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If you have ever experienced pain from regular bloating and wind, you know how uncomfortable those cramps can be! To help you solve this bloating and gas problem, I have ranked and reviewed the Best Tablets for Bloating and Wind so you can thrive.

These supplements can help you discover an easy way to live gas-free, and help promote your future health and happiness while saving money! The following are my personal favorites, ranking from #1 to #3 based on effectiveness of ingredients and popularity in the industry. Everyone’s choice in supplements is different, so check them all out; because you may see things differently than me. Whichever choice best fits your needs, you are sure to love the results they promote!

Each manufacturer is established in the industry for purity and quality of ingredients. Remember, a supplement that works for me might not work for you. Actually, Supplement #3 may solve your needs better than the supplement I ranked as #1, so make sure to check them all out. Let’s get to the reviews!

The Best Tablets for Bloating and Wind

How We Chose the 3 Best Tablets for Bloating and Wind

Transparent Labels

At DR Vitamin Solution, we take gut health seriously. All of the supplements in our catalog and in this review are sourced through our strict third-party verification process. In case you did not know, supplements are not submitted for testing and approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the FDA’s view, supplements are foods; not drugs. Because they are viewed as foods, supplements are not evaluated like Pharmaceutical Drugs. Although the FDA does not test or approve Supplements, they do require manufacturers to list all active ingredients unless the supplement is labeled as a “proprietary blend.” Supplements labeled as a Proprietary Blend are not required to disclose the total amount of each ingredients or the suggested daily value. Proprietary Blends are only required to disclose a general list of ingredients.

As you can see, the Proprietary Blend Category has made a way for companies to conceal their “secret recipes.” While this is strategic from a business standpoint, you can see how this has created a way for dishonest companies to hide cheap ingredients. During the course of my research, I learned from Life Extension that every ingredient over 2% must be listed as an active ingredient with the total amount specified. All ingredients under 2% are considered “Inactive Ingredients” and do not require total amounts listed on the label. This is precisely why DR Vitamin Solutions uses a rigorous third-party verification process as described below.

Third-Party Verification

Without FDA Regulation, you can see how sourcing the best tablets for bloating and wind would be difficult! We only approved digestive tablets that received approval from at least one of these authoritative sources:

The Public Health and Safety Organization is a nonprofit organization that tests the integrity of supplements. If a supplement passes their verification process, the packaging of the product receives a unique sticker to show approval. The USP is not a government entity, but USP Quality Standards are recognized in United States Law and by the FDA. All medicines sold in the United States are first approved by the FDA and then required to satisfy USP Standards, so it is an authoritative mark of approval. We use this exact process to ensure all of the products in our catalog and in this review are 100% Certified.

We Want Nutrition, Not a Candy Bar

We need supplements to be natural and nutritious, not sugary and delcicious. We only sourced tablets that would bring you a high level of nutrition so you can reverse gas pain.

Ingredients That Make Bloating Worse

We looked for formulations that were free of gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, soy, starch and preservatives. If you are lactose intolerant, the last thing you need is milk products that make you pass gas. These best tablets for bloating and wind are free of these ingredients that make bloating worse.

Transparency – We Only Mentioned Companies that Agreed for Interview

When sourcing these best tablets, we only mentioned companies that would help us explain why they used each ingredient in the formulation. We act on this policy so we can get an in-depth understanding to pass on to our readers. I contacted each individual company to get a solid understanding of the main ingredients in each tablet. Companies that did not get back to us within three business days were disqualified.

Understanding how the main ingredient work to reverse abdominal distention gives you confidence in your purchase. Whether you are buying for yourself or your child, you deserve all the facts. Especially how these products are manufactured. When we narrowed our list from 20 tablets to just 3, we were looking for supplements with the most transparent labels, third-party verification, third-party reviews from customers and companies that agreed for an interview to explain why and how the main ingredient was used. We are incredibly happy with the outcome of this process. You don’t want to miss the information in this article, it will really give you an edge when shopping for the best tablets for bloating and wind.

