Zetpil Suppositories and Deep Penetrating Creams

DR Vitamin Solutions is one of the first and most trusted distributors of the full line of Zetpil supplements

Zetpil nutritional suppositories and deep penetrating creams are a highly effective approach to delivering essential nutrients via the highly absorbent pathway of the colon which avoids oral degradation from hydrochloric stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Zetpil is the health care professional’s top choice for highly bioavailable suppository forms of DMSA, Glutathione, Amino Acids, Multi Vitamin and Minerals, Iron, and more.

Delivering nutritional supplements via the colon is a very efficient approach. Taking supplements orally exposes them to the hazards of hydrochloric stomach acid, digestive enzymes and other partially digested food that can destroy or denature the supplement before it can deliver its payload to the bloodstream. Administrating these same nutrients via IV is dangerous and expensive. However, introducing the supplement to the dense matrix of capillaries in the colon via a safe suppository allows for very efficient absorption. Zetpil is a new category of supplements designed as vitamin suppositories that really deliver.

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