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Blood Testing, Thyroid Add-On Panel

Item Number: LCTHYROID | Be the first to review this product!

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Supplement Overview

Item Catalog Number: LCTHYROID
Click for Blood Testing Information

Life Extension recommends getting the Thyroid Add–on Panel to the Male or Female Life Extension Panels, especially for those interested in weight management. The thyroid gland primarily produces T4 which converts to T3, the more active form of the hormone.

Optimal thyroid hormone production supports your resting metabolic rate, which is essential in maintaining a healthy weight. This test includes measurements for free T4 and free T3.

If you are adding this panel to a Male or Female Life Extension Panel, you will need to fast for 12 hours. Drink plenty of water and take all medications as prescribed. Do not take your supplements the day of the test.

The blood test services are for informational purposes only. It is not the intention of National Diagnostics, Inc, Life Extension, and DR Vitamin Solutions to provide specific medical advice but rather provide users with information to better understand their health. Specific medical advice including diagnosis and treatment will not be provided. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Both the physician and the test laboratory are independent contractors with whom National Diagnostics, Inc makes arrangements for your blood tests. Neither National Diagnostics, Inc, Life Extension, nor DR Vitamin Solutions will be liable any acts or commissions of the physician, the testing laboratory, or their agents or employees.

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