Veterans Day 2018; 5 Latest Treatments for PTSD

Author: Kurt LaCapruccia, D.S.S. (Diploma in Dietary Supplement Science)

Published: November 12, 2018

American Flags were waving proud on November 11th, 2018. The special occasion- Veterans Day 2018. It might be November 12th, but we still have the appreciation in our hearts here at DR Vitamin Solutions.

Fun Facts – History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day and Memorial Day are two different holidays. On Memorial Day, we remember the service of the fallen. On Veterans Day, we celebrate the lives of all veterans.

Did you know Veterans Day was originally known as “Armistice Day”!? Back in 1919, it was observed on November 11th to commemorate the first anniversary of the end of WW1 at Arlington National Cemetery! Businesses began offering free goods and free meals to servicemen and their families to celebrate the service of military personnel.

Armistice Day became so popular that Congress made it a federal holiday in 1938, calling it “Veterans Day.” It became even more popular after World War II. We want to take a minute to thank our Veterans in the United States Military, we appreciate you to no end.

We love our veterans!

Being a Vitamin and Supplement company, we understand the importance of a healthy body and mind, particularly in the face of great difficulties.

With that said, we understand that active duty military and veterans are the health of our country. Veterans and all military personnel in the United States military inspire our patriotism and instill gratefulness in our hearts.

Sadly, many from our armed forces return with debilitating injuries and mental illnesses such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In this article, I want to raise awareness of the multiple positive treatments that are being used to serve our military and veterans.

Facts on PTSD

I interviewed our staff doctor, Dr. Jose Lizardi, and did the research to understand the truth about PTSD. Here are 6 fascinating facts that help put PTSD in perspective.

  1. Depression is not PTSD, but is a main symptom along with anxiety disorders, substance abuse.
  2. PTSD is not for adults, it can be developed in any age group
  3. Women have a higher percentage of developing PTSD than me (1)
  4. Approx. 7.7 million American adults are correctly diagnosed with PTSD (2)
  5. Combat Veterans have the highest probability of developing PTSD
  6. PTSD is being shown to have connections to brain injury caused by explosion blast waves in veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Combat is a likely source of the cause of PTSD.

New Natural Innovative Treatments: What is Working?

I researched 5 Natural Treatments that are currently being shown to produce results in veterans returning with PTSD in place of anti-depressants and other pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Lizardi commented on the need for natural treatments in replacement of SSRI’s being particularly high considering the addictive nature of those drugs.

All of these treatments are under development, they have not been approved for official treatment of PTSD.


EMDR stands for “Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”. It is currently being used for both combat veterans as well as civilians. In this treatment process, the patient retells their traumatic experience while following eye movement or hand taps directed by the therapist. The theory is that stimuli can help a patient reprocess an experience until it is non-disruptive in their cognition.

2. Medical Marijuana

Although highly controversial, the benefits of THC and CBD are being shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of PTSD. One study out of New Mexico reported a 75% reduction in anxiety disorders as a result of using Marijuana. Medical Marijuana is currently legal in 33 states, but remains a Class 1 violation on the federal level. (3)

3. CBD

CBD standard for “Cannabidiol,” which is an ingredient in the Marijuana complex minus the psychoactive effects. The massive therapeutic benefits of CBD, including improved sleep and decreased anxiety symptoms, could be beneficial for veterans with PTSD. A recent study showed CBD as a main factor helping humans forget painful and/or traumatic memories. (4)


MDMA is a synethetic drug known as “Ecstasy.” If you thought Marijuana was a controversial treatment theory, try treating PTSD with psychedelics! There are ground breaking studies using MDMA to treat PTSD from military service, sexual assault, and other traumatic experiences. MDMA increases feeling of trust which scientists believe could benefit veterans with PTSD. (5)


When nerve cells in the brain become overactive, the brain naturally produces GABA to calm these overactive cells. When levels of GABA are low, these overactive nerve cells can cause feelings of anxiety and depression. If you have difficulty sleep or feel like your sleep is low quality, you could be experiencing a GABA deficiency. Recent studies are showing that low levels of GABA can cause panic and anxiety disorders. (6) Restoring natural sleep cycles and increasing the quality of sleep could be a powerful benefit to offset the symptoms of PTSD.

It is exciting to know science continues to shed light on natural alternatives

Our Recommendation

Upon interviewing Dr. Lizardi M.D., I wanted to know which of these 5 Latest Treatments is the best for PTSD.

His recommendation was that, although Marijuana has powerful therapeutic benefits for PTSD, there has not been enough data to show how long term use affects the marijuana user. For this reason, Dr. Lizardi recommends CBD or GABA as practical and effective measures to naturally reduce the symptoms of PTSD.

Based on his recommendation, I took the time to review both of these natural treatment options.

Life Vitality Ultra Bliss

Life Vitality Ultra Bliss is created with the highest quality GABA on the market, known as Phenyl-Gaba or Phenibut. Phenyl-Gaba is the primary ingredient you should look for in a GABA supplement as it has the ability to cross the Blood Brain Barrier without problem. We have created fun and relevant recipes with Ultra Bliss to show how easy and convenient it is to add the benefits of GABA to your life.

Quicksilver Scientific Colorado Hemp Oil

Quicksilver Scientific has recently released a high quality CBD supplement that contains 0% THC with a 30 ml or 50 ml option. What makes their Colorado Hemp Oil a unique supplement is the innovative delivery system used to create the product. Quicksilver Scientific “liposomal” delivery system pairs essential fatty acids within the supplement so the body will absorb a high amount of CBD. Supplements that do not include a fatty acid within the recipe must be taken with a fat in order to be absorbed. Quicksilver simply takes the guess work out of the equation with their high quality, highly-absorbed delivery system.

VitalTox Hemp Suppositories

For those who would rather absorb the highest amount of CBD, VitalTox has created a premium Hemp suppository made with highest quality of full spectrum CBD oil in an organic cocoa butter base. We have created a 15 Step Tutorial Guide to show you how to correctly insert a suppository.

Thank you for taking the time to read Veterans Day 2018; 5 Latest Treatments for PTSD.

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