Transformation Enzymes Digest*, 16 Varieties of Digestive Enzymes, 120 Capsules

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Transformation Enzymes Digest* is one of the most carefully formulated digestive enzyme supplements on the market to date. With a massive variety of enzyme content, all in properly balanced doses, Digest* casts a wide net for those who know that they have a digestive enzyme imbalance, but may not know which ingredients are best suited to resolve it.

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  • 16 varieties of digestive enzymes in every capsule.
  • Features Tzyme™ – a proprietary blend of highly active, functional, pH balanced, and GI tract stable enzymes.
  • Designed to support those with proven enzyme imbalances, as well as other malabsorption issues.
  • All Transformation Enzyme formulas are carefully prepared to assure maximum quality and nutritional effectiveness.
  • May pair well with probiotic supplements like Ortho Biotic.
  • 120 complete servings – a great value!

Diagram of enzyme function & synthesis – substrate, product, enzyme-product complex and enzyme-substrate complex.

Skepticism Surrounding Digestive Enzyme Supplementation – Is It Valid?

There is no doubt about the importance of digestive enzymes. Acting as catalysts in metabolic functions throughout the digestive tract, these enzymes are absolutely essential for absorbing and utilizing nutrients from food.

So, given this widely-recognized importance, why is it that digestive enzyme supplements are a fairly controversial subject in many health and wellness communities? The answer is actually somewhat straight-forward: bioavailability. Concerns and skepticism surrounding digestive enzyme supplements has nothing to do with the effects or general importance of digestive enzymes themselves, and everything to do with their bioavailability and overall utility in supplement form.

Even the most skeptical parties involved in this debate must admit that there are numerous health conditions and situations which can lead to decreased enzyme activity in the digestive process. In fact, deficiencies in the production of the enzyme lactase are at the root of the common inability to consume dairy (lactose intolerance).1 Therefore, the need for digestive enzyme supplementation in the general public is nearly undeniable.

So, why the hesitation? It could be due to a general lack of bioavailability in digestive enzyme ingredients, but it could also be a matter of oversight from the majority of supplement manufacturers.

Key Advantages in the Transformation Enzymes Digest* Formula

As with any health practice which is truly innovative, the ins-and-outs of digestive enzyme supplementation have not yet been fully understood, even by many of the most respected supplement manufacturers. The most common pitfall of these manufacturers that inhibits the efficacy of their products is a lack of diversity in enzyme content.

A 2016 scientific review which was conducted via a non-systematic search of the available literature sought to provide a broad overview of digestive enzyme supplementation. One of the primary conclusions of this review was that, given the variance of effects observed from the supplementation of different enzymes, a supplement which combines low doses of each scientifically verified enzyme may be particularly supportive for those with severe malabsorption issues.2 Digest* from Transformation Enzymes is the closest thing to such a “super-enzyme” formula on the market to date.

Transformation Enzymes Digest* contains balanced doses of an astounding 16 varieties of different enzyme ingredients. In addition, Digest* utilizes Tzyme™, a trademark of Transformation Enzymes Corp. Tzyme™ is a proprietary blend of highly active, functional, pH balanced, and GI tract stable enzymes which has been formulated to enhance the digestive process and impart systemic benefits.

If you have identified a digestive enzyme deficiency, or other malabsorption issue, but haven’t had success from other supplements, then you may want to give Transformation Enzymes Digest* a try.



  • If pregnant, nursing, or undergoing treatment for a medical condition, consult your physician before taking this product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 120

Amount Per Serving
Tzyme™ Protease Blend (54,601 HUT ) 122 mg
Tzyme™ Lipase Blend (7,467 FIP) 67 mg
Tzyme™ Polysaccharolytic Blend 270 mg
Amylase 20000 DU
Alpha-galactosidase 438 GaIU
Phytase 42 FTU
Glucoamylase 25 AGU
Macerase 400 CU
Pectinase 14 endo-PGU
Beta-glucanase 25 BGU
Lactase 610 ALU
Xylanase 500 XU
Diastase 168 DP º
Invertase 56 SU
Cellulase 28 CU
Hemicellulase 28 HCU
Other Ingredients: Cellulose, water, calcium citrate

Dosage & Use

  • One (1) capsule with every meal or snack with at least 8 oz. of liquid.
  • Contents may be removed from capsule and taken by spoon immediately after mixing with a small amount of tepid water.
  • Serving may be increased according to need as directed by health care practitioner.

1 review for Transformation Enzymes Digest*, 16 Varieties of Digestive Enzymes, 120 Capsules

  1. Kathleene Parker

    I am thrilled to review this product, as I have taken it–and other Transformation enzymes–for close to 30 years, and they have made a huge difference in my health. Key is that many digestive enzymes, because they are costly to produce, have low concentrations or contain fillers. That isn’t the case with these product. And, perhaps unique to me, I sometimes eat a food and my eyes will start to itch and water, although of course environmental pollens can do the same thing. I can take one or two of these and within 15 to 20 minutes, problem solved, and without antihistamines that, in my view, carry baggage that isn’t healthful. But to healthcare providers, in particular, if you are considering offering enzymes–and you should be–GO WITH TRANSFORMATION! In my view, enzyme therapy is one of the most overlooked parts of nutritional healing, and let me add, others of Transformation’s products, those that are herbal/enzyme blends, often work for sensitive patients when others won’t because the enzymes help with their absorption.

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