Lanomax Eye Drops, Lanosterol with ThruDelivery for Advanced Clarity Support, 10 mL, 1 Bottle

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Lanomax Eye Drops have been expertly crafted to provide you and the pets you love with the highest quality lanosterol eye drops on the market. Patented ThruDelivery technology is designed to improve the effectiveness of lanosterol.



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Lanomax has been expertly crafted to provide you and the pets you love with the most effective lanosterol eye drops on the market. Patented ThruDelivery™ technology may improve the ability of lanosterol to penetrate and absorb into the lens of the eye where it is most needed to support healthy vision. These powerful drops have been proven as safe for use in a variety of common household pets, and they don’t require any prescription.

  • Each bottle contains 20 mg (2 mg/mL) of lanosterol – a breakthrough eye health compound with amazing potential for vision clarity support.
  • Cutting-edge ThruDelivery™ technology is designed to improve the absorption rates of lanosterol.
  • Drops are safe and preservative free!
  • 10 mL bottle.

Recent Studies of Lanosterol

Lanosterol is a chemical compound which has recently garnered a great deal of attention from Ophthalmologists and other health experts for its potential as a natural agent to fight the aggregation of proteins on the lens of the eye.

Lanomax – Lanosterol Delivery

There has long been a demand for truly effective pet eye drops. To address these demands, Lanomax has developed these highly advanced eye drops which utilize their patented ThruDelivery™ technology. The exact processes and ingredients behind this solution have not been disclosed in the interest of reducing market competition, but what’s certain is that it has been designed to maximize the lens penetration of lanosterol, and that it cannot be found in any other eye drops on the market. They have also been proven as safe for use in a variety of common household pets.


Note: Once a vial is open, keep it in a fridge, but do not freeze. Discard open vials within a month. If kept out of the sunlight, unopened vials may be stored at room temperature.

Caution: Do not touch the tip of container to any surface to avoid contamination. Do not touch unit-dose tip to eye. Keep out of reach of children.


  • If pregnant, nursing, or undergoing treatment for a medical condition, consult your physician before taking this product
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not exceed recommended dose

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Active Ingredients: Lanosterol 50mg (5mg/ml), ThruDelivery™ System
Inactive Ingredients: 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin 3g, Purified Water (USP-NF)

Dosage & Use

Use one or two drops three times a day, or as directed by a pet doctor.

4 reviews for Lanomax Eye Drops, Lanosterol with ThruDelivery for Advanced Clarity Support, 10 mL, 1 Bottle

  1. David Koizumi (verified owner)

    Our previous Dachshund, Max, had surgery on both eyes to restore his vision (at that time, Lanosterol was only in the research stage). The follow-on eye drops required after eye surgery (anti-inflammatories and anti-fungals) were just as expensive as Lanomax, and Max had to go 4x a year to the doggy opthamologist for tenonmeter (eye pressure) measurements. And, this was for the rest of his life… Our current “Dachshund”, Boo, ( a chiweenie rescue) after 9 weeks Boo’s eyes cleared up. She’s no longer bumping into table/chair legs and is running around full-speed, even at night. Boo is very happy but the doggy opthamologist is very sad. Administering Lanomax 3x a day is no more trouble than post surgical anti-inflammatories or anti-fungals — and no surguries required!

  2. Monica Schofer (verified owner)

    It has been almost 2 years now that I have faithfully given these drops to my older Yorkie three times a day. His one eye, this eye solution does not look like it is really going to do anything however I continue to put the drops in that eye. But his other eye! There are patches of the eye showing through. As time goes on the patches are getting bigger and bigger. These are on the iris part of the eye. He knows when I turn a light on. He will be 17 this year. I would love from him to see us once again before we lose him.

  3. Glenda (verified owner)

    I have a Chihuahua with issues and this allows some clarity to see enough to get around!

  4. Diana (verified owner)

    I used this in 2021 for my doggy, a chihuahua-Maltese mix, 14 years old. I wasn’t very consistent with the dosage and missed many but it still worked. His cataracts cleared significantly, even though I hadn’t administered the proper dosage. My little guy passed away, but these drops have him some relief of his cataracts in his final years. It’s pricey but it works.

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