The 3 Best Tablets for Bloating and Wind

  1. Metagenics Zinlori 75 – The Best Ingredients
  2. Life Extension Specially-Coated Bromelain – The Best Value
  3. Genestra Brands HMF Child – The Best for Kids

#1 Metagenics Zinlori 75 – The Anti – Bloating Powerhouse

Use Zinlori 75 as one of the best tablets for bloating and wind

Metagenics Zinlori 75 uses Zinc-Carnosine, making it one of the best tablets for bloating and wind. Click here to see it on!

Pros Laboor Verified (94.7/100) , uses the most effective ingredient (Zinc-Carnosine),

Cons – Cost

Why This Supplement Was Chosen

Verified Brand

Did you know 10 to 25% of us experience regular bloating and digestive problems?

Immediately after I saw the Labdoor Rating and the extensive online reviews, I reached out to Metagenics to learn why this supplement is viewed by so many as the best over the counter option.

Bloating is a gastric problem, and Metagenics was candid to admit the cause of abdominal bloating is not scientifically known in 2019. (I loved the honesty!) Metagenics pointed me to 2012 study that identified bloating as the main symptom among those who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Coeliac Disease, Food Intolerances or Constipation. Some even theorize swallowing air as being a cause of excess wind!

Although scientific research has not yet established the exact causes of bloating, Metagenics identifies infectious bacterium such as Helicobacter Pyloribacteria (H. Pylori) as a potential cause of Gastritis and Abdominal Discomforts. Prevention is the reason Metagenics created this supplement. According to my research, 50% of people are affected by H. Pylori bacterial overgrowth, but most are unaware because it does not show symptoms until you have Gastritis, Ulcers or Stomach Cancer.

Uses Zinc-Carnosine to Relieve Gas Fast (and kills the Odor)

Metagenics uses 75 mg of Zinc-Carnosine. Here’s why it’s the Best Ingredient…

Zinc – Zinc is the Protector of our Gut Health and the best ingredient to get rid of bloating. The Wellness Specialist at Metagenics helped me understand how the mineral Zinc works better than the best antacids, naturally protecting our mucous lining from invaders like H. Pylori. Zinc is an essential micronutrient containing antibacterial and antifungal properties promoting relief of diarrhea, flatulence, belly bloat, nausea and indigestion. Zinc can help relieve your Gastrointestinal Tract by synthesizing new cells with antioxidant properties promoting a healthy gastric bacterial balance. When your gut is balanced, bloating and wind are a thing of the past.

Here’s the problem – In order for Zinc to debloat your stomach and neutralize H. Pylori, it needs to localize in your stomach (primarily the gut flora). The problem is Zinc naturally absorbs in the small intestine; not the stomach. This is where Carnosine comes into play…

Zinc-Carnosine – In the mid 1990’s, Carnosine was found to slow Zinc absorption, localizing Zinc in the stomach. Japanese scientists discovered Zinc paired with the amino acid Carnosine powerfully neutralizes H.Pylori and restores our GI Tract to optimal health. With over 20 published studies, it was found 75 mg of Zinc-Carnosine reduces stomach inflammation by providing antioxidant protection for gastric mucous cells responsible for relieving gastric discomforts such as:

✔ Occasional heartburn and indigestion

✔ Heals damaged Mucous Lining caused by H. Pylori

✔ Mild nausea

✔ Excessive Flatulence

✔ Feeling Bloated

✔ Reduced Inflammation and Wind

No AntiBiotics, Artificial Flavors or Dairy

Most doctors and physicians suggest Zinc-Carnosine as an alternative to Antibiotics because it effectively treats H. Pylori and helps us reverse a bloated stomach. Isn’t it great when supplements are included as medical advice? It is unfortunate Antibiotics are still used 80% of the time to treat intestinal bacteria. As many of us know, Antibiotics can make stomach gas worse! Zinlori 75 is an alternative to mainstream Antibiotics, using Zinc-Carnosine to reverse feeling bloated. Supplementing with Zinlori 75 supports the good bacteria in our gut so we can thrive!

