Remedylink Rejuvelon Suppositories – Reverse Gray Hair with Catalase

So you want to Reverse Gray Hair huh? Excellent idea, you’ve come to right place! (*waves hand to say hi*)

But… how in the world do you get started? What is the Best Gray Hair Supplement? There is so much contracting info on the web, it is hard to find the truth. I mean, who do you trust? What is the starting point?

Maybe you should throw in the towel – maybe reversing Gray Hair naturally is really just impossible all along! Maybe it’s just so confusing and you don’t want to waste money on something you don’t know will work!

Well, wait a second here…

I was once a beginner in my fight against Gray Hair too. I had the exact same problem. I wanted to reverse my gray hair so bad I searched every nook and cranny of the Internet looking for the best protocol to restore my natural hair color. And this was back in the 80’s when good information was hard to come by! But with persistence and committment to natural solutions, I found RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories.

RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories increase Antioxidants to prevent damage to cells from Free Radicals and Hydrogen Peroxide Molecules. This article is a review of Remedylink Rejuvelon Suppositories, the Best Supplement to Reverse Gray Hair in 2019.

Now that I know the answer and my hair is looking better than most at my age – I want to share my Gray Hair secret with you.

I promise this will be simple, easy to follow, and fun to read (minimal science words). Ready to rock and roll back to your original color?

Perfect, let’s get started….

Why You Should Use RemedyLink Suppositories and Start Reversing Gray Hair Today

So I am going to start by outlining the exact steps of why Suppositories are the best idea to support the body. Before we dig in and find the truth about Gray Hair, I really want to chat about the 6 Best Reasons WHY you should consider Suppositories in the first place.

Quickest Note of Your Life: If you are already a fan Suppositories, then skip this step and go right into the Review and Guide.

  1. Suppositories are one of the best forms of supplementation because they deliver the highest absorption compared to all other forms of supplements (80-85%).
  2. They are much cheaper than IV Infusion Therapy, and with similar absorption rates!
  3. It’s a great way to get all the benefits of the Vitamins and Minerals your body needs.
  4. You do not not have to add any outside supplement to increase absorption like with capsules, a Suppository is a complete package.
  5. You can easily and safely administer them in the comfort of your own home.
  6. The best reason? You get the most for your dollar!
Reverse gray hair naturally with Remedylink Suppositories

Reverse gray hair naturally with Remedylink Suppositories

I have a feeling you already knew all of this, but it’s always good to be reminded of the effectiveness of suppositories.

One last thing before we get into the nitty gritty:

“Reversing your Gray Hair will not happen over night, it can take some time before your body has enough Catalase to break down Hydrogen Peroxide Molecules. So be patient with yourself and remember that Consistency is the Key. If you need any help, get in touch with Health and Wellness Expert Kurt LaCapprucia and he will answer every question you might have.”

The Steps Covered In This Guide

Using a RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppository is nowhere near as difficult as using a capsule to reverse Gray Hair. With a capsule, not only does most of the ingredient get destroyed in digestion; you have to pair it with a fat to get at least 10% absorption. With suppositories, all doubts of absorption are removed. Great news, huh?!

How to Reverse Gray Hair with RemedyLink Suppositories in 5 Steps!

  1. Purchase RemedyLink Rejuvelon
  2. Browse our Complete Guide to Insert a Rectal Suppository
  3. Choose a time in the evening to administer (Take 1 every 3 days)
  4. Store Suppositories in Refrigerator
  5. Consistency (Secret Story Included)

So, here is your list to success; we made it! (*High fives all around, happy dance to follow*) This took me years to create, I can’t wait to share it with you! Let’s get into Step 1!

Step 1 – Purchase RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories

With 20 years of researching the Best Gray Hair Supplements, I have arrived at RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories; they are the Gold Standard. I cannot speak higher of this supplement. I am going to step out in faith and assume you have not heard of RemedyLink Suppositories, I want you to learn the 5 Reasons why I advocate this brand. Simply put, they are amazing.

  1. RemedyLink Suppositories are hand processed in Oregon by CEO, Spencer Feldman
  2. Spencer began making his own Suppositories in the early 80’s in reaction to low quality supplements on the market
  3. Each Suppository is no more than 1 month old
  4. Spencer only uses Premium Extracts to make RemedyLink Suppositories
  5. You only need 1 every 3 days (they are that effective)
  6. The Best Reason? Spencer makes each suppository as if it was for a family member (I LOVE this more than words can say)

RemedyLink Suppositories are, by far, the Best Suppository Brand in the world. With countless satisfied customers (including myself) who attest to the quality of RemedyLink Suppositories, there really is no comparison.

Remedylink Rejuvelon Suppositories are no exception to the rule. When you read the Ingredients List – you find each Ingredient is easy to understand and can be readily researched. No low-quality extracts or dangerous chemical fillers here!

Here is the Ingredients List to show you why you can trust RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories:

  1. A proprietary blend of Superoxide Dismutase – 625 mg – To break down Free Radicals Superoxide
  2. Catalase – 625 mg – To break down Hydrogen Peroxide and promote natural hair growth
  3. Melatonin – 3 mg – To fight against wrinkling of skin and promoting healthy sleep cycles
  4. Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA – 20 mg – To optimize detoxification
  5. Base is made of Organic Cocoa Butter.
Remedylink Suppositories Available at DR Vitamin Solutions

RemedyLink Suppositories Available at DR Vitamin Solutions

Its really that simple. No dangerous fillers, no un-readable ingredients. Just simple and natural ingredients, the way it should be.

