Quicksilver Scientific CBD Synergies-SP, 5-HTP, Melatonin & More, 50 mL

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Fans of Quicksilver Scientific CBD products rejoice! CBD Synergies-SP is finally here to bring you the very best sleep support ingredients alongside the potent, liposomally delivered Cannabidiol you know and love.

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  • Features 12 mg of Quicksilver Scientific’s renowned Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.
  • Also includes sleep support ingredients like 5-HTP, melatonin, and various botanicals.
  • A unique and powerful approach to sleep and relaxation aid.
  • Nanoemulsified liposomal delivery is unlike any other CBD delivery system you’ve tried.
  • Take a look at the rest of the CBD Synergies line: CBD Synergies-PN & CBD Synergies-AX.
  • 25 servings per container.

The Quicksilver Scientific CBD Synergies Line Explained

With all the positive attention that Cannabidiol (CBD) has received in recent years, it’s no surprise that the supplement market has become rather crowded with hemp oil-based products…

These products come in a variety of different forms and delivery methods (including Quicksilver Scientific’s own nanoparticle delivery system), but most share one trait in common: a lack of other active ingredients. This is understandable given that many people are still testing their reactions to CBD and want to experience its effects in isolation from other compounds. However, there is a great deal of potential in the development of formulas which combine this incredible cannabinoid with various herbal and dietary ingredients.

Enter: CBD Synergies. This breakthrough product line from Quicksilver Scientific is among the very first to provide proprietary blends which feature potent botanicals, amino acids, and other nutritional compounds alongside Cannabidiol.

CBD Synergies-SP: Sleep Formula

One of the top reasons that people take CBD is to help them wind down for a full and healthy night of sleep. Many of these same people likely take popular sleep support ingredients like Melatonin and 5-HTP as well, so why not get everything in one place!

passionflower, passion flower, passiflora

Not only is Passionflower useful for relaxation, it is one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth.

So, let’s review these additional ingredients and the potential ways in which they might aid one’s overall sleep quality:

  • 5-HTP – an amino acid which exists primarily as a by-product of the metabolic breakdown of L-Tryptophan. 5-HTP can also be found in the seeds of the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant which is the most common source of supplemental 5-HTP. The primary reason people take 5-HTP is to aid in healthy serotonin activity.1 Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which impacts sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation.
  • Melatonin – the absolute kingpin of sleep support ingredients. The human body releases increased melatonin when there is an absence of light in an effort to prepare itself for sleep.2 Therefor, melatonin tends to be most useful for those who work night shifts or have other structural difficulties in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Botanicals – herbs like Skullcap and Passionflower, both contained in Quicksilver Scientific CBD Synergies-SP, have been used for centuries to aid in sleep and relaxation. Modern scientific studies continue to reveal the true potential of these treatments.3,4


Use caution if subject to drug screening. Please be advised hemp extract can cause positive test results.


  • If pregnant, nursing, or undergoing treatment for a medical condition, consult your physician before taking this product.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 mL (4 pumps)

Servings Per Container: 25

Amount Per Serving

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (aerial parts)

12 mg


8 mg

Proprietary blend:
Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (as PharmaGABA®), Liquid
Skullcap Herb extract (Scutellaria lateriflora), Liquid
Passion Flower extract (Passiflora incarnata)

160 mg

Other Ingredients: Water, glycerin, ethanol, phospholipids (from purified sunflower seed lecithin), vitamin E (as tocofersolan and natural mixed tocopherols), natural citrus oils, medium chain triglycerides

Dosage & Use

  • Take 4 pumps by mouth. Increase frequency of use if needed.
  • Hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.
  • Repeat to desired dosage or as directed by healthcare professional.
  • Take on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals.
  • May be stirred into a small amount of water.
  • If pregnant consult physician before use.


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