Reducing Prostate Infection and Inflammation in 2019

Do you know what the least understood organ in the male body is?

Here’s a hint… it starts with the letter “P” and is associated with the word “Pain.” (Especially among older men)

Do you know what it is? (Spoiler alert below…)Discover how Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories can reduce Prostate Infection.

It’s the Prostate!! (Spoiler Alarm Ended. You are clear to keep reading…)

If I were to ask you the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Prostate”, do you feel like this?

Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories are the best supplement to fight prostate infection

It’s OK if you don’t! Prostate Infection is important to learn, and you are reading to find out! (P.S.- I hate feeling like the elephant in the room too…)

Let’s say you interview a random person on the street with the question,”What is the Prostate?”, they would likely say…

  • What is it?
  • I’m not sure…

If you were to ask someone else, “Where is the Prostate?” You might get an answer like…

  • I don’t know, you tell me. I wasn’t great at Anatomy.

OK. Assume you find someone who knows where it is, but if you ask them, “what does the Prostate do?“Answers may include…

  • It causes health problems… (Vague, but true)
  • Poor Vision? (Definitely False)
  • Let me tell you, it causes me real pain when I go to the bathroom!!! (Answered by an honest older gentleman)

Prostate Health Explained 100% – All Your Questions Answered by DR Vitamin Solutions

Prostate Infection can be reduced by Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories.

We are on an adventure to discover the Prostate. Let’s start off with a basic, but important question; shall we?

Do Women Have a Prostate, or only Men; or Both?

Tip: Use this fun fact to impress your friends

If you ask this question to your friends, family or even strangers; you might get answers like…

  • Are you trying to trick me?
  • I’m not a Biology Major, why are you messing with me?
  • I have no clue. (Great answer. I love the honesty)

What’s the answer? (Drumroll…)

Ladies, I’m sorry to tell you; only males have a Prostate. (Don’t feel bad, it causes us loads of problems!)

Prostate Health worsens with age and can make urination painful, it’s safe to say aging and the Prostate are not friends. (So really Ladies, don’t feel bad.)

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we? Let’s start with the Male Reproductive System

Reducing Prostate Infection begins by understanding the Male Reproductive System

Understanding the Male Reproductive System is the first step to unlocking how to reduce Prostate Infection

In this photo, you can see the following…

  1. The Anus
  2. The Rectum
  3. The Bladder
  4. The Testis
  5. Oh, and the Star of our Show… the Prostate

Here is a close-up so you can see how the Prostate is truly a Walnut-Sized Gland…

The Prostate is shaped like a Walnut.

The Prostate is a Walnut-Sized Gland.

Definitely Walnut-sized, wouldn’t you agree?

Now that you know where it is located, let’s discover what it does….

Fun Fact #2 – How the Flow of Urine and Semen Explain the Prostate

Let’s start by explaining the flow of Urine.

We all know Urine is stored in the Bladder (If you didn’t, now you know… yay!)

When it’s time to pee, Urine stored in the Bladder travels through the Prostate into the Urethra and exits out through the tip of the Penis.

I made this illustration so you can see where this takes place…

Urine empties into the Urethra through the Prostate to be urinated through the Penis.

The Bladder empties Urine in the Urethra to be exited through the Penis.

Urine, check. Let’s keep exploring Fun Fact #2…

Semen and the Prostate

The Ejaculatory Duct releases Semen into the Urethra to be expelled through the tip of the Penis.

Semen is released through the lower vein as pictured below…

This Penis deposits Sperm which is deposited into the Urethra.

Semen is created in the Testis and is released into the Urethra to be exited through the Penis.

For the Visual Learners (Like Myself)…

If you are a visual learner like I am, this is a picture-perfect representation of what is happening…

Urine and Semen merge into one stream.

Urine and Semen are like two rivers merging into one stream.

This process is like merger of two rivers. When these two rivers merge, they become one stream. This is where the Urine and Semen merge into the Urethra and both exit the body through the tip of the Penis.

Digging Deeper – What does the Prostate do?

The #1 job of the Prostate is to create a milky-white fluid to protect Sperm Cells.

Approximately 30% of your semen is made of this milky white fluid! (1)

The Surprising Truth

The Prostate makes this milky-white substance for one surprising reason

The surprising reason – to make Sperm Alkaline so it can survive in the Acidic, low pH environment of the Vagina. (2)

You can think of the milky-white fluid as a Trojan Horse for Sperm. When Sperm have the high pH level to reach eggs, they get happy like…

The Prostate gives Sperm a high PH level so they can reach eggs in the vagina.

Sperm do a happy-dance when they have the protection they need to reach eggs in the Vagina.

The Prostate makes victory possible for Sperm!

Fun Fact #3 – The Hormone Your Prostate Needs to Succeed

For your Prostate to make the best protective liquid, it needs one specific hormone…

Testosterone. Particularly Dihydrotestosterone. (Big word, but it’s Fun Fact #3)

Let’s answer this question so you can impress your friends and look really smart…

What does Dihydrotestosterone do for your Prostate?

