Purify-One UV Wand

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Ultraviolet light destroys micro-organisms by damaging their DNA. The Purify-One Wand will undoubtedly save you time via superior efficiency, save you money by replacing costly cleaning supplies, and also help reduce unnecessary plastic waste for the sake of our planet.

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  • Mixed Wave technology utilizes powerful UV-C/UV-A LED’s to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful contaminants on surfaces within seconds.
  • Using both UV-C 270-280nm and UV-A 380-405nm, the Purify One UV Wand damages the DNA and RNA of various pathogens.
  • High grade sapphire quartz optics.
  • Prolonged use of up to 50,000 hours, a 10 year life span.
  • Built in long-life, rechargeable battery.
  • Energy efficient USB-C charging.
  • Accessories include: UV safety goggles and gloves, as well as a convenient carrying case.

How Does the Purify-One UV Wand Work?

With all of the “Danger, Warning and Caution” labels on disinfecting products, it’s not surprising that these “disinfectants” can actually be harmful to you and your pets by exposing you to potentially toxic and even deadly chemicals and pesticides. What’s worse, even the most rigorous cleaning with any disinfectant has the potential to miss all sorts of contaminants.

The Purify-One UV Wand is not only capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of various pathogens and contaminants,* but will diminish the exposure of chemicals to humans and pets exponentially. The Purify-One Wand will undoubtedly save you time by reducing the time it takes to disinfect, save you money replacing costly cleaning supplies, and also helps reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

Ultraviolet light destroys micro-organisms by damaging their DNA. UV-C carries the most energy capable of eradicating the bonds that hold together the DNA and RNA of pathogenic materials, terminating them from functioning. Utilizing UV-C at 270-280 nanometers and UV-A at 380- 405 nanometers make the Purify-One Wand the premier choice for UGVI disinfection.



  • Do not expose UV light directly to the skin or the eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always use with provided safety gloves and goggles.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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