The Power to Help Your Health with Persistence, Exercise, and Diet


Persistence in a life is like a masterpiece of art that its beauty radiates and captures the attention of all who behold it. Persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something in spite difficult circumstances or opposition by other people.

The Example of Edison

A successful man: Thomas Edison was a great American Inventor that greatly influenced our society. He invented the microphone, the phonograph, the incandescent light, the storage battery, talking movies, and more than a thousand other things.

A steadfast man: When December 1914 had come he had been working for 10 years on a storage battery. Finances were getting low and then tragically a fire broke out and destroyed his work. Fire companies from eight surrounding towns arrived, but were to stop the damage and everything was destroyed. At this time Edison was 67 and he did not have adequate insurance to cover what he lost.

A spirited man: His 24-year old son searched for his father and to his surprise found him calmly watching the fire. The son felt so bad for his father. Edison then asked his son to bring his mother to him immediately. She will never see anything like this as long as she lives he told his son. The next morning, Edison looked at the ruins and said, “There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.” Three weeks after the fire, Edison managed to deliver the first phonograph.

Help Your Health with Persistence

  • With an exercise program: Starting something is very easy, but following through with things is the difficult part. Whether maintaining optimal health or losing weight it is persistent exercise that helps us not periodic exercise. Soda, potato chips and being glued to the couch may be more appealing, but we have to learn to exercise even when we don’t feel like it.
  • With eating patterns: Discipline in the diet is very important. The goal is not to make yourself miserable at the dinner table but healthier. Have a realistic goal of improvement that becomes a part of your life. You control the times when you treat yourself by putting them in your schedule occasionally not when your stomach growls.
  • With essential nutrient plan: You need quality supplements but you must be consistent in your use of them. You get them to help with your health goals so stay focused and use them according to the suggested dosage unless directed otherwise by a healthcare practitioner.


The importance of having strong faith cannot be overemphasized. Keep going forward, keep looking up and never give up!

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