GABA Supplement Review; Vanessa’s Story


Vanessa Gonzalez is a rising talent on her Youtube channel, Mrs. Mom’s Homeschool.


In this GABA Supplement Review, Vanessa explains how Life Vitality Ultra Bliss has impacted her life and how she recommends you take this supplement.


My Ultra Bliss Story


Hi, I am Vanessa Gonzalez! I make videos on Youtube helping others on their home school journey.


In December of 2018, I was suffering from depression and I was blessed to have been reached out to by Dr. Vitamin Solutions.


I was so excited yet skeptical that this supplement would be too good to be true, like many others that I have tried in the past.


Ultra Bliss came at the time of my life that I needed it the most, and has been such a blessing in helping me to cope in the most difficult time of my life.


2019 Gaba Supplement Review

Vanessa Gonzalez’s GABA Supplement Review


Finding My Balance with Ultra Bliss


I take a ½ teaspoon of Ultra bliss each morning that I wake up feeling anxious, worried or sad and within 20 minutes I can always feel the difference.


I feel calm, and no negative thoughts are in my mind at that time. I am always able to then get up and begin my day feeling “normal”, sometimes even in a great mood.


In the evening around 6-7pm, before my evening routine begins, I usually and naturally feel a drop in my mood again. At this time, I take another ½ teaspoon of Ultra bliss which helps me to continue with dinner and the evening routine with my family. It also allows me to have a great sleep.


I Mix My Ultra Bliss in Orange Juice


I like to mix my Ultra Bliss with a little bit of orange juice, it has to be mixed well to make sure you drink all of the powder and none is left in the cup.


On days with I’m suffering from PMS with mood swings and depression, I will take the full dose which is 1 teaspoon, as needed.


Ultra Bliss Gives Me a Daily “Fresh Start”


Ultra Bliss also helps me with my ADHD Symptoms as well. It helps to calm my thoughts so that I can think clearly.


Ultra Bliss helps me focus and feel less distracted. It also removes my negative self-talk and worrisome thoughts.


I find Ultra Bliss to help with anxiety and it really does improve my mood. I like that it has natural ingredients and no negative side effects.


Ultra Bliss is made with amino acids, and works by regulating neurotransmitters in your brain. Ultra Bliss contains a blend of Amino Acids and potent Phenyl-GABA.


With Ultra Bliss, everyday feels like a new start


My Advice – Start Slow, Then Work Your Way Up


When you take a full dose of ultra bliss, its mood enhancing effects can be felt throughout the day.


Sometimes I take it once before bed and I not only wake up feeling refreshed, but I also wake up in a positive mood, ready to tackle my day.


Ultra bliss is best taken on an empty stomach. Finding the right dose and times to take Ultra bliss are important for it to work best for you.


You should start slow and gradually increase your dose. It can be mixed with any beverage.


My Life with Ultra Bliss


Ultra Bliss truly is the most potent and effective mood enhancer I have ever tried in my life.


For me, Ultra bliss has been consistent in relieving my negative emotions for 8 months but if you feel like the effects have lessened, simply take a few days off then start up again.


Stress and anxiety are the cause of many health ailments and so keeping those emotions under control is vital to maintaining good health.


I highly recommend Ultra Bliss Mood Enhancer for anyone looking for a natural way to relieve depression, stress, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, PMS symptoms and maintain a healthy mind.



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Vanessa Gonzalez


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