What is the Best Vitamin Brand?

Woman trying to decide which brand of vitamins to purchaseA question that we often hear is “Which brand of vitamins or supplements is the best?” This is a very difficult question to answer. We believe it should be phrased “Which nutritional supplement is BEST FOR ME?” There is no one-size fits all answer, especially to the first question. The second one takes a little digging to come up with the best answer. And the safest and most efficient way to determine that answer is by taking advantage of a health advisor. (You may recall we discussed that in our blog “Choosing Where to Buy Your Vitamins“) A consultant should be asking important questions about your health, current treatments, desired goal, and budget to help determine which nutrient may help and which delivery system or form would work best for you.

After this Q&A session, the advisor will be better equipped to offer suggestions. He will determine if you have any allergies or sensitivities and make sure to steer you away from a supplement that may actually make you feel worse. He will be able to explain which products would offer the maximum absorption. This will allow you to determine if a more expensive item is actually cheaper to use because the body will waste less of the nutrients. And speaking of costs, he will be able to mention any quantity or package discounts available for the products you select. The health consultant will also be well versed in which items are vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, vegan, etc. to help match your dietary requirements. And, of course, he will be able to recommend a product that supports your health concern and reach your nutritional goal.

To help you and your health consultant find what works best for you, please be prepared to answer a few questions such as:

  • Person fillng in a questionnaireAre you experiencing any health issues currently?
  • If so, which medications or supplements are you using to support your health condition?
  • Do you have any food or environmental allergies?
  • Do you have a difficult time swallowing pills, drinking liquids, or using lozenges?
  • Are there any dietary requirements such as vegetarian or kosher?

As you can see, “what is the best vitamin brand?” isn’t a simple question to answer. It takes time and communication to determine what the best supplement for you would be. We at DR Vitamin Solutions would be honored if you give our health consultants an opportunity to help you on your quest for optimum health. We do offer some of the biggest names in the industry as well as the most respected lesser-known brands. We also have a wide variety of the different delivery types from creams to suppositories and everything in between. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

By Greg Benic, DR Vitamin Solutions