How Long To Stay in Ketosis for Weight Loss?

How Long to Stay in Ketosis for Weight Loss? Use Quicksilver Scientific Before 6 to enhance benefits

How Long to Stay in Ketosis for Weight Loss? DR Vitamin Solutions answers!

When it comes to Ketosis in 2019, the big question everyone wants to know is, “How Long To Stay in Ketosis for Weight Loss?”

The answer – It usually takes between 2-10 days to get into Ketosis depending on how long it takes your body to adjust. Systems that have clear detoxification pathways can expect to see results early on. In the beginning, it’s important to test your Ketone Levels in order to track whether or not you are in Ketosis. You can use urine test strips found at your pharmacy to measure your levels. If your levels remain above 0.5 mol/L, then you’re in nutritional ketosis. To easily get into and stay in Ketosis, try adding a supplement like Quicksilver Scientific Keto Before 6 to open your detoxification pathways (click here to see it on our website).

Keep reading to learn how Ketosis can equal big weight loss…

Every Beginner Needs to Know This – What is “Ketosis?”

Achieving a state of Ketosis means that your body is no longer burning glucose for energy and instead, relying on its fat stores. (1) This results in a build up of amino acids called “Ketones” which are produced by the liver. (2)

It would seem logical that if your body is burning stored fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, you will lose weight more efficiently. Let’s take a closer look….

In-Depth Keto – The 3 Macro Nutrients You Need to Shed Pounds on Keto

The original “Ketogenic Therapy,” or the “Classic Ketogenic Diet” was developed by Dr. Wilder at the Mayo Clinic in 1923, for the treatment of epilepsy. (3) All Ketogenic Diets are a variation of Classic Keto. Classic Keto is the most strict form of the diet in terms of its macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fat) ratio. It has a 4:1 ratio, meaning that there are four parts fat for every one part protein and carb.

Since fat has a higher caloric density than protein and carbohydrates (9 calories per gram in fat, while both protein and carb have just 4 calories per gram), in a classic Ketogenic diet:

  • 90% of calories come from fat
  • 6% come from protein
  • 4% come from carbs

Check out this Youtube Video to get the inside-scoop on Macros!

All Ketogenic diets are high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates, but there are variations on the Classic Version. These modifications to the classic versions are less strict; for example, Modified Keto consists of:

  • 75% from Fat
  • 20% from Protein
  • 5% Carbohydrate

While MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) diets include 73% fat, 10% protein and 17% carbs. For further modifications, you would want to explore Modified Atkins, Low Glycemic Diets and Intermittent Fasting as other options. (source: the charlie foundation)

The Big Question – How Does Keto Support Big Weight Loss?

Keto Diets have been used to treat illnesses such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • The most popular use of the diet in recent years has been for weight loss.

So how does Keto help burn fat?

When your body is in Ketosis, it produces “Ketone Bodies” – the magic chemicals that are released when your body goes into fat-burning mode. You’ve depleted your body of carbs and sugar and now they can’t rely on glucose for energy. They need an alternative source of fuel so they turned to your fat stores. This makes the Keto diet a very effective plan for weight loss. I am a visual learner – the graphic below helped me understand the power of Keto:

how long to stay in ketosis for weight loss in 2019

How to Ketosis works to produce energy! Source:

Burning Fat for Energy? Check out the Dr. Oz Video Below.

When your body becomes “fat-adapted”, meaning it is more efficient at burning fat for energy, your body will produce more even more Ketones. Your body needs time to become fat-adapted, and the time it takes to get there depends on your metabolism. Chances are, if you’ve never tried a low carbohydrate diet, you may have never experienced Ketosis. Therefore, your adaptation period might take a little longer.

You will start to lose weight when your body is in a state of Ketosis. The key to seeing results is consistency. That means eating Keto-friendly foods including:

  • Healthy Fats – Avocados, Chia Seeds and Fish
  • Organic Veggies – All Cruciferous Vegetables (Broccoli, Kale and Cabbage)
  • Quality Protein – Grass Fed Meats and Wild Caught Fish

Need a little proof? Check out how Keto helped Suzanne Ryan lose over 100 pounds!

Everyone Wants To Know – When Can You See Results?

Weight loss varies from person to person and everyone’s body is different. There are several factors to consider such as:

  • How much weight do you have to lose?
  • Do you have a high body fat percentage?

These factors may allow for faster results.

  • Do you have any underlying health conditions like a Hypothyroidism or Insulin Resistance?

If you are dealing with any health concerns, you may lose weight slower than someone else.

  • What is your activity level? Are you adhering to the plan and counting your macros?

Any variation in exercise or eating patterns can affect your weight loss goals.

It usually takes between 2-10 days to get into Ketosis depending on the variables above so give your body the time it needs to adjust.
In the beginning, it’s important to test your Ketone levels in order to track whether or not you are in ketosis. You can use urine test strips found at your pharmacy to measure your levels. If your levels remain above 0.5 mol/L, then you’re in nutritional Ketosis.