Two things specifically…

  1. The hormone matures your Prostate when you are young
  2. It maintains your Prostate Health as you age

How Things Get Painful…

Your Prostate begins to cause you problems for one common reason:

  1. Long periods of overexposure to Dihydrotestosterone (wait… what?)

Over time, overexposure to the hormone results in an enlarged Prostate Condition called…

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Let’s begin by dissecting this word so you can further impress your friends.

Benign – meaning Innocent

Prostatic – meaning your Prostate (duh…)

Hyperplasia – pertaining to an increase in new cell numbers (you’re really getting fancy now)

As men get older, their Prostate enlarges in size due to pressure caused by an increase in new cells. When pressure enlarges the Prostate, it shrinks the little tunnel that Urine passes through to get to the Penis. Here is a visual illustration of what happens…

When the Urethra shrinks, Urine cannot pass through causing pain.

Pain ensues when the Urine cannot empty into the Urethra.

How BPH Causes Pain

The little tunnel illustrated above goes by a fancy scientific term – the Transition Zone.

It is called the Transition Area because it is where Urine transitions from the Bladder into the Urethra to exit the body via the Penis.

New cells put pressure on the Prostrate, causing it become inflamed. When the Prostate is inflamed, it is a condition known as Prostatitis. Symptoms of Prostatitis include chronic pelvic pain, acute bacterial infection, and bladder infection.

New cells caused by Dihydrotestosterone shrink the Transition Zone. This makes it difficult for Urine to pass through the little tunnel into the Penis. (Is there anything worse than having pain when you pee?)

Simply put – BPH is PAINFUL because you can’t pee properly. (Ouch!)

It just makes you want to cry…

Prostate Infection hurts so much it makes you want to cry

Prostate Infection is so painful it makes you want to cry (for good reason, it hurts!)

Real World Symptoms of BPH

So, who is to blame for BPH? New cells. When your Prostate enlarges, several symptoms occur:

  1. Weak streams of Urine (Nothing but sad dribbles…)
  2. Sharp, Painful Urination

What is the health consequence of BPH?

The Shocking TruthUrine containing Bacteria does not leave your bladder. Inflammation creates the perfect environment for Prostate Disease.

Here are the 2 Reasons that you should be concerned about Urine that does not leave the bladder…

  1. Bacterial Prostate Infection
  2. Pelvic Pain
  3. Bladder Rupture (This is an explosion of your bladder)

Think of Bladder Rupture as a Nuclear Bomb exploding in your body, leaving a toxic wasteland of bacterial infection, making your body into a literal Doomsday.

Your Bladder exploding is doomsday for your body.

It’s Doomsday for your body if your bladder explodes.

Fun Fact #4 – How You Can Steer Clear of BPH, Naturally!

Thankfully, there are medications that can safely and naturally prevent Prostate Infection. You want to choose BPH Medication that…

  1. Relaxes the smooth muscle around the Urinary Tract
  2. Supports benefits to prevent Prostate Infection
  3. Blocks the flow of Dihydrotestosterone

When you reduce the amount of Dihydrotestosterone to the Prostate, new cells are not produced. Prostate enlargement cannot happen if new cells are not putting pressure on the Transition Zone; thus you should focus on medication that supports option #3.

Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories were designed with these objectives in mind, using only natural ingredients to support anti-inflammatory benefits to reverse Prostate Infection and support Urinary Health.

These Suppositories support three benefits for Prostate Health:

  1. Beta-Sitosterol and Palmetto to support the Prostate Gland
  2. Selenomethionine raises levels of Selenium promoting synthesis of antioxidants
  3. Reduces Dihydrotestosterone to reduce the size of inflamed prostate

Fun Fact #4 – Blocking Dihydrotestosterone causes your Prostate to shrink. Use Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories are the best way to stay off of Antibiotics and Anti Inflammatory Drugs. They support optimum biofeedback by using Beta-Sitosterol and Selenomethionine to fight Prostate Infection and support pain-free pee. (We will always vote for pain-free pee, always.)

Use Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories to boost Prostate Health

Zetpil Prostaflow Plus Suppositories are the best supplement to fight Prostate Infection.

Why You Should Talk to Your Doctor First

At DR Vitamin Solutions, we believe that being healthy includes having a healthy and regular relationship with a doctor you trust.

Also, you should know; there are alternative ways to treat Prostate Infection that may be more effective for you.

Alternative Treatments in 2019 which stem beyond Antibiotics including:

  1. Radiowaves
  2. Microwaves
  3. Laser Treatment

Your doctor will help you assess your specific situation, and determine your best course of treatment. Talking to your doctor regularly explains this next step…

Prostate Cancer – Why Regular Doctor Visits are Non-Negotiable

Prostate Cancer has two scary realities, we do not want to scare you; but the facts are both real and not-fun:

  1. It’s is the #1 Cancer in Males globally (2)
  2. It’s is the #2 Killer of Males (in terms of cancer) (3)

Prostate Cancer happens when abnormal cells build an uncontrollable growth in the Prostate. Here is an illustration:

Prostate Cancer is slow, but serious.

