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Kirkman Labs, Zinc Picolinate 25 mg. 150 capsules

Zinc is an essential mineral that your body requires to maintain excellent health.

Zinc Picolinate is a natural remedy meant to enhance the immune system. Zinc deficiency weakens the immune system in humans, intensifying a person’s exposure to colds and other harmful organisms.

Kirkman Labs, Zinc Picolinate 25 mg. 150 capsules have important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. When taken as part of a daily supplement, Zinc Picolinate not only helps boost the body’s immune system, but may also help promote faster wound healing and may help in the procession of healing of the brain and nervous system.

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Quicksilver Scientific Immune Charge+ Throat Spray, Portable Immune Support, 27 mL

It’s undeniable that zinc plays a crucial role in numerous immune system functions. It’s also worth noting that adequate zinc consumption can be difficult for certain diets and digestive complications. This makes quality zinc-based supplements like Quicksilver Scientific Immune Charge+ Throat Spray all the more important. The formula is ultra absorbable and it’s easy to take with you anywhere you might need a little extra immune support.

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Ortho Molecular Products NK-Stim, NK Cell Activity & Immune Support, 60 Capsules

Ortho Molecular Products NK-Stim, NK Cell Activity & Immune Support, 60 Capsules

Natural Killer (NK) Cells rank highly among the most important facets of a fully-functioning immune system. This is due to their unique and pivotal role in neutralizing, or ‘killing’, cells which have become infected or otherwise compromised. Ortho Molecular Products NK-Stim is intended to aid in NK cell activity and other aspects of an already healthy immune system.

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