The Effectiveness of Hemp Suppositories for Constipation

Did you know… every year, $821 million is spent on over-the-counter Laxative medicine and Stool Softeners?! (1) Suppositories are ideal for treating constipation… but “which Suppository is best for Constipation?”

We formulated an effective Diuretic with natural ingredients to reverse your bowel obstruction: VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories…

After sifting through peer-reviewed medical journals and consulting with leading doctors in Gastroenterology, we discovered Full Spectrum Hemp is the best treatment of constipation. Why? Full Spectrum Hemp relaxes your lower abdomen so you can get relief from constipation. This supports your body to release those backlogged stools causing you so much pain and discomfort. We formulated VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories to maximize the therapeutic benefits of Hemp so you can get relief within 15 minutes to 1 hour after insertion. Unlock your discount code at the end of this article!

Why VitalTox? 5 Big Reasons…

Let’s take a look at 5 Main Reasons why VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories have become a best-seller for constipation relief.

#1 – It’s made with Full Spectrum Hemp.

The abdominal discomfort and cramping from Constipation is truly horrific, but what causes constipation? Chronic stress levels coupled with low fiber intake and lack of exercise are common constipation causes. When constipated, your lower abdomen and large intestine tighten causing a hard stool to backlog in the rectum like cars stuck on the freeway (we call this slow transit constipation). If untreated, it can lead to more backlogged causing severe constipation (also known as chronic constipation).

We want to help fix your bowel irregularity, so we used Hemp to support change in bowel habits. Here’s the inside scoop on Full Spectrum Hemp…

Hemp Suppositories give your Lower Abdomen the Green Light to release backlogged stools from the digestive tract and give you relief of constipation. Thus, Hemp is your natural Relief Agent. Hemp, also known as CBD (Cannabidiol is the fancy science name), has a variety of health benefits. Here is how Hemp opens your digestive tract unlike any other constipation relief…

When your bloodstream delivers CBD to your brain, the brain releases Cannabinoids, causing nerve connections throughout your Central Nervous System to relax your mind and muscles. (2) Recent scientific research shows CBD as “supercharging” your Neurons and opening your Neural Pathways. (3) The result- Relaxation Cannabinoids travel through these opened pathways to relax your lower abdomen and release those backlogged stools causing you pain and discomfort. VitalTox are made with Glycerin, which you will learn softens stools in Reason #2. Once your lower abdomen is relaxed and stools are softened, those backlogged stools flood out of your system setting you free from the pain and discomfort of constipation.

CBD is a dynamic Relief Agent, wouldn’t you agree? In my view, Hemp is Constipation’s Worst Nightmare. But the benefits keep getting better for you. CBD also contains powerful Antioxidants that target and eliminate Free Radicals causing inflammation. (4) When Free Radicals are eliminated, Oxidative Stress decreases altogether lowering your risk of becoming Constipated.

Where Constipation restricts you, VitalTox relieves you.

VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories are the highest quality suppositories in 2019

Which Suppository is Best for Constipation? Discover VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories in this blog!

#2 – Safety

In this section, you will learn how Glycerin is the best and safest form of Suppository. Glycerin Suppositories work in a variety of ways to detox and provide your body with the highest amount of nutrition; but how does a Suppository work for Constipation?

The two most effective forms of Suppositories are Carbon Dioxide and Hypersomotic Suppositories. Carbon Dioxide Suppositories use Potassium Bitartrate and Sodium Biocarbonate to fill the small intestine with gas, primarily Carbon Dioxide. Buildup from gases push backlogged stool through the small intestine causing a bowel movement.

While Carbon Suppositories are safe and can be used to treat constipation in children, many people do not want to feel bloated; this is why Hyperosmotic (or Osmotic) Suppositories are the better option. Hyperosmotic Suppositories use Glycerin, Magnesium Hydroxide and Sodium Phosphates to fill the Small Intestine and Colon with water from nearby soft tissues. Water lubricates the rectum and softens the backlogged stool causing a safe and gentle release within 15 minutes to one hour after insertion. Did you know an Osmotic laxatives has no bloating side effects? (VitalTox has you covered).

