Arginine for Oral Health

Maintaining strong and healthy teeth is a necessity even in the modern world. The foods and drinks we regularly consume can damage the enamel of your teeth. And its not just junk food and soda, healthy foods such as fruits are highly acidic and can cause severe damage to the teeth over time. Once the enamel is worn down, the calcium of your teeth are exposed directly to foods, and this can cause sensitivity and pain.

Teeth naturally contain caries, microscopic sized holes in their surfaces, which the enamel is meant to protect. Without the enamel, the caries are exposed and cause pain when food or liquids enter them and reach the nerves in the gums. Cavities can easily grow in the exposed caries as bacteria that enters them is hard to get back out. Cavities started in the caries ruin the teeth from the inside out, making it harder to save the tooth once the cavity had formed.

Arginine, which is commonly used to support arterial function, blood flow, and energy, is found in saliva. It was unclear why arginine was a part of saliva until clinical research found that arginine benefits oral health in a variety of ways. Combined with calcium, arginine fortifies the teeth so they are stronger and can resist damage to both the enamel and teeth themselves. It works to seal and shield caries, removing any plaque that’s built up inside and then preventing anything else from entering them.

And not only that, arginine prevents plaque build up throughout the mouth by altering bacteria’s ability to stick together at the cellular level. With more research and clinical studies, arginine could eventually replace the chemicals and antimicrobials dentistry uses to remove plaque today. To combat acidic substances, arginine promotes a healthy pH balance in the mouth, neutralizing acidic ingredients to prevent them from corroding the enamel.

By eliminating plaque’s ability to form, strengthening and protecting the teeth, and maintaining a healthy pH balance arginine, which is already present in the body, can improve oral health and prevent problems. Consider supplementing with arginine if you have weak enamel, sensitive teeth, or frequent cavities and see for yourself the powerful benefits it can have!

By Samantha Dillon, DR Vitamin Solutions

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