Affiliate FAQ

1.) How Much is My Commission?

DR Vitamin Commission is 25-30% across the board for all approved Affiliates.

2.) Are there any Affiliate Fees?

There are no fees whatsoever. This is how the process work:

  • Approval
  • You select any products from our catalog
  • We send you the products of your choice, free of charge
  • A video or blog post is created and published
  • You get to order more products of your choice

3.) If I am accepted as an Affiliate, what are the production expectations?

The more you create, the more you can potentially earn. We recommend posting one Dedicated Review at least once a month.

  • What we are looking for in an Affiliate:
    • Content creation at least once a month
    • Passion for Health
    • High Traffic Channels with active Audiences
  • What We Are Not Looking:
    • Low Engagement Channels
    • Deceiving engagement (Bot Followers)
    • Irrelevant Channels

4.) How does the “Free Product” work?

Once your Affiliate portal is ready, you will be able to request anything from our catalog to review. All you have to do is email your Affiliate contact and make a request. Your product will be shipped free of charge to your door. When you are ready to create another video or article, just email your contact.

5.) Does this include Free Shipping?

Yes, we take of everything. All you have to do is select what you want to review.

6.) Can my contact help me?

Absolutely, our Affiliate Contacts are personal staff employees who share your passion for health and wellness.

7.) What Platform Does the Affiliate Program Run On?

The DR Vitamin Affiliate program runs on Affiliately.

8.) How Do You Track Visits and Sales?

When a user clicks on the Affiliate track, a cookie is deposited allowing complete tracking to be recorded to the Affiliate portal.

9.) How long am I paid for the sales from the video?

Where Amazon cookies expire in 24 hours, DR Vitamin cookies expire in 30 days. For example, if a user clicks on your Affiliate Link and makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link, you will earn 25%-30% of that sale.

10.) How does the Payment System work?

Once your portal hits $100 in commissions, you will be paid out via Paypal the following Tuesday. All affiliate payments are made on Tuesdays.

11.) What platform does the Payment System run on?

For maximum security, we are only using PayPal at this time.

12.) Can I Change My Information Down the Line?

Yes, you may make any changes in the Settings section in your Affiliate portal.

13.) How long do I wait before I know if my Affiliate Application has been approved?

You will receive a response within one week of submitting your application.

14.) Do you accept everyone who applies?

As much as we’d like to accept every health enthusiast who wants to partner with us, we cannot accept everyone who applies.

15.) Will I have to work with a Third Party?

No, but we do provide a personal Affiliate Contact who will answer all of your questions.

16.) What if I want to Delete My Account?

If you want to cancel your account, you will be able to do this within the Settings Section of your Affiliate Portal.


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