Why Metagenics

Patient Health—It’s Our Greatest Concern

We at Metagenics built a reputation on nutraceuticals and medical foods that meet the high expectations of health care professionals worldwide. But what we care about most is serving the best interests of the patients who use our products and services with a goal of improving health and reversing chronic illness.

The Industry Leader in Quality & Efficacy

We don’t compromise on safety, efficacy, or quality—to make sure that we deliver the best results possible. Time after time. Bottle after bottle. We carefully monitor all products to assure purity and safety, from formulation and ingredient selection all the way to the final product.

Research & Innovation Ahead of the Curve

We offer more than just products. Metagenics strong focus on research keeps us on the leading edge of the current evolution in personalized medicine. Our in-house team of highly regarded clinicians and scientists is actively developing breakthroughs in nutrient modulation of gene expression to help us create even more effective health care solutions.

Educational Programs with Renowned Experts

We offer more educational support for health care professionals than anyone else in our field—keeping them in touch with the latest research and nutritional approaches to help manage today’s most common illnesses. With our renowned in-house experts, including Dr. Jeffrey Bland and many other opinion leaders, we provide education through seminars, workshops, webinars, symposiums, and other venues.

Discover the Difference

See why more health care professionals and patients select Metagenics over many other professional brands. You’ll be glad you did.

Better Quality Means Better Results

Our top priority is to make products that work. Because no matter how much you pay for a product, it’s too expensive if it doesn’t work.

It’s rare for a professional nutritional product company to devote the scientific staff, labs, equipment, time, resources, and strict procedures necessary to achieve true quality status.

We can’t imagine it any other way—people’s health may depend on it.

We Measure Up to All 5 Quality Standards—and Beyond.

We’re the only nutritional company selling to health care professionals that strictly adheres to the 5 most identifiable standards for quality.

1. GMP-certified manufacturing—the ultimate quality marker. If it’s on the label, it’s in the bottle—guaranteed. Our manufacturing facility is certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP) by the Natural Products Association (NPA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) to ensure the highest quality standards.

It’s a sure way to know you’re getting exactly what you pay for. No other professional supplement company has all 3 of these certifications. Many don’t even have one.

2. Pure ingredients—identity tested on multiple levels. We accept nothing less than the best we can find. We quarantine each raw material then test each thoroughly to support quality, safety, and efficacy. On formulas requiring especially sensitive or perishable ingredients, we conduct additional testing—above and beyond the testing required of us by the Food and Drug Administration current good manufacturing practices, or cGMPs. A batch of each final product is then tested again for purity as an added safety measure and confirmation of quality.

Our attention to detail here is unmatched in our industry.

3. Safety-reviewed ingredients—we won’t create a formula without them. We don’t even think of using an ingredient in a formula without a thorough literature search on its predicted safety in use as a nutritional supplement.

We have an onsite research staff and medical information center with access to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications. We review published studies and articles on every new natural ingredient we consider using in our products.

It’s an added assurance for products you can trust.

4. Human clinical evaluations—the surest way to show effectiveness. The best way to test effectiveness and safety of a nutritional product is to see how it works with real patients. The Functional Medicine Research Center%u2120 (FMRC)—the clinical research arm of Metagenics—is an on-site clinic staffed by medical professionals who recommend our nutritional approaches and monitor their success. The FMRC also conducts clinical trials that have been published in respected peer-reviewed journals.

No other company in our market segment can offer this kind of first-hand knowledge that can only be achieved a clinical setting.

5. Scientific staff and facilities—the best in our business. Not every professional nutrition company has its own staff of dedicated medical and technical professionals. We have one of the largest in-house scientific staffs—MDs, PhDs, and others—in our industry segment.

Plus we have some of the industry’s most progressive research facilities and labs, such as our MetaProteomics labs for testing the effects of nutrients on proteins and genetic expression.

It’s easy to see why so many health care professionals and their patients rely on our products.

Added Measures to Maximize Effectiveness & Value

Going above and beyond is just routine for us. Here are just a few more examples:

Appropriate ingredient form & dose—so you can be sure. Our goal is to use highly absorbable nutrient forms so the body has a greater chance of using it the way it should to promote health. This is particularly important with certain key nutrients that may be poorly absorbed, or for people who have absorption concerns. And the dosages we recommend are based on scientific research that document effectiveness and predicted safety when used as intended.

The right delivery form—to meet the demands of patients and appropriate to the ingredients. We don’t have a “one form fits all” policy. Not every ingredient should be made into a tablet or a capsule. So the ingredients often decide the delivery form for each product—tablet, chewable, liquid, capsule, softgel, soft chew, bar, or powder.

And a product can’t work if people won’t take it. So we also consider what people prefer. That’s why we offer many of our products in a variety of forms and flavors.

Tablets made for ultimate performance—for better results. Nobody pays more attention to tablets than the experts at Metagenics. Our tableting technology makes sure they disintegrate within a short time, to release ingredients for optimal absorption.

And we don’t stop testing even after we create the final formula. Every product batch is tested to make sure our high tablet standards are met.

Chronic Illness Solutions: Helping Patients Return to Good Health

Today, chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease have become so common that most people don’t remember what it’s like to be in excellent health. And if they’re not feeling their best, they can’t be their best.

In truth, many chronic health conditions are preventable. They’re the result of years of poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and prolonged exposure to stress. And leading health organizations now tell us that by returning to a healthier lifestyle—by getting the right nutrients, becoming active, and learning to manage the stressors in life—many of these conditions can be prevented, managed, or even reversed.

The solution seems so simple, and yet, the incidence of chronic illness is continuing to rise at an alarming rate. At Metagenics, we’re aiming to change all that.

Addressing Chronic Illness with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

Metagenics groundbreaking therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) programs have helped tens of thousands of chronic illness sufferers all over the world regain their health—so they can once again enjoy their lives to the fullest. Not quick, short term fixes, these programs work because they’re focused on helping people develop healthy, life-long habits that they can easily incorporate into their busy schedules. Our TLC programs are available only from specially trained licensed health care professionals—the people qualified to recommend and tailor a regimen that’s unique to each individual’s needs.

Patient Success Depends on Provider Success

Let’s face it. Most doctors’ offices have neither the time nor the expertise to provide the individualized lifestyle counseling that’s necessary to effect real change. In designing our TLC program, we asked health care providers to tell us what it would take to implement TLC successfully in their practice. The answer was teamwork—getting support staff involved, enlisting practice extenders and ensuring smooth office flow. Today, providers who implement our TLC programs overwhelmingly report that they’re busier and more successful than ever in helping patients achieve their desired health outcomes.

Addressing the Root Cause of Illness through Science-Based Nutrition

Back in 1983, we had a big idea: the right nutrition could help people realize their best health possible by positively influencing what makes them unique—their genes. We called it realizing “genetic potential” for good health. Today, it’s known as the science of nutrigenomics—the study of food as one of the most important environmental modifiers of gene expression in determining health and disease patterns. Through our substantial and ongoing commitment to nutrigenomic research, we’ve been able to identify natural compounds with powerful therapeutic applications, to be used in our science-based TLC programs, medical foods, and nutraceuticals.

Setting the Standard in Research, Quality & Innovation

Knowing that professionals rely on us to make people feel better isn’t something we take lightly. It’s the reason we lead the industry in research, professional education, and quality manufacturing.

But we’re also brave enough to search for the next big thing to make an even greater impact on health. The result? An impressive list of patented formulas and ingredients, and a revolutionary product development process to help make natural approaches even safer and more effective.

Whether you’re a patient or a health care provider, be your best with Metagenics.

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