Thinking of Trying Keto? Here’s What To Expect…

Week 1: In the first week of the Keto Diet, many people see results very quickly. You can expect to lose a few pounds to as much as 10 during this period. Much of this initial weigh loss is water. When you lower your carbohydrate intake, your body releases a lot of water weight (not fat) because carbs need water to stay in your body. When your body doesn’t use Glucose immediately, it stores it as Glycogen in your muscles and Glycogen binds to water.

When you are making the transition into Keto, all the Glycogen reserves will be used first before using fat. The water that was needed to store that glycogen gets eliminated. That is why you might see a drastic change on the scale during that first week of eating a Keto diet. Even though this is not a loss of fat, it is in indication that your body is heading in the right direction. Since you lose water so quickly, it’s important to make sure you stay hydrated and try to drink more water that you typically would each day.

Use this guide to keep yourself hydrated on Keto!

2019 how to stay hydrated on keto diet

Use this guide to stay hydrated on the Keto Diet! Source:

Week 2: After about a week or two, weight loss may be slow and steady. You can expect to see maybe 1-2 pounds per week. Remember, your body is still becoming fat adapted and needs time to convert from burning carbs to burning fat instead. The good news is that this also means your body is losing fat weight and not water.

It is advisable to stay on the Keto Diet for at least 3 months if you want to see achieve your weight loss goals. For longer-term, sustained results, you may stay on it even longer.

How to Eat A “Clean” Keto Diet (And “Avoid Dirty Keto”)

The quality of your food matters, not just your macronutrient ratios. You want to make sure you are nourishing your body in the best possible way and not consuming processed foods just to get your macros in! Focus on quality keto foods like:

  • Fresh leafy greens
  • Avocado
  • Wild Caught Fish
  • Grass-fed Beef

In short – Keto is all about Quality.

Have you heard of “Dirty Keto?” Many people do not see results on the Keto Diet because they have been fooled to believe they can get into Ketosis with low-quality fast foods. Watch the video below to learn the truth from Dr. Josh Axe!

Maintain Fat Burning with Keto Before 6!

While there is no complete substitute for the effects of a well-maintained Ketogenic Diet, certain nutrients and plant compounds have been identified for their ability to modulate these same protein and detoxification pathways.

The use of supplementation with a product called “Quicksilver Scientific Keto Before 6” can help you achieve Ketosis quickly and maintain it more naturally. It contains plant-based ingredients that harmoniously blend together to open detoxification pathways mTOR and AMPK to naturally ease the body into Ketosis, and helping it stay in fat-burning mode:

  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) – Possibly the “secret-to-success ingredient” in Before 6! DIM is a plant-based compound sourced from Cruciferous Vegetables Broccoli, Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts. DIM helps open AMPK Pathways, naturally easing the body into Ketosis while supporting the body’s immune functions. (4)
  • Resveratrol – A powerful antioxidant found in grapes, Resveratrol is also known as “Japanese Knotweed.” Because Resveratrol supports Thermogenesis in the body, it helps open AMPK Detoxification Pathways- Keeping you in Ketosis even if you eat too many starchy carbs!
  • Quercetin – Also known as Sophora Japonica Flower, Quercetin helps decrease bodily inflammation, thus supporting your AMPK pathways.
  • Milk Thistle – An Anti-Histamine that protects your liver
  • Berberine HCL – A botanical known as “Phellodendron Amurense Bark,” Berberine can help remedy a broken metabolism!
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract – Kills microbial invaders can kick you out of Ketosis

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How “Liposomal Technology” Helps You Absorb 90% of Each Power Ingredient in Keto Before 6

The positive benefits of Quicksilver Keto are also achieved as a result of a patented “Liposomal Delivery System”. This means that all power ingredients in Before 6 are fused with a fat to protect them from being destroyed by stomach acids in the gastrointestinal tract.

Why Try Keto Before 6? The Reviews Speak for Themselves!

Keto Before 6 is revolutionary for one reason – it gives you FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to enjoy the carbs you love while remaining in Ketosis.

Check out these reviews to get an idea of how it can make getting into Keto a “piece of cake”…

  • “This Keto product is the real deal! I can’t believe how quickly my body is able to get into ketosis since adding this product to my diet. This is something I’ve been struggling with. Highly recommended, and a great price too.” – Austin Malone
  • “This product is a great enhancement for the Keto diet and getting into ketosis. If I have a couple extra carbs this product helps me not get out of ketosis. I have noticed a significant difference and have purchased it several times. I will definitely purchase many more!”Amazon Customer
  • “Tried this at Upgrade XP last weekend and I was amazed that I went into Ketosis after 2 doses. Not exogenous Ketones – my body actually was making Ketones.” – Linda

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2019 quicksilver keto before 6

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  4. Draz H, Goldberg AA et al. Diindolylmethane and its halogenated derivatives induce protective autophagy in human prostate cancer cells via induction of the oncogenic protein AEG-1 and activation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Cell Signal. 2017 Dec;40:172-182

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