Why Twice Daily?

This was my main question during my interview with Metagenics. I asked the Wellness Specialist to clarify why they recommend two daily dosages of Zinlori 75. The Specialist responded with a clinical study that showed 150 mg of Zinc-Carnosine provided 92% to 100% relief of bloating, belching, burping and farting within 8 weeks. Stomach bloat was even noticeably reduced within 2 weeks!

When testing with two daily dosages of 75 mg of Zinc-Carnosine for 8 weeks, one study of 25 patients showed:

  • 63.6% decrease in Heartburn
  • 66.7% decrease in Nausea
  • 76.9% decrease in Abdominal Discomfort
  • 80% decrease in Belching
  • 91% reduced Stomach Pain at Night (71% of this percentile also showed reduced stomach sensitivity)

Something to Consider


Healing your gut and eliminating bacterial invaders comes at a price: Zinlori 75 costs you $1.15 per tablet. The price is the only real con with this supplement. When I asked Metagenics about the price, they stated you’re paying a little more to get premium Zinc-Carnosine. The scientific research on the ingredients and verified reputation of Metagenics make this supplement a stand-out in the market. If you are in a situation where you need the best tablets for bloating and wind, Zinlori 75 is well-worth the investment to fix your upset stomach.

Metagenics Zinlori 75 Reviews

#2- Life Extension Specially Coated Bromelain

The benefits of Bromelain make LifeExtension Specially-Coated Bromelain one of the best tablets for bloating and wind in 2019

Discover LifeExtension Specially-Coated Bromelain, #2 of the best tablets for bloating and wind – Click here to see it on

Pros – Cost effective, Enteric Coating with positive reviews, trusted company on with GMP Certification

Cons – Uses Maltodextrin to improve flavor

Why This Supplement Was Chosen

Long Standing History of Excellence

Beloved by many, Life Extension is a household name that has built their reputation on using quality ingredients to craft their supplements. Life Extension Specially Coated Bromelain is no exception to the rule. It is formulated with Bromelain, sourced from Pineapple Stem, to alleviate the pain and pressure caused by bloating. Life Extension is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Certifed) and has been heralded as one of the best manufacturers of supplements since its founding in 1980. During my phone interview with Life Extension, I learned that they have a 3 Step Process for creating this Bromelain Supplement:

  1. Raw Materials – Bromelain used in this supplement are chosen based on purity, potency and usage in successful scientific research.
  2. Validation of Ingredients – Dosage of Bromelain and Calcium are based on the most successful results obtained in Scientific Research for maximum effectiveness and absorption.
  3. Manufacturing – Life Extension Labs are in compliance with GMP for manufacturing, storage and packaging.

The Wellness Specialist I spoke with at Life Extension explained all active ingredients in this supplement are made with patented and scientifically validated raw material using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatopgraphy) and MS (Mass Spectrometry) to “ensure every product accurately meets label claims.” What impressed me during my interview was Life Extensions assurance that each product is non-GMO and additional staff were hired between 2015 to 2016 to carefully evaluate and ensure “the vast majority of Life Extensions 325+ Supplements are self-affirmed as non-GMO.” I was told if the label does not state “non-GMO,” this indicates the new label has not yet been printed.

Natural Ingredients

Specially Coated Bromelain can be taken in one of two ways, both achieving different results.

  1. If the supplement is consumed with food, Bromelain acts as a digestive enzyme to help breakdown food.
  2. If the supplement is consumed without food, the enteric coating is designed to survive the acidic environment in the stomach so Bromelain can be delivered throughout the body. Distribution of Bromelain throughout the body reduces inflammatory triggers thus decreasing bloating.

