Suppository Applicator, Reusable, Pack of 6

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For rectal or vaginal use. An applicator prevents the suppository from melting in the fingers. It also makes insertion easy and comfortable. Made of plastic, just wash in hot, soapy water between uses. Pack of 6 suppository applicators.

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Benefits of the Suppository Applicator

  • Safe and gentle
  • Prevents melting in fingers
  • Hygienic, convenient, and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Allows use of either blunt or pointy end insertion
  • For rectal or vaginal use
  • Washable and Reusable

Our suppository applicator is ideal for those who may find it more hygienic or convenient. It is designed to facilitate the insertion of a suppository and to prevent melting in the fingers. Our applicator works equally well as a rectal or vaginal suppository applicator. It is made of plastic and is reusable. The use of an applicator is not required for the nutritional suppositories available at DR Vitamin Solutions, though many people find using suppositories less stressful if used.

The suppository applicator is easy to use. Remove 1 suppository from the strip, open by pulling the tabs apart, place the suppository firmly in the opening of the applicator, place suppository end into body cavity, and depress the plunger to insert. Please reference the images below.

If you choose to reuse the suppository applicator, be sure to clean it after each use. To do so, remove the plunger from the tube and wash the applicator in hot, soapy water.

There is an ongoing discussion in the medical community whether to insert a rectal suppository blunt end or pointy end first. If the manufacturer specifies (many do not), we recommend to use as directed. For the nutritional suppositories DR Vitamin Solutions offers, we suggest inserting the blunt end first. By doing so, the suppository will naturally “pull” itself into the rectum and not fall out. As seen in the images below, the suppository fits equally well using either orientation.

Applicator measurements:
Width of applicator at widest point = 1/2″
Length of applicator compressed = 5″
Length of applicator extended = 6″


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