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Qi EMF Protection devices are revolutionary pieces of technology which have been expertly crafted to protect users from EMF radiation. To this date, Qi EMF Protection is the only product line of its kind to be backed by double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wood finishes.

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  • Designed to protect users from 5G cellular, WiFi signals, microwave, and other EMF sources.
  • Backed by numerous double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.
  • Alters the antioxidant properties of water in its vicinity, including water molecules in the air.
  • Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate differing spaces and lifestyles.

Understanding the Threat of EMF Exposure

While electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) may seem like a modern phenomenon, they have actually existed since the very dawn of the universe. This is because the radiation from stars (i.e. sunlight) is actually its own form of EMF. So, if these waves and fields have existed all along, then why should we suddenly become concerned about their health consequences now? The answer is simple: modern technology.

Our phones, computers, WiFi signals, cellular signals (i.e. 5G), microwaves, and other common household appliances are all sources of EMFs. This dramatic increase in exposure over the past few decades has made some health experts deeply, deeply concerned.

It’s important to point out that there are actually two different forms of EMF, or radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing.

In general, non-ionizing radiation is considered mild while ionizing radiation is a serious threat to human health. Examples of sources for non-ionizing radiation include cellphones, WiFi routers, and microwaves. Meanwhile, ionizing radiation is most common in two forms: ultraviolet rays from the sun, and X-rays from medical imaging machines.

In this light, it is easy for many people to be dismissive of the threat posed by non-ionizing radiation sources. However, this may prove to be a massive oversight. A number of studies of high credibility have reported associations between non-ionized EMF exposure and the development of severe health concerns.1,2

Additionally, some research indicates that EMFs could affect the central nervous system and contribute to sleep disturbances due to their effect on voltage-dependent calcium channels.3

Those who take these possibilities seriously and desire to limit their overall EMF exposure will quickly find how difficult this task can be in the modern world. It’s easy enough to reduce time spent on your cellphone, but how can you avoid exposure to WiFi signals? And what about when 5G cellular service rolls-out worldwide? This problem is already daunting for those who live within cities, or even just mid-sized towns, but soon enough everyone will be affected.

If there is no escape from EMFs for the vast majority of the global population, then that leaves only one possible solution: defense.

How Qi EMF Protection Works

Qi Protection is proud to be the first of its kind. In fact, as of writing this, there is still no other EMF protection technology which is backed by double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

So how does the Qi Shield EMF Protection work to keep you and your family safe from excess EMF exposure? The answer boils down to two essential functions of the Qi Technology:

  1. Generation of Vital Energy

Electrons may be the key to EMF protection at the atomic level.

In many ways, this is the principal function of Qi EMF Protection. All Qi products generate a field of protective electricity which is filled with electrons. When EMF radiation comes in contact with this field these electrons provide a reaction point. Therefore, the electrons may be capable of neutralizing the radiation before it has a chance to interact with the cells of the human body.*

While generating a field of protection for the human body is the principal purpose of Qi EMF Protection, the potential doesn’t stop there. Of greatest importance is the effect that the electron field can have on water molecules, both in the water we drink and the air we breathe.

  1. Energizing Water

Via the generation of an electric field, Qi EMF Protection may be able to alter the properties of water in its vicinity thanks to electron enrichment. To test this feature, a study was undertaken in collaboration with Dartsch Scientific.

In this study, anonymized water samples were sent to the labs at Dartsch Scientific for testing. One sample was treated with the Qi-Home Cell for 24 hours, and the other was the same tap water without any treatment. From there each sample was evaluated for its ability to neutralize free oxygen radicals which were generated by adding potassium peroxide to distilled water. The ability for each water sample to neutralize the superoxide anion radicals produced by this reaction was measured via changes in the optical density of the solution.

This experiment showed that the Qi treated water exhibited up to 65% oxygen radical inactivation at a 70% volume, whereas the test sample had negligible antioxidant effects at all volumes.4

Product Comparison

Each Qi EMF Protection product functions very similarly in its core technology, duration, and intended use. The primary differences between each product are in the area of protection that is generated, the overall portability, and the ability to reduce the impact of cellular signals. The easiest way to compare them all at once is with this chart:

Qi EMF Protection

Qi EMF Protection Qi-Me

  • Small and portable
  • Personal unit
  • Protects against EMFs
  • 3 x 5 x .75 inches
  • .77 lbs

As the name suggests, Qi-Me is designed as a personal-use device, particularly for when you’re out on the go. The size is ideal for carrying in purses and jacket pockets. As with all Qi devices it protects the user from exposure to EMF radiation. In addition, it currently protects against 75% of harmful exposure to 5G.


Qi EMF Protection Qi- Shield

  • Small and portable
  • Area of protection – 16 x 16 feet out, 6 feet up and 6 feet down
  • Ideal for traveling
  • 3 x 7 inches
  • 8 lb

Qi-Shield presents a flexible middle ground for its users. The device is portable enough to be carried in a purse, backpack, car cupholder, or even to be stored in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Meanwhile, it creates a large enough area of protection to fill an entire room. All of these factors make it the ideal product for frequent travelers or those who are living in a small apartment space.


Qi EMF Protection Qi-Home

  • Larger stationary unit
  • Area of protection – 50 x 50 ft, 16 feet up and 16 feet down
  • Built-in deep sleep technology
  • Restructures water within the area of protection
  • 5 x 17.75 inches
  • 21 lbs

For those who wish to create a stationary field of protection for their mid-sized home, look no further than Qi-Home. Simply place it at waist height in the center of the desired protection area and within 24 hours the unit will develop a fully charged electric field.


Qi EMF Protection Qi-Max

  • Larger stationary unit
  • Area of protection – 328 x 328 ft, 100 feet up and 100 feet down
  • Deep sleep technology
  • Restructures water
  • 11 x 23.5 inches
  • 45 lbs

The only differences between the Qi-Max and the Qi-Home are the area of protection and the dimensions of the device itself. Qi-Max is designed to create the maximum possible field of protection. As such, it is ideal for large homes, irregularly shaped homes, and office spaces.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** Contact Synergy Science for recharging information.


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