Can Too Much Estrogen Cause Hot Flashes?!

estrogen at high levels can cause hot flashes

Can Estrogen Cause Hot Flashes? Alvin Jackson answers…

Ladies, I think we all know what’s going on here…hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, hotter, burning alive! “Babe, just call me ice cream ‘cause I’m sleeping in the freezer tonight”. Be honest, you know you’ve thought about it…LOL.

No one deserves the pleasure of burning alive, especially when you can do something about it.

One question before we proceed though: What do you think is to blame for your body becoming an air fryer every hour on the hour? Is it lack of water? Side effects from your “meds”? Or is it one of your body’s trusted hormones? Which one? Don’t panic, but it could be TOO MUCH estrogen.

Both hot flashes and night sweats are suspected to cause estrogen to flood the blood stream. If this happens, you might become desperate to try anything to make them stop, especially if this happens early in your life. Our solution? Natural Quicksilver Scientific DIM.

If you’ve never tried DIM (Diindolylmethane) before, this may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for to quench those horrible hot flashes and chilling night sweats. This miracle of modern development was carefully designed with body-friendly, safe ingredients which happen to be super effective at eliminating hot flashes and night sweats.

The National Institute of Aging Lists These Symptoms:

1. Change in Period – Identified by periods that are closer together and last longer with heavy bleeding

2. Hot Flashes – Also known as Night Sweats

3. Vaginal Health and Bladder Control – Uncomfortable sexual intercourse and sudden urges to urinate

4. Sleep – Difficulty falling and staying asleep

5. Sex – Decreased sex drive

6. Mood Changes – Irritability hits an all time high coupled with severe mood changes identified by depression and anxiety

7. Your Body “Just Feels Different” – Many women express their waist feels larger with a loss in muscle and weight gain

8. Memory Problems – Some women express difficulty recalling memories

9. Physical Weakness – Sore joints and muscles along with feeling achy and stiff

10. Cardiovascular Difficulties – Heart Palpitations and even headaches have been reported

Conclusion: Take note of the signs your body is giving you. Before you jump to medication, get Quicksilver Scientific DIM as a more natural alternative. DIM works!

can too much estrogen cause brutal hot flashes

Hot Flashes can be extremely uncomfortable, it’s best to treat this problem from a holistic approach.

Try These Top 6 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Lower Estrogen for 3 Months

Medicines help us live a long and healthy life, but they should never be used on a long-term basis. For hot flashes, doctors recommend trying these six lifestyle changes for three months…

1. Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine and Spicy Foods – You don’t have to cut coffee out of your life, but try to limit your intake to 1-2 cups per day

2. To treat hot flashes on the go, try carrying a portable fan with you!

3. Get yourself in a Yoga Class – Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi may help improve menopausal symptoms

4. Watch Your Weight – Severe Hot Flashes tend to strike women who are overweight or obese

5. Throw Those Cigarettes Away – Smoking can raise your blood pressure, making a conscience decision to quit is not easy; but it’s for the better.

6. Carry Extra Clothes – Dressing in layers can make sure you have options on the go

Conclusion: These are safe ways to manage menopausal symptoms. Doctors recommend trying these six tips before seeking medication. Alternatives like DIM are available, but medications should be your last resort, not your first.

can too much estrogen cause brutal hot flashes

In addition to a healthy diet and Quicksilver DIM, try treating yourself to a yoga class!

Medications vs. All Natural DIM

Any time you put a pharmaceutical in your mouth, it stops or slows a metabolic process in the body. Why? First, don’t think over-the-counter medications are any different than prescribed ones. They’ll both react the same within your body.

Let’s say you’ve taken a pain killer. Once it hits your stomach acid, it releases the main ingredient (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.) and other “co-factors”. Co-factors is “code” for poison. The bad news, your body doesn’t know how to process these, so they’re pushed into your tissues, joints, and vital organs. That’s right!

Now you can see why “meds” should be off limits for long-term use. This happens with any pharmaceutical drug, not just pain killers. That’ why it’s better to have an all-natural solution to get your through this tough time in your life.


All Natural DIM
1. Eliminate Hot Flashes
2. Eliminate Night Sweats
3. Better Sleep and Peace of Mind
Pharmaceutical Drugs
1. Short-term Relief and Return of Hot Flashes
2. Short-term Relief and Return of Night Sweats
3. Joint Pain, Headaches, and Tissue Toxicity

A picture is worth a thousand words. Enough said.

Conclusion: Choose Quicksilver Scientific DIM, and begin to eliminate your hot flashes, dry up your night sweats, and start feeling like YOU again.

Experience Holistic Versatility: Quicksilver Scientific DIM

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