In a recent phone conversation with Spencer, we discussed how we get Gray Hair in the first place. Here are the 5 main reasons why:

  1. As we age, Hydrogen Peroxide Molecules outnumber Antioxidants and wash out pigment cells.
  2. Low Levels of the Enzyme Antioxidant, Catalase blocks the body from breaking down Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen
  3. Catalase Levels decrease less and less as we age
  4. Low Melatonin Levels do not allow for quality sleep so the body can heal
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide levels build-up and bleach hair follicles from the inside
  6. Bleached, white hair follicles grow.

Do you see why Hair Dyes do not work? The problem is from the inside out.

To learn more about the Graying Process, check out the product page for RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories

Now, Step 2 (We are really gaining traction, look out world here we come!)

Step 2 – Read Our Complete Guide to Insert a Rectal Suppository

I am going to push away and assume you’ve chosen RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories, and if you haven’t, you should. Seriously, they are by far the best.

If you are still a little confused on the process of inserting a Suppository, allow me to explain how to Insert a Rectal Suppository. At first, they require a little getting used to, but the benefits and ease on your stomach make them worth beyond worth it.

You can even print these out if you like!

  1. Refrigerate RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories for at least 30 minutes before use
  2. Only use after a bowel movement
  3. Safely remove the suppository by tearing the plastic shell lengthwise (Pro tip: Begin tearing at the V shaped cut)
  4. Apply a light coating of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to the suppository
  5. Use Premium Suppository Applicator to prevent the suppository from melting in your fingers. Although this tool is not essential, it makes insertion comfortable and easy. The best thing is that its reusable! Just wash in hot soapy water in between uses.
  6. Insert suppository past sphincter muscle
  7. Wait for 15-20 minutes before another bowel movement
  8. You only need one RemedyLink Suppository per day, they are that well-made!

Pretty simple stuff, huh? In a previous article, I break down each step in great detail. If you have any questions, give us a call! There is nothing we love more than hearing from you. At the start, they can be a bit confusing and possibly awkward; but trust me the benefits are well worth getting used to the process.

Step 3 – Choose a time in the evening to administer

Alert: This is the most important step when administering RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories.

You need to know the best time to administer your RemedyLink Rejuvelon.

Were you wondering why Spencer includes Melatonin in a Gray Hair Supplement?

The answer is shocking. Let’s dig deeper. Warning: Science Words ahead.

As the body ages, it has a hard time fighting off oxidative damage from pollutants called Free Radicals Superoxides. Scientific studies are showing excessive oxidative stress from Superoxides cause hair loss and prematurely gray hair. Rejuvelon Suppositories are formulated with a proprietary blend of Superoxide Dismutase, natural antioxidant enzymes that break down Superoxide into Hydrogen Peroxide. If the body is Supplemented with Catalase activity, it can then break down Hydrogen Peroxide and promote natural hair growth. Melatonin is the key that unlocks the power of Superoxide Dismutase. REM sleep has been shown to engage the body in “maintenance mode,” engaging the body to “force-flush” toxic substances. Sleep alone is not enough. You need Melatonin to engage REM sleep so you can engage this detoxification process.

Ok ok, I know I promised a minimal amount of science words, but I feel that piece of information is SO important to understanding why RemedyLink Rejuvelon Suppositories are the Gold Standard of Gray Hair Supplements.

I recommend inserting Rejuvelon Suppositories in the evening as Melatonin may cause drowsiness. Once you finish your routine every three days, don’t plan to drive. Suppositories supplement you with the highest amount of each ingredient. Case in point, this is the perfect way to end your day.

Reverse gray hair naturally with Remedylink Suppositories

Reverse gray hair naturally with RemedyLink Suppositories

Step 4 – Store Suppositories in Refrigerator

Remember, Suppositories can melt in your fingers and you only need one every 3 days.

Yes, RemedyLink Suppositories are that effective. Once you complete your second bowel movement, place in the refrigerator after us.

This way, your Suppositories retain their cone shape.

Yay! The final step is next…

Step 5 – Consistency is King

When I embarked on my Health Journey in the early 80’s, my motto quickly became “If you don’t practice consistency, you will always give up one step from the finish line.”

The sad truth about supplements is many give up on the verge of results.

Has this been you?

It’s been me.

Until I started practicing consistency.

The moment I began believing in Supplements was with a Probiotic in my late 20’s. I had always been interested in Supplements, but I never saw the benefits of Probiotics until I began taking one everyday. Within six months, my gut health had vastly improved and my belief in supplements would be forever established. In your mission to reverse gray hair naturally, I give you my secret to success – consistency. Dare yourself to try and you will cross the finish line.

And that’s it! The information you just received is 20 years in the making, I am more than confident you know the uniqueness of Remedylink Rejuvelon Suppositories and how you can use Rejuvelon to naturally reverse gray hair in 2019!

Enjoy the process!

Thank you for taking the time to read Remedylink Rejuvelon Suppositories – Reverse Gray Hair with Catalase.

Your success is our passion. If you have any questions or contributions, please contact us via email or phone-call. We are constantly looking for new information to promote wellness – and hearing from you would make our day! Feel free to reach out to our free Health and Wellness Consultation headed by our Certified Health Consultant, Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science).

Live Vibrantly! – DR Vitamin Solutions


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