Priority One Vitamins

Priority One Vitamins is a privately held company which was founded in 1988 and has been operated by the same family ever since. Over all these years, the good people at Priority One have not lost touch with health-care providers and their patients.

Many nutritional companies will claim that their supplements are of the highest quality, but they don’t have the facts to back it up. On the other hand, Priority One Vitamins produces all of their supplement line in a full-service CGMP manufacturing facility which is certified under 21 CFR Part III. They are a registered facility with the FDA and are certified by the State of Washington for dietary supplement manufacturing.

In addition to rigorously upheld manufacturing protocols, Priority One Vitamins also leads the way in testing protocols. All testing is established utilizing a NSF-designed hazard analysis program. Since every raw material has a unique microbial or environmental adulteration hazard (such as radiation), each material has a predetermined testing protocol suited to its own risk level. Regardless of how low the risk level is determined to be, every raw material is tested using the USP and AHPA recommended standards.

Finally, Priority One guarantees that any and all botanical ingredients are radiation-free. Unlike many competitors, they engage in a standard monitoring program to ensure that no radiation is used in the sterilization of botanicals. When sterilization is needed, a dry-steam technology or other non-destructive technologies are used.

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