PureLife (Stress Management)

PureLife is here to help you live your purest, most stress-free life.

As their name suggests, the focus of the PureLife brand is on providing pure, high quality dietary supplements that add tangible value to your life. In this age of industrial pollution, including industrial food with limited nutritional value, public health has suffered immensely. Pure Life is founded upon the notion of restoring that balance of health & wellness in your life.

A dynamic and innovative company in the health and fitness industry, Pure Life has an experienced and credentialed advisory board. Brian Cunningham, MS is the founder of PureLife. With a graduate degree in Epidemiology from New York Medical College that focused on nutrition, he has over 20 years experience in a variety of related fields. This includes environmental health, pharmaceutical & medical research, nutrition and fitness training. This unique background gives Brian insight into the many factors that affect our health & emotional well being. Brian’s nutritional formulations have been recommended by many health professionals and two #1 New York Times Best Selling Authors.

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