CBD vs. Opioids; Can CBD Solve the Opioid Crisis? (2019)

It’s CBD vs. Opioids! Can CBD solve the Opioid Crisis in 2019? The answer is yes, but first: I want to share a personal story that puts the crisis in perspective.

Last week, I heard about a young man whose passion in life was Karate. He injured his shoulder training for a championship title. His doctor prescribed Oxycodone to combat the post-surgery pain. The result was an addiction which claimed his life five years later.

This is the Opioid Epidemic in the United States. Unfortunately, not many people are talking about it.

From 1999 to 2017, nearly 400,000 people died from an Opioid Overdose. (1,2) These numbers are staggering, the numbers are only growing. Research in 2016 showed 1 in 5 patients were given long term Opioid prescriptions for non-cancer illnesses, these presciptions lead to 11 million people abusing prescription Opioids in the United States. (3, 4) My research suggests 2 million people in the United States have an active drug abuse disorder related to Opioid pain medication. (5)

Here is the crisis explained- Patients are receiving Opioid prescription for medical situations where Opioid medication is too powerful and not needed.

Is there a natural supplement that can relax and reduce pain without the addictive side effects? That supplement is Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil. Before I tell you how Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil can solve the Opioid Crisis, I want to give you all the facts on what is an Opioid.

What Are Opioids?

The Food and Drug Administration defines Opioids as a class of drugs that calms nerve cells in the brain via the release of Dopamine. (6) There are both legal and illegal Opioids, you may be familiar with the below mentioned: (7)

  • Codeine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Methadone
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Heroine
  • Fentanyl

The problem is twofold: prescription Opioids are highly addictive and are over-prescribed by doctors. (8, 9) I am not placing blame on either Opioids or Doctors, my problem is over-prescribing to patients who do not need these powerful drugs. I believe CBD, a natural pain supplement, should be prioritized over Opioids for 3 reasons…

  1. CBD is 100% Natural
  2. CBD is Non-Addictive
  3. CBD supports Relaxation and Anti-Pain Responses

Although there is nothing evil about Opioids or the Doctors prescribing them, patients get physically hooked to the “high” one feels from a sustained Dopamine release. As a society, we need to be careful with who gets an Opioid prescription and opt for natural CBD as the best place for non-chronic patients to begin. To understand how one over-prescription can lead to drug abuse, we need to look at how the brain is affected by Dopamine release…

How Opioids Calm Brain Cells

Like THC in Cannabis, Opioids contain soothing chemicals that bind to the brain and spinal chord causing a “euphoric” calmness. (10) When these drugs bind to your system, Opioid receptors release a chemical called “Dopamine,” a brain-produced chemical responsible for blocking all feelings of pain. (11) Opioids provide relief to terminal cancer patients and patients with multiple sclerosis because of anti-inflammatory properties, but this experience should not be given to everyone. (12, 13) Especially if the illness is non-cancerous or non-chronic.

opioids, opioid receptors, heroin, oxycodone

Sourced- https://bit.ly/2XBINjA

This image accurately describes how Opioids bind to brain receptors. Once an Opioid binds to your system, receptors are signaled to release Dopamine, a chemical we learned is responsible for blocking all feelings of pain. Dopamine also impairs emotion and motivation; quite simply it is the worst drug to give to someone in any general clinical setting (14, 15). Unless pain is chronic, Opioids not need not be prescribed. In these settings, I would always begin with CBD.

So when we talk about Opioid addiction, we are talking about an emotional attachement to a Dopamine release.

Dopamine addiction not only becomes unmanageable faster than lightning, the “need to get high” requires higher and higher dosages of Dopamine to illicit the euphoric experience. Addiction of this nature creates a horrific cycle with slim chances of rehabilitation. Attempting to detox outside of a clinic can have deadly side effects including forms of epilepsy, convulsions, vomiting, and not to mention a high chance of relapse (16). I highly recommend Cathy Taughinbaugh’s blog on this subject, especially her article “How Allies in Recovery is Helping Change Families.”

Opioid Addiction is a heart-breaking sight to see. Sadly, many Americans look down at our addicts. We need to remember that many patients are becoming addicted due to overprescription. For this reason, we need to show grace and compassion to those affected by Opioid drug abuse.