When it comes to Constipation, you want to know your Supplement will ensure you having a bowel movement. VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories use Hemp to relax your strained muscles and Glycerine fills your Small Intestine with water so you can have a bowel movement within one hour after insertion. Remember, Glycerin Suppositories lubricate and fill your Small Intestine with water, and Hemp prevents excessive and painful straining through the initial bowel movements.

#3 – Effectiveness

Let’s be honest – Suppositories are likely not your first choice of supplementation, but did you know Suppositories deliver you with more nutrition than capsule or liquid vitamins? VitalTox Suppositories bypass the stomach and deposit Hemp, Glycerin, and Sodium Phosphates directly to your blood stream. Suppositories are chewable if you do not prefer rectally inserting the suppository.

We learned VitalTox Hemp Suppositories are Glycerin-based, which we have seen to draw water from surrounding tissue to soften and release backlogged stools. When you need to be relieved of bowel irregularity, you want to have confidence you are using in an enema that will promote release in the anus. Hemp Suppositories speed up the process and additionally provide you with Antioxidants and Electrolytes to clean and fortify your gut from antacids.

At DR Vitamin Solutions, we consider absorption to be a big deal; we want you to get the most of the active ingredient you are needing. We favor Suppositories as they remove the hassle of measuring doses or finding a fat to pair with your Vitamins. Suppositories remove all doubt of maximum absorption while also being tasteless (what’s worse than a bad aftertaste?). Strangeness is no stranger to Suppositories, but their effectiveness puts them on par with Intravenous IV Therapy in terms of nutrient absorption.

DR Vitamin Solution answers the question which suppository is best for constipation

VitalTox uses Hemp to promote an effective and gentle constipation treatment.

#4 – Gentleness

VitalTox Suppositories can’t guarantee a painless experience, those backlogged stools have created some very tense and sore muscles in your Colon which are not used to a high amount of strain. If untreated, you will experience more constipation problems which could lead to a medical condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis or an Anal Fissure. VitalTox Hemp has been formulated for relieving constipation with as much gastrointestinal support via Hemp as possible. Suppositories are gentle and can be self administered so you do not have to wait in an office for colonic treatment.

These can be summarized as the 5 Symptoms of Constipation –

  1. Less than 3 bowl movements a week
  2. Lower Abdominal Pain
  3. Lots of Straining
  4. Hard Stools
  5. Possible rectal bleeding or blood in stool

We don’t want you to suffer from Constipation symptoms. VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories have been formulated so your Digestive System can get back to regularity without gas and bloating. Some people want to know how long does it take for a suppository to melt? The answer is one to three hours after inserting. Click this link for a complete step by step to get the most out of your Suppositories.

#5 – Uncommon Side Effects

Suppositories are commonly prescribed to newborns and children because they are safe laxatives with few potential side effects, they also do not react negatively with other medication and reverse blockage. (1)

Reported side effects can include minor rectal irrational and stomach cramps. If side effects occur, they are tolerable and mild. The main drawback to Suppositories is the application, but it is a low-risk supplement. Whether you are a seasoned or first time user, I recommend using this helpful Suppository Applicator to make every experience easy and pleasant.

Loosen the Bowels Today!

So, which Suppository is Best for Constipation? The benefits of CBD give VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories an unfair advantage for accelerated intestinal transit. Here is a summary of the 5 reasons why VitalTox can evacuate the bowels, promotes bowel movement and maintain the regularity.

  1. Relieve stomach cramps and encourages bowel movement via CBD-rich Hemp oil
  2. Formulated base of Hemp and Glycerin are proven safe to administer rectally without boating and flatulence
  3. Highest absorption of Hemp to regulate intestinal passage and lubricate intestines.
  4. Gentle release of backlogged stools without bloating and gas.
  5. No harsh side effects affecting the digestive system.

We want you to relieve stomach cramps and relieve constipation, use code “Save5” for 5% Off VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories Today!

To answer the question, "Which suppository is best for constipation? Choose VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories

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Thank you for taking the time to read Which Suppository is Best for Constipation?

Helping you avoid constipation is our passion, that’s why we created VitalTox Hemp Oil Suppositories to help you get back to regular bowel movements. If you have any questions or contributions, please contact us via email or phone-call. We are constantly looking for new information to promote wellness – and hearing from you would make our day! Feel free to reach out to our free Health and Wellness Consultation headed by our Certified Health Consultant, Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science). Always ask your doctor or health care professional when in doubt!

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