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Coupon Code save15 for 15% off Life Extension,
and Coupon Code save7 for 7% off Most Other Brands 

To receive the current sale discount, be sure to enter the appropriate coupon code into the coupon code box on the View Cart page before checking out!

Multiple coupon codes for maximum savings! Combine the displayed discount prices with our extra 15% or 7% coupons. Earn 5% cash back in Reward Points, and receive Free Economy Domestic Shipping.

Coupon Code 15% off Life Extension 7% off Most Other Brands

To obtain the extra discounts, enter one or more of the following coupon codes at the checkout:

Here is an example of where to enter the coupon code, and where you will see the discount. You can continue to add additional coupon codes by clicking "Apply Code" after each entry:

Enter Coupon Code Here Example

Due to manufacturer restrictions, the following brands are excluded from use of any coupons. DR Vitamin Solutions sells for the lowest possible prices permitted by the manufacturer. Regrettably, no additional discounts or sales apply on the following brands:

For questions on the Life Extension Super Sale Prices, Click Here

Earn 5% or 10% Cash Back with DR Reward Points:

Register for a FREE DR account and automatically receive rewards points whenever you place an order. Earn 5% rewards cash for every dollar spent. For example, if you have a $200.00 order, you will earn $10.00 in rewards points! You can use your free money on your very next order, and still earn more free money on the very same order you are redeeming points on! A never-end cycle of FREE money just for you!

To see your points now, log in to your account and look under the Customer Information tab. If you don't have any points yet, just start shopping! Remember, you need to sign up for a free account to earn DR Reward Points.

Click here to sign up now!

(Due to manufacturer restrictions, the RemedyLink is excluded from Rewards Points.)

Earn 10% Double Reward Points with Hassle Free AutoShip Delivery!

AutoShip allows you to get the supplements you need, when you need them. With AutoShip you won’t run out of your supplements or have to remember to place your order. It is easy to set up AutoShip in your shopping cart when you order online, or call 1-888-432-5824 for more info. Our phone lines are open from 9:00 to 5:00 PM EST, Mon thru Fri, excluding federal holidays. The 10% Double Reward Points on all Auto Ship orders begins with your second shipment. Your credit card will be charged when the items ship, and you can easily cancel at any time. With DR Vitamin Solutions, you never get an unwanted charge. Plus you will receive free economy domestic shipping on all orders!

Three Easy Steps!

  1. Add the items you want to the cart
  2. Choose you frequency of delivery to set your shipping schedule
  3. Check out and this same order will ship automatically

For more details about AutoShip, click here

When you are ready to check out the items in your cart, you will see the points available to you above the payment method area. Simply redeem them by checking the Redemption box at the Review Order page shown here:

Life Extension Super Sale Price Comparison Questions:

Q. How are your prices compared to the Life Extension Annual Super Sale?

A. Thank you for your question. Our sole purpose is to serve you, and we do in a variety of ways. One way is by offering deeper discounts to make your good health as affordable as possible, 365 days a year. We offer coupon codes instead of requiring purchases of 4 or more to get the best price. Most people use several different products, and purchasing 4 or more of the same product quickly adds up and is expensive. Our approach of offering an additional discount off the total of assorted products results in more savings than the 4 or more bottle minimum requirement in comparison. You get maximum savings all year long with DR Vitamin Solutions!

We also offer 5% cash back in Reward Points, and provide Free Economy Domestic Shipping for all orders. In a fair comparison, Life Extension charges $5.50 shipping per order, and charges yearly membership fees of $75 which is required to obtain their discounts. With DR Vitamin Solutions, no account or membership is needed to use the coupons or get member pricing, plus you earn Reward Points that you can redeem on each and every subsequent order. We always do what is best for the customer, and are not just out to sell them as many supplements as possible. You can speak directly to the CEO and Holistic Health Consultant that takes a personal interest in your health. David will help you choose your supplements to obtain the best health benefit possible within your budget, and only suggest what makes the most sense for you personally. We hope you choose to support us; a small family company where you are served with integrity and honesty.

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Earn DR Rewards by collecting money with every order! Then use this free money on your next purchase!

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Hassle Free Delivery While You Earn 10% Double Reward Points! Get the supplements you need, when needed!

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DR Vitamin Solutions makes it easy for you to show your friends and family that you care about their health.

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We are called to serve you; not money. Your health and satisfaction are our top priority!

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