature is their ability to catalyze the oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis (Phase I) and/or conjugation (Phase II) of functional groups on drug and chemical molecules.” (12) To help improve your liver detox pathways you will want to take Folate, B12 and B6. Eat sulfur rich foods like broccoli, collards, kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, and omega-3 eggs.

The common pathways: The routes of elimination for urine, stool and sweat need to function properly. Take Vital Tox EDTA Suppositories to help bind metals in the gut. Other items that can help pathways are selenium, zinc, n-acetylcysteine, lipoic acid, and garlic. It is important to keep all your pathways clear to accomplish the best body detox cleanse.

Pee: The kidneys are responsible for flushing waste from the blood. Make sure you give them what they need by drinking filtered water at least a half-gallon a day along with supplementing high-quality Glutathione and EDTA. One of the first signs of dehydration is the color of your urine. Your urine should be mostly clear (clear enough to read a newspaper through) or with only a slight tinge of yellow. (If you take vitamins, keep in mind that some nutrients, especially riboflavin, causes your urine to turn bright yellow.) But, if your urine is dark yellow or has a strong odor, chances are you aren’t drinking enough.

Poop: This section concerns how to detoxify your colon. Two well-formed bowel movements every day is an excellent way to give toxins a one-way ticket out of your body. Use these two rules during your full body detox.

  1. High quality Fiber Supplements clean the colon by making our stool bulkier and much easier to expel. Water is a great stool softener. If you are not having two bowel movements a day you will reabsorb mercury from the gut. Add fiber to the diet or take one to two 160-mg magnesium citrate capsules twice a day. We get rid of many toxins through our bowel movements. You should have as many bowel movements as meals you eat in a day. Bowels movements should come without strain and they should come quickly. You should not need reading material it could be a sign of a clogged colon.
  2. Drink plenty of filtered water as stated above and eat foods that are high in fiber. A clean colon is very important for all-natural body detox diets. “It’s well-known that a variety of health problems stem from poor digestive health for example, stomach pains, abdominal cramps, chronic fatigue, constipation, low energy, headaches and allergic reactions can all be traced back partially to problems with waste elimination.” (12)

Step Fifteen: Procedures that may be Necessary

If you have mercury fillings and you want to detoxify from mercury you need to address that issue. Find a biological dentist to evaluate the extent of your mercury fillings and options for replacing them. This can be done slowly over time but must be done carefully and only under a trained biological dentist’s supervision to avoid burdening yourself with more mercury during the removal process. Until you find a qualified dentist to do this then wait until you can find one. N-acetyl-cysteine is good for binding mercury and it increases glutathione which gets it out of the liver.

Step Sixteen: Preliminaries

You should get tested for what heavy metals you have before you start an all-natural body detox diet. If you don’t get tested, you are only guessing at your problem and that is not the best way to approach detoxification. I believe the blood test is more accurate than the hair analysis and you should also use a provocative agent for the test.

Step Seventeen: The Right Supplements for Detoxification

It is important that you use the right supplements to optimize your health for detoxification. You only want to use high quality supplements from reputable manufacturers for this process. Vital Tox offers high quality EDTA suppositories, delivering noticeable results especially when paired with the Quicksilver Ultra Binder.

Step Eighteen: Protocols

Please contact us so we can specifically discuss your situation with you and give you the attention you deserve. We offer free Vitamin and Supplement consultations by our Certified Health Consultant.

Pressing Forward

Stay on course: When you are detoxifying stay on your scheduled protocol. Do not overdo it and think more is better especially with EDTA. There is no virtue in being foolish about this.
Strive for consistency: Once the detox is over it is important that you seek to live a more toxic free lifestyle. In your diet, exercise and taking your supplements. Discipline yourself to do the things you know you need to.

Supplements: Buffered Vitamin C Powder and N acetyl cysteine should be a part of your daily routine once you are done with the detoxification. I would do at least 6,000 mg of Buffered Vitamin C Powder daily.

Biopure Chlorenergy acts as an efficient detoxification agent by binding to toxins and then carrying them out of your system. The chlorophyll in chlorella helps you process more oxygen, cleanses your blood and promotes the growth and repair of your tissues. Must be broken cell wall of chlorella to digest.

Introduce, build and maintain your glutathione levels using high quality VitalTox Glutathione Suppositories. In regard to your diet you need to eat sulfur rich foods like garlic, onions, brassica sprouts, ginger and eggs. Cruciferous vegetables are also high in glutathione. Glutamine and cysteine are needed to make glutathione. Buffered Vitamin C Powder will help you retain glutathione longer at the cellular level.


The question of how to detoxify the body has been answered. It is important that we do not allow toxins to build up in our system, that we detoxify from the ones we have and seek a to live a healthy toxic free lifestyle. We live in a toxic world, but we can reduce our toxin levels greatly. If we are going to function at optimal health we need to deal with this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read The Case for Detoxification: How to Detox and Cleanse Your Body. Your success is our passion. If you have any questions or contributions, please contact us via email or phone-call. We are constantly looking for new information to promote wellness – and hearing from you would make our day! Feel free to reach out to our free Health and Wellness Consultation headed by our Certified Health Consultant, Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science).

Live Vibrantly! – DR Vitamin Solutions

P.S.- At the end of the day, we are health-nerds here at DR Vitamin Solutions. We recommend you pair VitalTox EDTA with the Quicksilver Ultra Binder as your perfect combination to prepare the body for detoxification! Once you complete detoxification, we recommend using Buffered Vitamin C Powder to maintain levels of glutathione at the cellular level.

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