The Power of Probiotics – Their Benefits and Enemies

Probiotics are very important as they play a vital role in our health. They can help with several important areas such our immune system, treating digestive issues, and even can help with neurological disorders. Since 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract it makes digestive health very important. “Many people with health issues, such as thyroid imbalances, chronic fatigue, joint pain, psoriasis, autism and many other conditions don’t realize that these illnesses originate in the gut.” (1)

Defining Probiotics

Probiotics are essentially bacteria that are abundant in your digestive tract and help support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and to fight infection. You have more of these helpful bacteria strains in our gut than you do cells in your body.

Benefits of Probiotics

They help produce vitamin B12, vitamin K2 and butyrate. They are essential as they help get rid of bad bacteria, yeast and fungi as they create enzymes that destroy harmful bacteria. When a person is lacking in good bacteria, they can develop digestive disorders, candida, skin issues, autoimmune disease and get frequent colds.

The Enemies of Probiotics:

There are some things that can prevent your body from getting the probiotics it needs. Prescription antibiotics tops the list. There may be times when they are necessary in the short term, but should be avoided if possible. GMO foods should be avoided and as much as possible I suggest getting non-GMO food. Filter water is another culprit and you should drink filtered water. Avoid stress as well as chemicals and medications.

Absorption is Key

Suppositories are going to give you the best absorption of any form of supplement. “If it is given through the rectum however, better absorption and greater systemic effect may be achieved.” (2)


I think it is a good idea to make probiotics apart of your daily regimen. I used to just take them during the winter daily and periodically the rest of the year, but I have added them to my daily routine because of their importance for optimal health.


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