Transformation Enzymes

Transformation Enzymes was established by DicQie Fuller, D.Sc., Ph.D., ND, when she formulated her own line of enzyme-based dietary supplements in May 1991. She chose the name “Transformation” for her high quality enzyme formulations.

With over thirty years of experience in clinical enzyme therapy, Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney continues her research and the formulation of the very best possible enzyme products. “Dr. DicQie” has also gone on to formulate products for companies such as NESS, Enzymedica, Enzyme Essentials, Enzymes Inc. and Earth Pharmacy. If you have ever taken a digestive enzyme supplement, then odds are you’ve encountered the work/research of Dr. DicQie.

Today Transformation Enzymes still sells to health professionals, clinics and pharmacies worldwide. What was once a basic product line has increased to include a wide variety of many different formulations, some of which have little to do with enzymes! Supported by an Advisory Board that is the envy of the industry, the nutritional research and development team of Transformation continues to develop and test new product concepts to further meet the needs of health professionals.

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