Quicksilver Scientific PushCatch Liver Detox + Glutathione

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Quicksilver Scientific PushCatch Liver Detox + Glutathione features Ultra Binder & Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce which work together to push toxins to the liver where they are effectively removed from the body. Includes Glutathione for antioxidant protection. Free ice shipping is recommended due to heat sensitivity of Liposomal Glutathione. However, other products should be stored out of the refrigerator.

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While some detoxification protocols claim to offer a full-body cleanse of heavy metals and other toxins, most just end up redistributing this toxic load throughout the body. If the liver, the body’s central detoxifying agent, is not nutritionally prepared to deal with this increased toxic inflow, it can actually cause damage to the body. In response to this common problem, Quicksilver Scientific has designed this cutting-edge PushCatch Liver Detox + Glutathione kit to force the toxins out and keep them out for good!

  • Ultra Binder contains activated charcoal and other binding agents to push toxins from the body.
  • Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce contains potent botanicals and bitters which ensure the liver is healthy enough to catch and eliminate toxins effectively.
  • Also includes Liposomal Glutathione Spray for antioxidant protection from free radicals and other damage from toxic overload.
  • A carefully balanced and nuanced detoxification regimen.

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