AlgaeCal Plus (120 vegcaps)

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Unlock your bones’ potential with AgaeCal’s advanced multi-nutrient formula! Designed for patients at risk of bone loss, our plant-based supplement delivers clinically-supported bone mineral density (BMD) increases. Unlike traditional calcium supplements, which only slow decline, AlgaeCal Plus offers significant benefits. Packed with 13 bone-essential trace minerals, 750mg of absorbable calcium, and fortified with vitamin D3, K2, boron, and more. Say goodbye to age-related decline and hello to stronger, healthier bones!

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AlgaeCal Plus (120 vegcaps): Enhance Your Bone Health Naturally

Introducing AlgaeCal Plus, the most advanced multi-nutrient formula specially designed for patients at risk of or experiencing bone loss. It offers significant increases in bone mineral density (BMD) through its powerful blend of plant-based ingredients. Unlike traditional calcium supplements derived from crushed-rock that merely slow down age-related decline, this has clinically proven results.

Why Choose AlgaeCal Plus?

  • Superior Absorption: It made from red algae, provides 750 mg of highly absorbable calcium, making it a whole-food supplement. This ensures that your body effectively utilizes the calcium, aiding in the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones.
  • Complete Bone Support: This naturally contains an array of 13 bone-essential trace minerals. These include boron, copper, manganese, silicon, nickel, selenium, strontium, phosphorus, potassium, vanadium, and zinc. These minerals work synergistically with calcium to maintain optimal bone health.
  • Essential Nutrients for Bone Strength: Fortified with 1600 IU of vitamin D3, 100 mcg of vitamin K2 (as MK-7), 3 mg of boron, and 50 mg of Vitamin C, this ensures you receive all the necessary nutrients for optimal bone strength. Additionally, it includes added magnesium to achieve a balanced 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio, supporting overall bone health.

Guidelines for Medication and Supplement Interactions:

To ensure safety and minimize potential interactions, it’s important to separate AlgaeCal Plus from certain medications and supplements. Here are some guidelines:

1. Medications: Thyroid medication, antacids, and certain antibiotics should be taken at least 4 hours apart from AlgaeCal Plus to prevent any interference.

2. Iron Supplements: If you take a standalone iron supplement, it should be taken 2 hours away from AlgaeCal Plus to avoid decreased absorption. However, if your iron comes from a multivitamin, you don’t need to separate it from this supplement.

3. Vitamin K2: While AlgaeCal Plus contains vitamin K2, it’s important to note that vitamin K2, including the one in AlgaeCal Plus, may interfere with certain anticoagulant drugs. Unless directed otherwise by a physician, it is advisable to avoid vitamin K2 if you are taking anticoagulants.

For more detailed information, please get in touch with Bone Health Consultants at or call 1-800-820-0184. Remember, it’s always essential to consult with your doctor regarding potential interactions between AlgaeCal products and your medications.


These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Dosage & Use

Dosage Instructions: As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules twice daily with meals, for a total of 4 capsules per day, to effectively promote and maintain bone strength.


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