Focus on These Four Pillars of Optimal Health and Well-Being

The goal for each person, I believe, should be to function at optimal health. This includes aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  To function at optimal health does not just mean the absence of symptoms,

Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control

The Great Blood-Sugar Increase: Diabetes on the Rise When you consider the great increase of prediabetes, diabetes and metabolic syndrome it is very important the we maintain normal blood sugar levels. When people develop insulin resistance it can be very challenging to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

The Benefits of Liquid Vitamins as Compared to Capsules and Tablets

There are a number of ways to take vitamins and liquid vitamins are becoming more popular in the marketplace. There are many different forms of vitamins, it is key to always get a quality vitamin in the form you choose. DR Vitamin Solutions is proud to offer Drucker Labs’ intraMIN and intraMAX as our choice […]

The Popularity of Chlorella – an Effective Superfood with Few Negatives

In the last few years chlorella has greatly increased in popularity. When you consider that it is algae it is amazing how healthy it is and how many people are gravitating toward this product.

The Value of Accurate Health and Supplement Information

Introduction When you are struggling with a health issue or looking to improve your health you need more than just well-worn cliché’s. You need accurate information from someone who actually cares enough to give you thoughtful and well researched responses. Unfortunately, that is not easy to find in the midst of sales pitches and endless […]

A photo of a playful grandfather and granddaughter. They are casually dressed and playing in the park. They exercise together. A grandfather is exercising while granddaughters are sitting on his back.

9 Practical Steps to Increase Your Energy This Summer

Get Summer Energy. Now. We all need extra energy during the summer months, who does not agree with that? Summer means fun, but without energy we cannot experience all the joys of summer (minus sun burns and kids forgetting their swim suits). From family beach days to all of those outdoors activities that make summer […]