Best Multivitamin Products for Adults over 50

Best Multivitamin Products for Adults over 50 | DR Vitamin Solutions

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Top 3 Ways Glutathione Increases Your Natural Cleansing Powers

In this guest post, Alvin Jackson of explains in great detail the Top 3 Ways Glutathione can Increase Your Natural Cleansing Powers. 1. Naturally detoxifies your body’s soft tissues, nutrient-delivering blood,… Read More


The Effectiveness of Hemp Suppositories for Constipation

DR Vitamin Solutions answers the question Which Suppository is best for constipation

Did you know… every year, $821 million is spent on over-the-counter Laxative medicine and Stool Softeners?! (1) Suppositories are ideal for treating constipation… but “which Suppository is best for Constipation?”… Read More


What is Chelation Therapy? 5 Benefits in 2018 (Number 4 will Shock You!)

What is Chelation Therapy? 5 Benefits in 2018 | DR Vitamins Blog, chelate, detox, detoxification, tips

Author: Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science) Published: November 23, 2018 Here’s the brutal truth about Chelation Therapy: There are WAY too many health enthusiasts who think there is… Read More