VitalTox DMSA Chelation Suppositories, 260 mg, 25 Count

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Toxic heavy metals can cause serious damage to the body if left to accumulate over a long period of time. These top of the line DMSA Suppositories from VitalTox are designed to bind heavy metals in the blood and support natural detoxification processes.

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Toxic heavy metals can cause serious damage to the body if left to accumulate over a long enough period of time. These top of the line DMSA Suppositories from VitalTox are designed to support the body’s natural detoxification abilities by attracting and binding to toxic heavy metals in the blood and aiding in their removal via the urinary tract.

  • Contains DMSA to attract and bind heavy metals in the blood
  • Also contains antioxidants taurine and arginine which may be depleted from DMSA intake
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification abilities by increasing concentrations of heavy metal excretion in the urine
  • Designed to be used responsibly as part of a carefully planned detoxification regimen which is specific to your body
  • Our VitalTox suppository base consists of an advanced proprietary blend formulated for effective delivery of ingredients
  • Can be used in a provocation test to gain valuable information on specific metal accumulations – read more here

Potential Harms of Toxic Heavy Metals

While some heavy metals in the body can have nutritional benefits, others like lead and mercury are considered to be highly toxic and potentially harmful substances. Such heavy metals have the potential to cause excessive damage if left in excessive concentrations throughout the body. This includes contributing to the development of free radicals.

The term free radicals refers to atoms which contain an unbalanced electron. These atoms will find a pair for their unpaired electron by taking one from other atoms throughout the body. This has the potential to set off a chain reaction of cellular damage and imbalance referred to as oxidative stress – a serious health concern thought to be a significant contributor to the aging process itself!1 Supporting the body’s natural processes for cleansing itself of heavy metals is an important step to take for limiting accumulations of oxidative stress.

The Function and Benefits of DMSA

DMSA, also known as succimer, is a chemical compound which attracts and binds to heavy metals in the bloodstream. The purpose of this is to facilitate the removal of higher concentrations of heavy metals via the urinary tract than would normally occur from the body’s natural detoxification processes. This binding of metals in the blood is commonly referred to as heavy metal chelation.

Because it needs to reach the bloodstream to be effective, DMSA is most commonly administered via an intravenous (IV) injection. While this method is sure to provide an effective dose of DMSA, clinics which administer such injections can be difficult to reach from many locations, and injections would have to be administered regularly to be fully effective. This suppository based DMSA from Vitaltox provides a more convenient and affordable chelation alternative to IV injections which provides comparable absorption rates.

Important Considerations When Using DMSA

We strongly urge you to work with a healthcare professional before supplementing with DMSA. It is important to find a detox regimen that is right for your body, and your personal level of bodily toxicity. Here are some links that may be of interest when talking to your health advisor:

Though DMSA is safe for consumption, it’s important to use DMSA responsibly by finding a detox regimen that is appropriate for your body through consultation with a healthcare professional. Excessive chelation can lead to liver damage and other complications. Irresponsible use can also leave the body deprived of crucial antioxidants and nutrients such as glutathione, taurine, melatonin, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, and vitamin C. For this reason, we recommend the following products to be used in conjunction with a DMSA detox regimen in order to supplement for any nutrient imbalances that may be caused within the body:


  • This product is contraindicated in individuals with a known hypersensitivity phospholipids, sesame seeds or any of the ingredients should avoid taking this product.


  • DMSA should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use if the suppositories are open or damaged.
  • Do not store in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other damp places. Heat or moisture may cause the medicine to break down
  • Store away from heat and direct light.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.


Note: This product must be stored at room temperature from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer. If the suppository does become soft, place the suppository in the refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes only immediately prior to insertion to achieve the firmness needed for comfortable insertion.

If you experience any adverse effect, discontinue and contact your healthcare provider before resuming use. This product contains no hidden coatings, excipients, binders, fillers, shellacs, artificial colors, fragrance, diary, wheat, egg, yeast, gluten, corn, sugar, starch, preservatives or hydrogenated oils.


Manufactured as a FDA notified medical food in an FDA compliant facility
exclusively for Life Vitality.



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Suppository
Servings Per Container: 25

Amount Per Serving

DMSA (2,3 dimercaptosuccinic acid)

260 mg





Suppository Base: The base is a proprietary combination of plant and fruit butters, vegetable acids, medium chain triglycerides, phospholipids, lecithin, vegetable starches, cellulose, oligosaccharides derivatives, polysaccharides and cycloamylose derivatives.


Dosage & Use

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Pediatric Use:

  • DMSA has been used safely in children. However, the safety and efficacy in pediatric patients less than 12 months of age has not been established. VitalTox DMSA suppositories should NOT be taken unless you are under the supervision of a qualified health care professional.

Geriatric Use:

  • Dose selection for an elderly patient start at the low end of the dosing range (1-2 suppository(s) per day) reflecting a consideration of concomitant disease or other drug therapy.

Day 1 Through Day 5

  • 2 (two) 260mg Zetpil™ DMSA Suppositories before retiring
  • 2 (two) Zetpil™ Zetpil Multivitamin and Mineral Suppository
  • 1 Zetpil Melatonin Suppository and 1 Zetpil Glutathione Suppository

Day 5 Through Day 20

  • 1 (one) 260mg Zetpil™ DMSA Suppositories before retiring
  • 2 (two) Zetpil™ Zetpil Multivitamin and Mineral Suppository
  • 1 Zetpil Melatonin Suppository and 1 Zetpil Glutathione Suppository

Day 21 Through Day 30

  • DO NOT USE THE Zetpil™ DMSA Suppository for 10 days
  • 2 (two) Zetpil Multivitamin and Mineral Suppository
  • 1 Zetpil Melatonin Suppositories and 1 Zetpil Glutathione Suppositories


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1. Oxidative Stress and Aging