Fighting Aggressively for Eye Health and Clear Vision

A war is intense and only one side can win. If you fight on more than one level (ground troops, navy, and air force) you increase your chances of success. A person may win a battle on one level but why risk losing the battle when you have effective weapons at your disposal. When the cataract army marches against yours eyes and declares war on them you need to fight it with everything in your power to protect your clear vision.

The Frontline Soldier

They lead the charge in the battle and they play a key role. In this battle that is Vision Clarity Eye Drops. We suggest 1 drop in each eye 4 times a day and it is important to be consistent every day. You can use 6 times a day if you want to be more aggressive.

The Faithful Support

These types of troops bring vital support to the frontline attack and can ultimately help determine their success. The following weapons are good to have in your arsenal as you battle to have optimal eye health. Lutein and zeaxanthin: Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that filter harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light and act as antioxidants in the eye, helping protect and maintain healthy cells. Of the 600 carotenoids found in nature, only two are deposited in high quantities in the retina (macula) of the eye: lutein and zeaxanthin. Carotenoids suffer depletion in this battle and need to be replenished for optimal eye health. Glutathione: Glutathione is extremely important for eye health and it is often overlooked. People who have an eye health issue are deficient in this important nutrient. There are only two forms I recommend are a suppository or a liposomal form. Vitamin C: Helps glutathione stay in the body longer and the cellular level. It is an important nutrient for the eye as well as help lowering eye pressure. You also want to get vitamin A and I would suggest at least 5,000 IU’s and not to exceed 25,000 IU’s. Coenzyme Q10: Important for cell health and very beneficial for your eyes.

The Food Strategy for Clear Vision

Getting essential nutrients in your diet to help your eye health is very important. Vitamin A is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables and tropical fruits. Lutein and zeaxanthin are in kale, spinach, corn, green peas, broccoli, and romaine lettuce and also in oranges and eggs. CoQ10 is found in red meat (preferably grass-fed), chicken, and venison. Sulfur rich foods and cruciferous vegetables are great sources of glutathione – a crucial antioxidant for clear vision and healthy eyes.


Don’t wave the white flag of surrender. You have great weapons at your disposal and your vision is worth fighting for.

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