Best Value

Getting the highest quality enteric coating with the benefits of Bromelain makes $15.75 a cost-effective solution. Life Extension gives you an effective Bromelain dosage for .26 cents a tablet! In other words, this is not just the best value; this is an all around win if you need a cost-effective solution for bloating and wind! I was highly impressed with the Enteric Coating.

Important Points to Consider

Use of Calcium

Many people want to know why Calcium was added to this anti-gas supplement, and the answer may shock you! Life Extension uses 75 mg of Calcium Carbonate to make the tablet. Because they use more than 2% to formulate the tablet (they use 8% Calcium), Life Extension was required by the FDA to list Calcium Carbonate (an antacid) as an active ingredient in Specially Coated Bromelain. As I researched the correlation between Calcium and Bromelain, I found there exists no synergistic relationship between these ingredients. The 8% of Calcium in this supplement is simply used to make the tablet.

Why Maltodextrin?

Although it is praised for its enteric coating, there is one concern with this product; the use of Maltodextrin. It may be an inactive ingredient, weighing-in at under 2% of the total formula, but Maltodextrin is a food additive to improve flavor and thickness. According to Medical News Today, the side effects of Maltodextrin can trigger allergic reactions.

I was concerned about the addition of Maltodextrin in this supplement, so I was sure to include this question in my interview with Life Extension. Their answer is as quoted,

“Maltodextrin is used to help the manufacturing process so raw materials do not stick to the machinery.” – Life Extension

Although I am not a fan of Maltodextrin, the enteric coating of Specially Coated Bromelain gives it a key advantage. If you are not a fan of popular medications like Beano, Gas-X Extra Strength or Dulcogas, this could be an option for you. You’ll get all the benefits of Bromelain at a very affordable price.

Life Extension Bromelain Reviews

The only Bromelain we’ve found to be enteric coated. Most others are not and when digested in the stomach they afford no more benefit than to aid digestion. The enteric coated is what’s need to the do job this product is designed for. – Stonehenge 37

When I experience occasional indigestion in the evenings, I find relief when I take one or two enteric coated tablets of LEF Bromelain with about 12 ounces of water. – S

I used to have to take bromelain in the middle of the night, to get it into circulation without using it up digesting proteins from meals. Now I don’t, as this bromelain has a specially-coated tablet that lets it slip on down past the digestion section, into the part of my body where it can be re-directed to reducing inflammation. So, I can take this bromelain with my other supplements at bedtime, and know that it will be working where I want it to work. (The tablets are medium-sized, and very easy to swallow.) – Sue Ellen Wolcott

#3 – Genestra Brands HMF Child

Genestra HMF Child is one of the best tablets for bloating and wind filled with the natural power of probiotics

Genestra HMF is #3 of the best tablets for bloating and wind helping kids fight gastrointestinal infection with the power of probiotics! Click here to see it on

Pros – Black Currant Flavor is non-synthetic and amplified with Stevia so kids will love it, Affordable, includes the best strains of probiotics

Cons – Some children may not enjoy Black Currant Flavor.

Why This Supplement Was Chosen

How It’s Sweetened

When your child’s wind is Apocalyptic – you need a probiotic to banish the bloat. Sourcing a quality probiotic for children was not as simple as it seems, it was difficult to find a supplement that we felt was sweet enough for kids to enjoy, but not sweetened with dangerous additives. Thankfully, we found Genestra Brands HMF Child; a quality probiotic designed to give children the probiotics they need to naturally banish the bloat.

If you are a parent, you know the name of the game with any supplement is safety.

Genestra HMF Child is a safe and natural Probiotic made exclusively for children. When I reached out to Genestra Brand, I pressed them on the safety question. What I learned is this supplement is sweetened with natural black currant! The flavor is amplified with Stevia, giving it a Dark Cherry taste that is a total win with kids. When I reached out to Genestra Brands, I asked them how their Black Currant flavor is sourced so you can have 100% confidence giving this to your child. Here was their answer…

“Dr. Nigel Plummer PhD, CEO and CMO of Genestra Brand has designed the Black Currant Flavor with non-synthetic ingredients, it is 100% natural and enhanced with Stevia so it is still a low-sugar product.” – Genestra Brands

My safety standards were satisfied.

