Isotonic vs. Hypertonic – Know the Difference

“Ding, Ding, Ding!” Boxing match time. Whose ready for Isotonic vs. Hypertonic?

If there was a boxing match “Isotonic vs. Hypertonic” who would be the winner? I want to clear the fog and clearly define these terms so you can make the best decision for your health.

Since 1897 Original Quinton has been the sole provider of Marine Plasma in the form of their Isotonic and Hypertonic solutions. The secrecy behind the Marine Plasma manufacturing methods of the Quinton family leaves many people wondering: What is the exact difference between Isotonic and Hypertonic?

Before we delve into this, let’s get a better understanding of what exactly makes Original Quinton Marine Plasma so special.

Understanding Original Quinton Marine Plasma – 4 Key Facts

What makes Original Quinton different from going to the ocean and drinking a cup of sea water?

First of all, Marine Plasma is harvested from a specific plankton bloom in the ocean. The water used in Original Quinton must be harvest exactly 10 meters from the ocean floor and 30 meters from the surface of the specific plankton Bloom. Once the water is harvested, it is cold-filtered to remove any harmful bacteria.

There are 4 Key Facts that differentiate Original Quinton from drinking a cup of sea water at your local beach:

  1. Its a family secret– Original Quinton is harvested from a specific plankton bloom in the ocean using the precise method which René Quinton, the founder of Original Quinton, personally developed in 1897. No other company has ever been able to copy his process. This process remains exclusive to Quinton Family, the process remains a secret to this day.
  2. Integrity– The Quinton Family, who live in Spain, still have control of the brand. DR Vitamin Solutions had to gain authorized approval through Original Quinton North America.
  3. Proven track record- Original Quinton has been in production for 110 years, no other company in this market has a track record this long.
  4. The product cannot be replicated– No other replica on the market is even somewhat similar to René Quinton’s secret recipe. The less expensive competitors tend to use UV Radiation to create their Marine Plasma. Incorporating UV radiation destroys the active minerals and nutrients in the plankton bloom. Original Quinton is pure because it does not use UV Radiation to create Marine Plasma.

Summary- Original Quinton is a family secret, it cannot be replicated.

Isotonic vs. Hypertonic – What is the Difference?


“Iso” means equal.

When a fluid contains an equal molecular structure to blood, it is considered “Isotonic” because the solutions are very close to being the same. This graphic perfectly illustrates this medical concept.

Original Quinton Isotonic contains the same molecular structure to blood.

If both fluids are relatively close, it is still considered “Isotonic.”

Quinton Isotonic marine plasma is the more gentle of the two supplements. It’s formulated to slowly release the substance into the blood stream and promote relaxation, relieve the adrenal system, and increase the rate of recovery from injury.

Because Original Quinton Isotonic is similar to the concentration of blood, it has been assumed under these various names:

  1. Marine Plasma
  2. Quinton Plasma
  3. Marine Serum
  4. Quinton Serum
  5. Ocean Plasma

When you see these names, know these are referring to isotonic seawater.

Summary- Isotonic is a term which means Marine Plasma concentration is equal to blood.

Summary- Isotonic Marine Plasma has an equal mineral concentration to blood.


When the Marine Plasma concentration is higher than blood concentration, it is hypertonic. Isotonic Marine Plasma has a concentration of 35/1,000. When liquid concentration is higher than 91/1,000, it is hypertonic. This graphic plainly illustrates this concept:

When the Plasma concentration is higher than blood, it is hypertonic.

The Quinton Hypertonic marine plasma is the more concentrated formula than Original Quinton Isotonic.

Original Quinton Hypertonic increases energy levels and can help rebuild muscle mass after strenuous physical activity. Athletes report incredible results using the Quinton Hypertonic marine plasma to recoup energy after exertion and improve physical performance. Truly, there’s almost no other natural substance on earth that is so similar to blood plasma.

Blood plasma is one of the most essential ingredients to our bodily systems, transferring the needed chemicals to keep all our systems up and running. For this reason, the benefits of marine plasma are deep and interconnected.

Summary- Hypertonic is a term which means Marine Plasma concentration is greater than blood concentration.

When would you take Isotonic over Hypertonic marine plasma?

To answer this question, we created this document to help you understand when you should choose Isotonic over Hypertonic. Here is a brief survey of the document:

Isotonic– If Hypertonic feels overwhelming to your system, Isotonic was designed for you. Original Quinton Isotonic has similar mineral concentration to that of human blood. Isotonic is an ideal long solution and can be used on a daily basis for those with sensitive constitutions.

Hypertonic– Original Quinton Hypertonic is three times the mineral concentration of blood. Canadian researcher Mark Francois Paya M.D. found that 40 ml of Hypertonic improved endurance and increased the recovery rate of high performance cyclists. (1) If you are a high performance athlete or participate in strenuous exercise like CrossFit, Hypertonic could be an asset to your supplement regimen if you feel like your constitution can handle the increased mineral concentration.

Summary- Use Isotonic if you feel Hypertonic is too strong for your system.

How much does Original Quinton Cost?

Both products can purchased in either 1 Liter Glass Bottles or 30 Individual Glass Vials.

Isotonic1 Liter Glass Bottle of Original Quinton Isotonic is $94.61 with Free Shipping in the United States. 30 Individual Glass Vials cost is $52.99 with Free Shipping in the United States.

Hypertonic1 Liter Glass Bottle of Original Quinton Hypertonic $94.61 with Free Shipping in the United States. 30 Individual Glass vials is $52.99 with Free Shipping in the United States.

The only difference is your delivery preference.

Summary- There is no mineral difference between Glass Vials vs. 1 Liter Bottle.

When Should I take Original Quinton?

To answer this question, I talked to our personal health consultant who has a Ceritifcation in Dietary Science; Kurt LaCapruccia. He recommended this Step by Step Protocol:

  1. Take Marine Plasma on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before meals. Taking it first thing in the morning is easy and effective.
  2. Break the vial, then pour into an empty glass. Drink 1 to 2 Istonic vials per day for the first month.
  3. Once you complete your first month, remain consisten with 1 to 2 vials on Isotonic per day but now add 1 vial of Hypertonic. Do not add Hypertonic into your Isotonic drink. Consume both separately. Do this for the next month.
  4. Once this month is complete, drink only 1 to 2 Hypertonic vials per day. Remain consistent with this protocol for the next 3 months.
  5. Once this period of 3 months is complete, you can celebrate that you have adapted your body to the mineral concentration. You are now in the maintenance phase. Drink 1 to 6 vials per week of either Isotonic or Hypertonic depending on how it makes you feel.

If you fall off track for at least one week, easily repeat this protocol until you reach Step 5.

Summary- This 5 Step Protocol is a helpful way to introduce Original Quinton to your system.


The battle of Isotonic vs. Hypertonic isn’t much of a competition really. Hypertonic may have triple the mineral concentration when compared to Isotonic, but both are high quality solutions designed for different tolerances.

Each have different molecular structures and are intended to be used for very different purposes. Isotonic was designed for those who feel Hypertonic is too concentrated for their systems. Hypertonic is made for high performance athletes or for those who feel like their systems need the extra mineral concentration. We hope this article has helped you to better know the difference, and find the Marine Plasma that is right for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read Isotonic vs. Hypertonic – Know the Difference.

Your success is our passion. If you have any questions or contributions, please contact us via email or phone-call. We are constantly looking for new information to promote wellness – and hearing from you would make our day! Feel free to reach out to our free Health and Wellness Consultation headed by our Certified Health Consultant, Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science).

Live Vibrantly! – DR Vitamin Solutions

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