This is why CBD can make a difference…

Can CBD End the Epidemic?

CBD, the non-psychoactive agent in the cannabis plant, deserves a platform in this conversation. (17)

New studies suggest CBD products can decrease cravings for drugs by natural promotion of relaxation. (18) Many mistake the benefits of CBD and THC as the same, while the opposite is actually true. But just what is CBD? CBD is a Cannabis Compound in the Hemp Plant. (19) THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol THC, is the psychoactive chemical causing the “high” experience. (20) Surprisingly, CBD and THC have the exact same chemical make-up.

  • 30 Hydrogen Atoms
  • 21 Carbon Atoms
  • 2 Oxygen Atoms

The only difference between CBD and THC is one atom arrangement in CBD. Because of that slight one atom deviation, CBD produces the same health benefits of THC; but minus any euphoric or “high” feeling.

There are two distinct Cannabinoid receptors: Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 (CB1) and Cannabinoid Receptor type 2 (CB2). (21) CB1 influences stress and anxiety levels, whereas CB2 is being shown to boost immune responses. (22, 23) CBD Oil is one of many CBD products that activates both CB1 and CB2 receptors to providing natural relief for anxiety and depression without the psychoactive experience of THC. CBD is uniquely sought after because it can deliver these benefits minus the paranoia of THC.

Simply put, you will feel relaxed, but in control.

One ground breaking study reports CBD as delivering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, even anti-pain benefits. Scientific research for CBD is in its early stages, but one study reports CBD as having pain relief properties showing great promise as Federal Law becomes friendly to CBD in clinical settings. (24)

One example are states that have legalized CBD and THC are reporting a 25% reduction in Opioid related deaths. (25) While the studies and benefits of CBD are showing great promise, it is important to understand how CBD works in the body…

CBD and Your Body

Opioids are not intrinsically evil, they are beneficially for patients in the correct clinical setting. Prescriptions should not written for the average patient. Average patients should be receiving Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil.

Here is what makes CBD interesting…

In a recent study, researchers discovered that CBD Oil blocks the effects of Morphine. (26) Although this study was conducted on mice, it is believed CBD positively effects Serotonin receptors. (27) Scientific studies are showing that CBD cannot block Opioid effects when serotonin levels are blocked. (28) This study is causing researchers to theorize a synergistic relationship between CBD and Serotonin enabling CBD to block Opioid Effects. (29) CBD has been found to mimic natural serotonin in its unique capacity to bind to many of the same receptors, especially the Serotonin receptors responsible for reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. (30)

CBD Oil, medical marijuana, cannabis

Discover the health benefits of CBD oil

The Best CBD Oil- Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil

Quicksilver Scientific, based in Colorado USA, has used the strictest industry standards and innovative Nanoemulsified Technology to develop the best CBD Oil on the market, Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil. Containing an impressive 21 mg of the purest Hemp Extract and 12 mg of Phytocannabinoid Diols, Colorado Hemp Oil is uniquely formulated with Nanoemulsified Technology to make it highly absorable so you can experience all the benefits of CBD. Without Nanoemulsified Technology, CBD contains a low bioavailability. (31) Nanoemulsified Technology boosts absorption to nutritionally support a healthy immune and pain responses.


Opioid over-prescription is endangering public health, and unfortunately there is no end in sight. In this article, we have learned it is wrong to place blame on Opioids as well as the Doctors who are trying their best to help their patients. Instead of blaming, lets talk about solutions.

Doctors need better options. CBD is the best option the average patient needs and deserves in a pain relief prescription. In my opinion, CBD is the best pain relief supplement. The non-addictive pain relief benefits and 100% natural relaxation benefits of CBD are powerfully offered in Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil.

I suggest Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil for 5 reasons:

  1. Colorado Hemp Oil is made in the United States according to FDA standards.
  2. It is 100% Natural and formulated with the purest Hemp Extract on the market.
  3. Nanoemulsification Technology improves bioavailability of CBD (meaning you get more CBD for your dollar).
  4. You get all the nutritional benefits of CBD without the high.
  5. Citrus flavor makes it enjoyable to taste (hold under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing).

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Thank you for taking the time to read Can CBD Solve the Opioid Crisis? (2019).

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