An Interview with Spencer Feldman of RemedyLink Suppositories (2019)

Handcrafted from the finest ingredients available, RemedyLink Suppositories are beloved by many. DR Vitamin Solutions has proudly carried this brand for years, and now we have an opportunity to introduce to the CEO of RemedyLink Suppositories, Spencer Feldman.

Spencer Feldman is an Oregon native. He grew up in New York, and lived there for most of his before finding contentment in the Pacific Northwest. His background in Holistic Health and Chelation Therapy and passion for detoxification allows Spencer to do what he loves every day- make products that allow real detoxification to happen. Being the longest running Suppository Company in the United States, Spencer has shared his passion for health for over 20 years with products that represent true craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

RemedyLink Suppositories are 100% handcrafted using the highest quality, solvent-free extracts. Every product in his catalog have undergone extensive hours of transformation, being carefully tweaked and expertly created to make real detoxification happen. Spencer thrives on process, from start to finish, and it shows in the audience who have experienced the quality of RemedyLink Suppositories.

In January 2019, I had an exclusive opportunity to sit down with Spencer Feldman to understand his passion for health.

Read full interview below…


Me: How did your journey with health begin?

Spencer: Health has been a personal challenge all of my life; my stomach simply does not accept oral supplementation. My dilemma forced me to charter alternative ways to give my body the medicine it needs. The research I’ve gathered over these 20 years has, in a strange way, made me grateful for my situation. Suppositories are superior in almost every capacity. They do not cure or prevent disease, but suppositories are incredible for detoxification.

Me: Why Suppositories?

Spencer: When I say Suppositories are superior in every way, it’s the truth. They make true Detoxification a real possibility. You would be lucky to absorb 5% of EDTA from an EDTA Capsule as the majority of the active ingredient does not survive digestion. Your absorption rate with Suppositories jumps to the 80-90% range because the active ingredients entirely bypass the stomach.

Me: Why did you begin making your own Suppositories?

Spencer: Suppositories are not a new concept in health; they have been used for generations. When I began researching the effectiveness of Suppositories in the early 80’s, there was only one company making them. This company, which will not be named, made low quality products rightfully earning every negative review. I knew at this point I had to make for my own. Not only for myself; but for people in my same situation. My suppositories are sealed against light and oxygen to make them even more absorbable.

Me: Fascinating. So Remedylink was created both out of your need, as well as a reaction to bad quality in the market?

Spencer: Precisely. In the 80’s, the mission statement of most supplement companies was find a study, sell millions and get out before somebody complains it doesn’t work. That structure doesn’t work with me; the mission of RemedyLink is quality and integrity. It has become the longest running Suppository Company in the United States because of my unwavering commitment to quality.

Me: Can you expound a little on the mission of RemedyLink?

Spencer: My mission is to make the best products that I can, and that is the audience I want. I develop and make each product as if I am making it for a family member. Detoxification is central to my life, and I feel others are catching wind as they become more aware of the rampant toxicity in our environment.

Me: I want to discuss Detoxification, but can you go into the Remedy Link process first?

Spencer: For starters, we make everything ourselves. Where other companies outsource extracts, RemedyLink does not. I am very proud of that. All of our products are made and distributed within 2 days and none of my products are more than one month old.

Me: That is very impressive and inspiring, can you tell me how each product is made?

Spencer: I do not use binders, silicon dioxide, chemical fillers, lubricants binding agents, or preservatives. I know my product like the back of my hand. All of my products are made in my state-of-the-art laboratory in Oregon. I actually live on the same property as my lab! I only use Lion’s Mane Extract as a filler. If for any reason I need more filler to create a product, I just simply add more Lion’s Mane. This creates a natural product made with natural ingredients.

Me: So no Maltodextrin or Corn Starch?

Spencer: Absolutely not. My products are an extension of myself. I buy the most expensive, 20:1 solvent-free extracts because I make my products as if I am making it for a family member.

Me: I can’t imagine 20:1 Extracts are easy to find?

Spencer: Unfortunately not, but I am on a mission to make the best products I can. I have no room for compromise. I take Detoxification very seriously.

Me: I’m so glad we circled back to Detoxification, can you tell me what you have learned about Detoxification?

Spencer: I would love to. There 3 reasons why you want to detoxify.

  1. You want to get rid of heavy metals
  2. You want a negative charge on the blood
  3. You want to pull Calcium out of the skin

The reason I make my suppositories with Magnesium Potassium is because it naturally pulls calcium out of the skin. We need Glutathione and EDTA now more than ever. Glutathione pulls toxins out of the cell, binds the toxin to EDTA for removal, then goes back into the cell to remove more toxins. Glutathione. is an incredible antioxidant.

Me: What has been your greatest achievement with RemedyLink?

Spencer: I remember looking at my first product, Medicardium; and feeling so proud I could create something in line with my values. Medicardium is now the longest running suppository on the market and alternative medicine community.

Button to buy RemedyLink Suppositories Medicardium

Me: That is amazing. Do you ever update your products?

Spencer: I am constantly looking for new ways to add better and better ingredients. Xeneplex just received a major update to make it better.

Me: Last question. What is the future of Remedy Link?

Spencer: Great Question. I am in the process of switching all of my capsule supplements into powder supplements. I have not been able to find a capsule that meets my standards of excellence, so I am now manufacturing the highest quality, chemical-free powder supplements.

Me: Thank you for your time Spencer, I am inspired by your dedication to quality and your purpose-driven brand.


RemedyLink Suppositories are intended to replace low-quality suppositories that do not use high-quality ingredients. Use code “Save5” for 5% off all RemedyLink Products.

Thank you for taking the time to read An Interview with Spencer Feldman of RemedyLink Suppositories (2019).

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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Spencer Feldman of RemedyLink Suppositories (2019)

  1. I am greatful to have found out about you and your company through Martin Pytela @ LIFE ENTHUSIAST
    I plan to order two of your products by tomorrow, December 14, even if you or a staff member advises me to wait on the detox suppositories when I call with my questions about Albedextrin and PURE PC.
    Georgia Pippen/San Bernardino, CA 92410

  2. I am a throat cancer survivor. After the surgery and the radiation. I have a very hard time swallowing anything. At the very best day every 3rd bite or swallow gets caught in the back of my throat. I have started a daily suppository supplement, but on a fixed income I am afraid that I will have to abandon this practice. I can’t afford this for long. I have found the vitamins in the suppository use work well. Any way thought I would pass this along, I have no purpose but to tell my story. Thank you for listening.

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