Practical Suggestions When Facing Tough Decisions in a Health Crisis

It’s hard to suffer physically or watch those you love hurt and feel powerless to help. The uncertainty can be very confusing and overwhelming at times. My wife had had 5 open heart surgeries, a heart transplant and both my parents had poor health the last few years before they passed away. My heart goes out to you who are going through these difficult times. As one who has spoken at several funerals, given comfort to many, been involved in tough decisions I would like to offer some suggestions.

Practical Suggestions

  • Advisory Team: The President has a cabinet of advisers that are experts in certain areas. They give their input and he makes the final decision. Each person should have advisers each with expertise in necessary areas of medical, nutritional and spiritual counseling and support. You want those who are competent and caring in each area.
  • Ask Questions: When you get information do not be afraid to ask questions because you have a right to know. What is the purpose? How will that help? Are there any side effects? Has there been much research on this?
  • Analyze Suggestions: You need to go through all the feedback given and see which direction you want to go. Sometimes it will be a combination of things from different sources.
  • Adapt a Plan: After you have analyzed everything come up with a plan on how you are going to go forward to achieve your health goals.
  • Acceptance: Ultimately life and death are in the hands of God. I would suggest praying about this health issue and for wisdom on how to deal with this situation. Having God’s peace is very important and will help reduce our stress in the difficult trials of life.

Personal Supplements

  • Caution: Depending on what the medical problem that is being dealt with there may be a need to take prescription medicine to help with some areas of the problem. Natural supplements may be used in conjunction with some medications or may be able to substitute for them. It is important to work with a doctor.
  • Consider: Supplements that will help with the problem areas in your health. Supplements provide nutrients that can help the body heal itself. There are no “magic pills” that will make a problem go away. If a deficiency of something helped cause the problem then addressing that issue is important to help restore your health.
  • Commitment: To follow the path you have chosen. Medicine or supplements cannot help if you do not follow the instructions of your health care practitioner.


I realize you are going through a difficult and stressful time. It is important to never give up and keep going forward. Do not be ashamed of your tears and never give up hope.

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