Prostate Cancer is slow, but it is serious!

If you are over the age of 66, I strongly recommend visiting your doctor for exclusively a Prostate Checkup for two big reasons:

  1. Age 66 is the average age of diagnosis (4)
  2. Studies have shown up to 50% of males over the age of 70 have one form or another of Prostate Cancer. (5)

Fun Fact #5 – Most Males who have Prostate Cancer do not die from Prostate Cancer

Luckily, Prostate Cancer is a slow growing cancer with promising survival rates. In fact, Prostate Cancer is such a slow growing cancer that most males who have it end up passing away from something else (scary, but true!) Here are the survival rates of Prostate Cancer that has not spread to other parts of the body…

  • 5 year survival rate is nearly 100% (6)
  • 10 year survival rate of 98% (7)

Although the numbers are good, you want to catch Prostate Cancer as early as possible, especially before it spreads. (The earlier the better in terms of all cancers, agreed?).

Metastasized Prostate Cancer – The Real Danger

Survival Rates dramatically fall when Prostate Cancer metastasizes (a fancy science word for spreading…)

  • 5 year survival rate of 30% (8)

Why Metastasis Should Be Your Real Fear…

If this Cancer Tumor breaks off from the Prostate, your Lymphatic System or Bloodstream could deliver it to other parts of your body.

How Doctors Diagnose Prostate Cancer

Doctors combine two strategies to diagnose:

  1. Prostate Biopsy
  2. Imaging

Your Biopsy will give your doctor your Gleason Score.

The Gleason Score ranks Cancers on a scale of 2-10 in terms of severity and aggressiveness.

Score 2 tells the doctor the cancer is non-aggressive and non-invasive. Score 10 is the most severe, indicating the cancer has become invasive and very aggressive.

There are two methods of diagnostics currently used to diagnose Prostate Cancer…

Diagnostic #1 – PSA Screening (Controversy Exposed)

What is PSA Screening?

PSA Screening is a blood test to identify Prostate Specific Antigens in your blood culture. Low-Gleason and High-Gleason tumors secrete Antigens that this test specifically identifies.

If the test turns positive or negative, it will give you an indication of the stage of your cancer.

The problem with PSA Screening, however, is its history of inaccuracy.

There is a chance your test could produce a false negative, implying you do not have cancer when in reality, you do. Obesity and certain medications can produce low PSA scores that distort the results of the screening by 50%. (8)

PSA Screening can also produce false positives, telling you that you have cancer… when you actually do not. Inflammation and/or an Enlarged Prostate could produce a high number indicating cancer that is not there. (9) Incorrect PSA results could cause you to take medication you do not need.

You can decide to get a PSA Test if you feel like Prostate Cancer runs in your family medical history, but first get medical advice from your doctor if a PSA Screening is right for you.

PSA Screening is not sureproof, but it can help you if approved by your doctor.

Ask your doctor if PSA Screening is right for you.

Diagnostic #2 – Digital Rectal Examination (DRE)

Think of a DRE as a Prostate Massage performed by your healthcare practitioner. Doctors use their finger to perform a physical exam, known as a the Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), to feel the shape of the Prostate. They do this to detect if an abnormal growth is present and to certify the Prostate is in its normal shape.

Although this option as well as a Transrectal Ultrasound are natural and safe, results are fairly inconsistent. (10)

The best option is to talk to your doctor to decide if a DRE is right for you. If the Doctor does not approve, at least you can skip this experience…

A patient makes a face as his doctor performs a prostate examination.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treatment of Prostate Cancer is determined by doctors on a case by case situation.

Doctors are now treating Prostate Cancer with Active Surveillance – a modern strategy in low-Gleason Tumors. (11) The route of treatment you decide with your doctor shows why it is important for you to maintain regular visits.

The best treatment is a collaboration between you and your doctor, so keep your communication open and active.

Recap of Article

You made it!

Here are 5 Facts from this article you can use to impress your friends and deepen your knowledge of Prostate Infection:

  1. Only Males have a Prostate
  2. Urine and Semen flow into the Urethra and exit the body via the Penis
  3. Males need Dihydrotestosterone to maintain Prostate Health, but new cells can cause BPH
  4. Medications exist to block Dihydrotestosterone — like Zetpil Suppositories!
  5. Males as early as age 66 can develop Prostate Cancer, even though it is a slow growing cancer — be sure to visit your doctor!

You made it to the end, give yourself a pat on the back (*hold hand up for a high five!)

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Thank you for taking the time to read Reducing Prostate Infection and Inflammation in 2019.

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