Here are the other ingredients Genestra Brands used to sweetened HMF Child:

  • Sorbitol – Sorbitol is a sugar derived from plants. As long as Sorbitol levels do not exceed 10%, it is considered a safe sweetener for children.
  • Xylitol – Xylitol is a Carbohydrate found in the Birch Tree with fewer calories than sugar, it is slowly absorbed and has no direct effect on insulin levels.
  • Silica – Silica is a main ingredient in Collagen creation promoting healthy skin and bone health
  • Magnesium Stearate – This ingredient is found in virtually every supplement on the market today either by name of “Vegetable Stearate” or “Stearic Acid.” Being a natural lubricant, it is mainly used to create Tablets because it does not allow ingredients to stick to machinery. It is a much better ingredient for this purpose than Maltodextrin.

Uses the Right Probiotics to Reverse Bloating

Dr. Nigel Plummer has worked at Pfizer and is considered a Global Authority on Probiotics. I wanted to specifically know how he has sourced the probiotic strains in Genestra HMF Child. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the strains are non-plant and non-animal, rather they are human-strains to help rebuild and fortify flora in the stomach. He has included these specific Probitotic Strains like Acidophilus, Bifidum, Salivarius and Paracasei as these are the most effective probiotic strains for children.

Important Note

In our phone interview, Genestra Brands was clear that children should try to get probiotics from their diet. In case your child is a picky eater, these tablets are great solutions! Just a quick note, Genestra Brand products are manufactured in the United Kingdom. This did not disqualify them from my review because the UK has similar safety standards that guarantee integrity.

Genestra HMF Child Reviews

How to Choose the Best Brand FOR YOUR HEALTH

The rankings try to be a collection of the manufacturers who are sourcing the best ingredients to treat bloating symptoms. Although I prefer the Metagenics option, that does not mean it’s the best brand for your health. I have had great success with Life Extension Bromelain as well! The point I am trying to make is don’t allow yourself to be loyal to one brand, try to experiment with others to see which option works best for you! Some of my closest friends began as Metagenics fans, but were impressed with the quality ingredients used in Life Extension. I try to keep an open mind to all possibilities, here are some tips that I have found invaluable:

  • Give yourself time to experiment and know your quality standards. I set aside one month a year to try new products that meet my personal quality control requirements.
  • Know the ingredients you want to include in your daily regimen. In my case, I greatly favor Zinc-Carnosine.
  • When you are experimenting with a certain supplement, use it for the whole month. Don’t let a day or two of no results discourage you.
  • Be sure to browse all the reviews before making your selection.
  • Make sure you are purchasing your supplements with the advice of your doctor so you know what you need to supplement and what you can expect from a certain product.


These best tablets for bloating and wind have one thing in common – they all want to reduce stomach bloating and help you bring your body into balance. Gastrointestinal disorders are uncomfortable, but now you know how to get rid of the gassiness. Here is a brief summary of each supplement.

  1. Metagenics Zinlori 75 – Best Ingredient
  2. Life Extension Specially-Coated Bromelain – Best Value
  3. Genestra Brands HMF Child – Best for Kids

If there was a certain product that caught your eye, don’t forget to use code “SAVE5” for 5% off your supplement of choice! Here’s to the end of feeling gassy all the time!

Thank you for taking the time to read Best Tablets for Bloating and Wind.

Helping you reduce intestinal gas and strengthen your digestive system is our passion. If you have any questions or contributions, please contact us via email or phone-call. We are constantly looking for new information to promote wellness – and hearing from you would make our day!

To your health,

Kurt LaCapprucia

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