Customer Testimonials


Thank you so much for your prompt response and coaching us. It is rare to find someone with your wealth of knowledge and practical first hand experience.

Your online site has provided my wife and I with invaluable resources for healing and detoxification since 2012.

It has been nearly impossible to find practitioners with this level of knowledge and experience to help us baby boomers.

Thanks again for you invaluable help. I will keep you posted on progress and success.
John & Janice J.

Thank you for providing quality, customer service, economical products and fast shipping!!:)

I have not personally tried the PureAbsorb Liposomal Gaba, but I did give some to my husband, who came home from work very stressed. This new product you sent blew that response out of the water! I am excited about this new product and their delivery system :). I really appreciate your help and your quick response, thank you SO much!


The level of commitment to service and to the customers DR Vitamins shows is unheard of. They provide free health consultations, letting you call in and ask questions or concerns you have and a certified health consultant will actually listen and care about your health. And there is never any pressure to buy, they want you to do what’s best for you as an individual! Their inspiration page shows caring and a level of humanity I’ve never seen from a company before. Bless you DR Vitamins.


Dear Kurt

YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND! – Amazing, intelligent, patient, supportive, fantastic!! Thank you so much for your assistance finding the right supplements for me today. You not only took the time to listen well to my concerns, but I had the feeling throughout, that you really care. That is rare. Along with the ingredients in my purchase, the healing of your caring presence is the gift that stays with me. The breadth of knowledge and cross-referencing you had at your fingertips was impressive and very helpful. To say I am appreciative is an understatement. I was blown away.

Please share my email with your supervisor. Your behavior, which seemed natural and effortless for you, is a blessing for others and must be acknowledged and supported so it may continue to flourish and grow and touch more lives. YOU ROCK!

A healthy and happy holiday to you and yours

What I love about DR Vitamin Solutions is that I can purchase Life Extension Products at the Member price without the ridiculous membership costs. That is huge advantage for me as I am a disabled person on a fixed income.

You epitomize the meaning of customer service and support. Whenever I’ve phoned for whatever reason, you are always so pleasant to deal with, and I always come away from the call feeling uplifted and blessed.
I wish you all the very best,

Just had to say you people are absolutely terrific!! You don’t skip a beat to expedite orders and reassure customers to the nth degree on accuracy, timeliness and detail every step of the way!! I thought I had to worry about business all across the States from here on the West Coast, but you guys are detailed and fast! Thanks for super great service!

Thank you so much for the quick call and email. I was glad to be answered by a real person last night too. Great business practices! Makes me feel safe doing business with you. My Doctor actually recommended the site to me. Dr. B. in Louisville Kentucky. And he told me what to buy. You have a friend there!
Thanks again,
Peggy S

You guys ROCK. Your orders are impeccable and timely. There’s NEVER a problem. Your product is TOP NOTCH. THANK YOU!!!
Cindy E

Thank you. I Love your product and I love this kind of service- You have me hooked.
Chris, RN

I thank you for your prompt response and concern; you have again made me aware of why I have always been satisfied with Dr Vitamin Solutions.

Thanks for the great service and quick shipping!

This is awesome. Thank you for responding so quickly and for the generous reply to my question. That is the classy and respectful way of doing business. Great customer service.