Practical Steps to Detoxification Part I

Detoxification is very important as we live in a very toxic world. A toxin is a pro-oxidant which causes electrons to be taken away from the biomolecules which produces oxidation. Antioxidants like vitamin C restore electrons back to oxidized biomolecules. “Increased oxidative stress causes 100% of all disease.” 

Focus on These Four Pillars of Optimal Health and Well-Being

The goal for each person, I believe, should be to function at optimal health. This includes aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  To function at optimal health does not just mean the absence of symptoms,

liquid vitamins

The Benefits of Liquid Vitamins as Compared to Capsules and Tablets

There are a number of ways to take vitamins and liquid vitamins are becoming more popular in the marketplace. There are many different forms that vitamins come in liquid forms and the key is to always get a quality vitamin in the form you choose.