12 Best Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet Tips in 2019 (Tip #12 is IMPORTANT)

Seeking the Best Tips for a Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet in 2019?

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In order to have a successful surgery, doctors and insurance companies require a VLCD; a low-calorie pre-op diet that helps reduce the size of the liver and small intestine (1). Here are the 12 Tips I recommend to Bariatric Patients who want to get the most out of their weight loss surgery. I would advise implementing these diet tips three months before you begin your health assessments. These tips serve as a 3 month pre-Bariatric Surgery diet that will optimize your health and nutrition prior to surgery.

1.) Get the facts- You probably have loads of questions concerning Gastric Bypass Surgery. How do you get the answers? Books, blogs, conversations with your doctor and support groups are the best resources prior to surgery.

2.) Know your Insurance Policy- Many Insurance Plans require you to submit your pre-op diet, or VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) along with your BMI and age prior to surgery. VLCD diets are typically a 1200 calorie pre-bariatric surgery diet (2).

3.) Quit Smoking- Smoking increases your risk of complications with any weight loss surgery (3). As you step into a new chapter of your life with Bariatric Surgery, I encourage you to leave harmful habits in the past. There are actions you can take for faster recovery so you can begin enjoying the benefits of Bariatric surgery. Recent scientific studies show slowed recovery and increased blood pressure associated with Nicotine and Tobacco products (4). These are side effects you want to avoid, so let your trashcan be the new home for your Cigarettes; not your body!

4.) Throw out the Alcohol and Sugar Drinks- The best liquid diet for pre and post-surgery does NOT include Alcohol, Energy Drinks or Soda. Not only do Alcohol and Sugar Drinks increase your caloric intake, they slow muscle tissue and damage cardiovascular health (5).

5.) Eat Organically- You need to reduce extra calories! Sugar free diets are the secret to success with any pre-op diet, especially if you have Type 2 Diabetes (6). Adopting an organic diet of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables is the best tip I can suggest for pre and post-Bariatric Patients. As you adjust to low caloric intake, supplementing with protein shakes and other low calorie pureed foods can help you feel full prior to surgery (7). If you are considering meal replacements, be sure they are high protein and sugar free.

Pre Bariatric Surgery Diet Tips in 2019

6.) Drink more water- Water helps you lose weight and recover faster post surgery (8,9). Prior to Surgery, you need a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day (10). It is not easy to adjust to a VLCD 3 month pre-bariatric surgery diet, Bariatric pre-op diet side effects can include fatigue and poor concentration (11). The Bariatric pre-op liquid diet list should include plenty of (if not primarily!) filtrated Water. Coconut Water is also acceptable, just make sure it is low in sugar and organic.

7.) Track your water and food intake- The only way to be successful on VLCD is to use an app to track your water and food intake. Free Apps like My Fitness Pal help you discover where you can improve your diet to make you successful.

8.) Begin a Supplement Routine- Pre-Bariatric Patients need two Supplements: Protein and a Multivitamin. Protein is king of Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet Tips. Metagenic BioPure Protein isolates the highest quality immunoglobulins which may increase the performance of the immune system. The best Multivitamin I have found is Zetpil Multivitamin and Mineral with Iron Suppositories. Iron has been introduced to promote ferratin levels. I recommend Suppositories to Pre-Bariatric Patients who need a Multivitamin Supplement that does not engage the stomach and small intestine. Rectal Suppositories for Post Bariatric Patients are highly recommended as they contain highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals while bypassing the stomach. Suppository bases release into the lower bowels; this promotes absorption in the 80-85% range.

9.) Focus on your Mental Health- Gastric Bypass is both a physical and emotional transformation. Your mental health is a subject you should take seriously as your body undergoes significant weight loss. Think about how you will use this experience to heal wrong ideas about yourself and inspire others to begin a new chapter with Bariatric Surgery. Check out this article concerning Body Image after Weight Loss Surgery from My Bariatric Dietician for impotant tips to prepare your mind.

10.) Start an Exercise Routine- After your weight loss surgery, you will not be able to exercise to allow your body to recover. Begin by taking small steps and set fitness goals that you can easily attain. Starting with 30 minutes on the treadmill and reward yourself with a Metagenics Protein Shake!

11.) Join a Support Group- Creating or joining a Bariatric community is an important resource for Pre-Bariatric Patients. Support groups like the Bariatric Support Group on Facebook are positive environments where you can create long term friendships. In these groups, you can expect discussions involving physical activity, diet and exercise, sleep apnea, how to manage excess weight, health problems and questions about the adjustable gastric band. All of this is information that can help you be as successful while finding a community who believes in your results.

12.) Consistency- This is the key that unlocks all success. Consistency is the recipe of measurement and accountability that allows you to tell your story.


Gastric Bypass Surgery Benefits can positively impact you for the rest of your life!

These 12 Steps are not only your blueprint for success, they are an opportunity to change your relationship with food. The tips mentioned above are not meant to be a diet for quick weight loss before surgery. Rather, they are a short-term 3 month pre-bariatric surgery diet which is designed to prepare your body for the strain of the surgery and subsequent recovery period. Stay tuned for our next installment about the Best Diet After Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

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