Lanomax Eye Drops

Lanomax has crafted the highest caliber of lanosterol eye drops on the market to date.

Lanosterol has been heavily studied for its potential to reduce the accumulation of cataracts in a number of different animals. Proven safe for use in humans and a variety of common household pets. These amazing drops also utilize patented ThruDelivery™ nanotechnology for superior absorption to the lens of the eye.

Unlike others on the market, Lanomax is not a simple lanosterol solution. Instead, it acts as a lanosterol delivery system that is produced through a high-level nanotechnology process involving over 24 steps. For this reason, it is understandable that the production cost is considerably higher than other leading lanosterol eye drop brands. As production methodologies and facilities improve alongside the increased demand for quality lanosterol eye drops, the price for Lanomax® is expected to drop accordingly.

For all of these reasons, DR Vitamins Solutions is proud to provide a trusted place to buy Lanomax online

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