Supplements and Practical Suggestions for Improving your Cell Health

We have lots of cells (trillions) in our body and they all contain valuable genetic information that we need. Cell health is fundamental and if we are going to function at optimal health then we need healthy cells.

Energized or Fatigued?

All of us have times where we are tired and feel worn out, but that should not be the daily norm in our life. Each cell has what is called mitochondria which is like a car battery is to a car that gives you your energy. When your cells get run down it also makes a person more fatigued and more susceptible to chronic illnesses. We need to take practical steps to improve our cell health.

Exercise Helps

Do strength training and high-intensity interval training. Both can increase the number, and improve the function, of your mitochondria. The better your muscle mass and cardiovascular conditioning, the better your mitochondria will be, and the more powerfully they will perform.


This is very important to get the toxins out of your system. When the colon is clogged it can cause one to be sluggish and have low energy. I suggest doing a colon cleanse at least once a year and I personally do it twice a year myself and I use pro detox colon cleanse which is a very inexpensive and effective supplement. There are some things that are underlying issues that may need to be addressed that can affect energy levels and detoxifying is usually a big one.

Practical Suggestions

It is important to address inflammation, balance your hormones and increase your omega-3 fats to help build your mitochondrial membranes. You also want to deal with stress as that will wear one down as well.

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  • CoQ10: Helpful for cell and cardiovascular health.
  • Ascorbate C: Helps nourishes cells, strengthen immune system and glutathione stay in your body longer at the cellular level.
  • Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Glutathione: Very important supplement. Helps with detoxification, cell health and strengthening your immune system.


Eat 6 to 9 cups of fresh vegetables and fruits each day. Eating sulfur rich foods and cruciferous vegetables are rich in glutathione. I also suggest drinking filtered water from the reverse osmosis process or distilled water.

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