Protecting your Family’s Health with Foods, Supplements, and Exercise

I remember one day I made a visit to a local “junk yard” for cars. I was speaking to the manager of the facility and in the course of our conversation I asked him what kind of car he drove. He told me that he drove a big 8-cylinder car that had a full frame and did well on the crash tests that were performed on vehicles. Since he saw how cars came in daily especially the little ones he said he would pay the extra in gas because he was more interested in keeping himself and his family safe. This man put a high priority on safety and had a long-term perspective even if it cost him more in the short term. I think it is important that we have the same concept when it comes to our health and the health of our family. It may cost a little more to be health conscious in the short term, but it will pay great dividends in the long term. I would like to look at a few things we can do to protect our health.

Our Shopping Cart

It is important that we buy healthy food to prepare for our meals. This does not mean the food will taste bad, but what we buy and how we prepare the food are very important. I suggest buying non-GMO foods, organic fruits and vegetables, and quality beef and chicken without all the chemicals. Also stay away from foods with high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, and processed junk food. Quality food will taste better and be much better for you.

Our Supplement Choices

You want high quality supplements that have good absorption. Besides getting a good multivitamin, you should also use supplements that will help promote good cell health, a strong immune system and help with detoxification. I would suggest talking glutathione and ascorbate C (buffered vitamin C) as these will help with all three areas.

Our Strength training and Cardio

Exercise is very important for health and it is something that can be done together as a family. Strength training should be included as well as cardiovascular exercise. You should plan it year-round and include things you enjoy doing. It is important that you are consistent in implementing your exercise plan.


I know that some of these choices will cost more financially, but they will pay dividends in better health. The best investments you can make in your life for your family are their spiritual and physical health.

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