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ProBoost binds to CD4 T cells to by-pass a compromised thymus gland to increase the function of the T cell sector by replacing depleted Thymic Protein A. Supports immune system health by promoting white blood cell count, CD8 cells, and T4 cells.

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  • Promotes activity of CD-8 Cells
  • Supports endogenous production of T-4 Cells
  • Promotes healthy white blood cell count
  • A quantum leap beyond the many ordinary thymic preparations in terms of clinical efficacy

All white blood cells originate in the bone marrow, and the vast majority are biologically active with their release. One class of white blood cells which are not bio-active when released from the bone marrow are T cells.

T Cells need to navigate from the bone marrow to the thymus gland, which is located at the base of the neck. Once the T cells are in the thymus, they receive large and complex glycoproteins manufactured by the gland which renders the cells biologically active. This is how T cells were named – “T” stands for “thymus.”

The thymus gland peaks in size and production of these proteins when we are young. As we enter middle age, the thymus gland decreases in size and function, eventually becoming incapable of producing sufficient thymic proteins for optimal immune function. This thymic decline is universal in humans. ProBoostTM offers a specific thymic protein in a powder form. Each packet of ProBoostTM offers a count of 12 trillion thymic proteins in four micrograms of powder.

An in vitro study has shown this very protein binding to CD4 T cells. With ProBoostTM, it is possible to by-pass a compromised thymus gland in order to increase the function of the T cell sector by replacing depleted Thymic Protein A.


How Does ProBoostTM Thymic Protein A Work?

ProBoostTM Thymic Protein A has been examined by the NIH and described as an immune modulator and anti-viral agent. Immunologist DR. Terry Beardsley is one of the world’s leading authorities on the thymus gland and its crucial importance for the proper functioning of the immune system. He spent 25 years studying the thymus gland and discovered the existence of Thymic Protein A. He currently holds a U.S. patent for the commercial production of this thymic protein. His discovery was published in several scientific journals, including the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences (Immunology, Vol. 80, Oct 1983, pp, 6005-6009). Dr. Beardsley’s ground-breaking research has proven that T4 white blood cells, after they are formed and enter the bloodstream, are not functional unless they come into direct contact with Thymic Protein A. He discovered a natural and necessary substance in the body which can regulate and support immune function.

It has been scientifically proven that Thymic Protein A is an essential substance, necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, specifically the immune system sector referred to as “cell-mediated immunity.” Cell-mediated immune function reacts against viruses, aberrant cells, and intracellular bacteria and fungi. Each single packet of ProBoostTM contains 12 trillion Thymic Protein A molecules. Each of these molecules contains an important “transmitter” which seeks out the T4 white blood cell and attaches to it to activate the cell. (In recent years, T4 cells have become more commonly referred to as CD4 cells or T Helper cells).

The CD4 Helper cell is the “manager” of the cell-mediated sector of the immune system, and controls other critical white blood cells, such as T8 Killer cells and T8 Suppressor cells. (Again, more recently, these cells have been referred to as CD8 Killer cells and CD8 Suppressor cells). The CD4 Helper cells regulate CD8 Killer and Suppressor cells by secreting chemical messengers called cytokines, which include interleukin-2 and gamma-interferon. Properly activated T Helper cells also have the ability to signal the body to produce more of its own kind, thereby increasing the actual count (amount) of CD4 Helper cells in the body.

When the body has a sufficient amount of properly activated T Helper cells, proper amounts of cytokines are secreted to allow the entire system to function properly, even in the presence of suppressive drugs or infections. If the body has a deficiency of activated T Helper cells, the cell-mediated immune response will be compromised.

Who Should Use ProBoostTM Thymic Protein A, and what is the Recommended Dose?

Anyone who is suffering from, or is concerned about, low or dysregulated immune function in the cell-mediated sector. This would include people who are ill with infections or degenerative diseases where T cell activity is important. The key cell that immunologists measure to determine the strength of an individual’s cell-mediated immune function is the T Helper white blood cell. The normal range of cells in blood is 500-1000 (mm3). If the number of these cells falls below 500, a person is considered to have a low immune response. Such individuals will have a lessened ability to fight invaders such as viruses and other disease-causing agents. Infective agents like viruses can lurk in the body, becoming active when the immune system falters.

In addition, anyone, even a healthy individual, who wishes to maximize quality of life and longevity should consider taking a regular protective dose of ProBoostTM Thymic Protein A, which is three packets a week. Those who suffer from infections and/or lowered immunity may wish to take one to three packets daily.

Anyone who has had many courses of antibiotics, who is HIV positive, or concerned about becoming HIV positive, should consider strengthening their immune system. Various drugs administered for infections and diseases often reduce immune system function because they target healthy as well unhealthy cells. In addition, many individuals over the age of 35, as well as those who have been treated with radiation or chemotherapy drugs, may have a poorly functioning thymus gland which cannot release sufficient quantities of Thymic Protein A, and thus cannot activate sufficient numbers of CD4 Helper cells.

What Will I Feel When I Take ProBoostTM Thymic Protein A?

The immediate effects of taking a packet of Thymic Protein A vary from a sensation of warmth and energy to no particular short-term change in feeling. The longer term effects (days or weeks) are often an increase in energy, well-being, strength, improved sleep patterns, and reduction of risk of future infections. All of these benefits can result from an improvement in immune function.

What is in the Packet of ProBoostTM Thymic Protein A and How is it Taken?

One small packet of ProBoostTM contains 500 milligrams of powder, which contains 4 micrograms (12 trillion molecules) of the active ingredient Thymic Protein A. Merely tear open the packet, open your mouth, lift your tongue, and empty the entire contents under your tongue. Try to hold the powder there 2-3 minutes, or until it all dissolves. If the powder tends to clump, this actually beneficial, as it holds active ingredient in the correct position for maximum absorption which takes place under the tongue. The majority of the packet contains maltodextrin powder, a pleasant, mildly sweet powder made from corn-syrup solids. Maltodextrin is used to hold the tiny amount of active ingredient (Thymic Protein A). If your mouth is dry, add a few drops of water under your tongue before you place ProBoostTM under your tongue.

Is ProBoostTM safe? How is it Made?

ProBoostTM is extremely safe. It is made by cell culture in only one laboratory in the world, under the direct supervision of DR. Beardsley. It is made from stored frozen cells taken from the thymus of a single domestic calf, which was selected and sacrificed more than 15 years ago. Other than the one original calf, no animals are sacrificed to make ProBoostTM. ProBoostTM is highly purified, and all other proteins, fragments, or substances from the calf are filtered out, leaving only Thymic Protein A molecules, which are then freeze-dried and mixed with maltodextrin.

What are the Results of Scientific Studies?

Scientific studies, performed on in vitro cells, animals, and humans, have all shown significant benefits in supporting and strengthening the immune system by activating CD4 Helper cells, Reported results include reducing infections, improving sleep and energy, and improving quality of life for ill individuals. A strong immune system is necessary to be healthy in a world full of stress, drugs, poor quality food, and toxins that one can be exposed to from the air, food, drinking water and other means.

What Other Supplement Work Well in Combination with ProBoostTM?

ProBoostTM can be an important part of a regiment to support the immune system. However, ProBoostTM is not a “magic bullet,” and is not a cure or treatment for any disease. The body still needs other nutrients for proper immune function, such as anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, as well as a healthy diet.


Supplement Facts


Serving Size: 1 Packet
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

Thymic Protein A

4 mcg

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin

Dosage and Use:

  • For longevity, use 3 packets per week.
  • For greater T cell support use 1 to 3 packets daily.


  • If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not exceed recommended dose


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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