Echo H2 Pitcher

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Producing quality hydrogen water has never been so convenient! The Echo H2 Pitcher is capable of converting filtered or purified water into nourishing hydrogen water at a rate of 1 PPM every 10 minutes. Comes equipped with USB-C charging cable for maximum portability.

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  • Generates up to 2 PPM of Echo Antioxidant Water, also known as molecular hydrogen water.
  • The most portable application of the Echo hydrogen technology.
  • H2 water is an ideal natural source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.
  • Comes equipped with a self-cleaning setting at just the push of a button.
  • Backed by a 1-year defects warranty which covers parts, labor and return shipping to you.
  • Includes 1 USB-C charging cable.

Why Reach for the Echo H2 Pitcher?

There is little doubt that drinking Echo Antioxidant Water, also known as hydrogen water, can lead to numerous significant health benefits. In fact, over 700 studies have been published on the various health benefits of drinking hydrogen water. Perhaps the most important and oft-studied property of H2 water is its antioxidant support potential. It has been postulated by multiple studies that hydrogen water can aid the body in neutralizing free radicals, thus stemming the spread of oxidative stress.1,2

Oxidative stress and inflammation are closely related within the human body. As such, it’s no surprise that hydrogen water has also been extensively studied for anti-inflammatory support.3,4

One of the most common methods of hydrogen water production is through the use of dissoluble tablets. While these offer a similar level of portability and convenience as the Echo H2 Pitcher, they do come with some notable downsides. First and foremost is the expense. Those who regularly consume hydrogen water will find out how quickly the financial cost of the tablet method can accumulate.

Not only is the Echo H2 Pitcher infinitely refillable (and therefore more affordable for regular users), it also produces better tasting water! This is because people often report a slight chemical taste in their water after using dissoluble H2 tablets. If you have ever tasted mineral water before then you can probably imagine the flavor. Some are less bothered by it than others, but regular H2 drinkers will inevitably come to prefer the purity and simplicity of the water produced by the Echo H2 Pitcher.

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