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Zetpil - Improving the Quality of Life

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Life Extension - Why Choose Life Extension Supplements

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Life Vitality - Integrity, Trust, Quality

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PureAbsorb - The Greatest Liposomes in the Word

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All Brands We Offer

Allergy Research Group
Ayush Herbs
Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Based Heart Health Support
Bio-Botanical Research Inc.
BioKind Natural and Organic Detoxification Products
Can-C Eye Health Products
Cosmesis Skin Care
Daiwa Health Development
Diabetes Defense with Isohumulone
Doctor's Data Testing for Metals, Parasites, more
Douglas Laboratories/QUELL
Dr Garber's Natural Solutions
Dr Proctor's
Dr's Advantage Physician-Approved Nutritional Supplements
Dr. Mercola
Drucker Labs - intraMAX, intraKID, intraMIN
Ecological Formulas (Cardiovascular Research LTD)
Empirical Labs
Gaia Herbs
Garden of Life
Genestra Brand Nutritional Supplements from Seroyal
Herb Pharm
Integrative Therapeutics
Jarrow Formulas
KeLATOX EDTA Suppositories
Klaire Labs
Lanomax Eye Drops
Life Extension
Life Extension Blood Testing
Life Vitality
Longevity Science (KL2)
Lotus Moon
Master Supplements
Medicardium EDTA Suppositories
Metagenics Professional
Natural Factors
Natural Ophthalmics
Natural Vitality Organic Supplements for Healthy Living
Nature's Way
New Chapter
Nordic Naturals Pure Fish Oil Omega Supplements
NOW Foods
Nutri-Spec Supplements for Metabolic Balance
Nutriair Inhalable Nutrients
Oradix Detoxification Suppositories and StemDetox
Original Quinton Marine Plasma, Hypertonic and Isotonic
Ortho Molecular Products
PatchMD Doctor Approved and Highly Bioavailable Supplement Patches
Pharma Defense
Prof Birkmayer Health Pro
Progressive Laboratories Nutraceutical Dietary Supplements
Protocol For Life Balance
Purative (Active H2)
Pure Encapsulations Professional
PureAbsorb Liposomes
PureLife (Stress Management)
PurO3 Ozonated Supplements
QOL Labs
Quicksilver Scientific Natural Detoxification Products
QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore and Optimum Mineralization by Water and Wellness Solutions
RemedyLink Suppositories
Results RNA Intra-Oral Sprays
Sunwarrior Vegan Plant-Based Dietary Supplements with Superfoods
Thorne Research
Vetri-Science Laboratories
Vision Clarity Eye Drops
Vitaltox Detoxifying Suppositories
Zetpil Suppositories and Deep Penetrating Creams

DR Vitamin Solutions strives to offer only the highest quality brands that are well researched including Life Extension, intraMAX, Pure Encapsulations, Metagenics, KeLATOX, Zetpil, Life Vitality, VitalTox, Medicardium, Quinton Isotonic, Quinton Hypotonic, Vision Clarity Carnosine Cataract Eye Drops, and more.

We know that ordering vitamins and supplements online is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to go. Unfortunately, with so many companies offering products over the Internet, deciding who to trust often requires a leap of faith. This is not the case when DR Vitamin Solutions is selected. Each of our products, from those made by Life Extension to those from Life Vitality and beyond, is carefully selected based on its purity, potency and quality.

We make available only the highest quality brands such as Life ExtensionMetagenicsPure EncapsulationsLife Vitality,intraMAXZetpilVitalToxKeLATOXOriginal QuintonVision Clarity Carnosine Cataract Eye DropsMedicardium, and more based on the most advanced research in one place. We are not like those websites that sell hundreds of brands just to take your money without a care in the world about what you put in your body. We want you to get the most for your money and your health. When we talk to customers, we not only consider their health goals and safety, but also their budget!

Because our doctor recommended manufacturers ship direct for DR Vitamin Solutions, they always ship the freshest product and newest formulations. Some retailers that warehouse items send older formulations that are near the expiration date, from less than favorable warehouse conditions. This is why our direct ship system benefits you, not the mega-retailers.Life Extension has reformulated its Life Extension Mix every year since 1980 to the latest research and raw materials. You don't have to worry about getting last year's outdated product with us!

You can buy supplements from dozens of online locations. If quality and integrity matter, there is only one clear choice: DR Vitamin Solutions. It is our mission to help you get the best quality and freshest products so you can make your health goals become reality. It's just what the doctor ordered!


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