The Danger of a Clogged Heart

Oxygen rich blood is transported in your by body by the arteries which are blood vessels. Unfortunately the arteries can get clogged when there is plaque buildup. This can cause reduction in blood flow or, in more severe cases block it all together.

Problems: Some dangers clogged arteries can cause.

Examples of clogged arteries

  1. Disease: Various health issues can arise that hinder our health. These would be referred to as Peripheral artery disease. These chain of events that comes from plaque buildup can cause you to experience pain, numbness, or serious infection in your legs and feet. It can also lead to Carotid artery disease can go up to the neck causing serious health risks.
  2. Debilitate: When someone suffers from a stroke or heart attack and never regains all of their normal function. This is sad to see someone you love suffer like this.
  3. Death: The ultimate negative effect when it causes a premature death that could have been avoided.

Prevention: Things you can do to help avoid this problem.

  1. Grilled salmon and green beansDiet: Avoid things that cause this problem in the first place. You need to get healthy fats in your diet and get rid of the unhealthy ones. Get rid of hydrogenated oils in your diet.
  1. Decisions: You must learn to read labels if you are going to choose the right type of foods. You must want to change your eating patterns.
  2. Discernment: Using supplements can help prevent this problem and possibly help with improvement. Supplements should never be a replacement for a good diet, but used together to help you reach your health goals.

Practical: You need an unclogged heart emotionally and spiritually as well.

Person reading a book in a hammock

  1. The toxins: Bitterness, un-forgiveness, resentment and anger.
  2. The toll: It hurts our relationships, increases stress and makes us miserable. We must avoid these toxins at all costs.
  3. The truth: It is important to get the right nutrition emotionally and spiritually to help with this heart problem as well. Like with the physical issues the sooner we detect the problem and take steps to correct it the better off we will be.
  4. The techniques:The following suggestions are offered for your consideration. Though everyone may not embrace all the ideas they can certainly help start the process of going forward. We must minimize stress, and not be consumed with worry or fear. Learn to relax and not always be in a hurry. Take walks (a great time to pray or meditate) and get some fresh air. Find a quiet place and read something helpful (inspirational stories or scripture are great choices) and enjoy the solitude. A caring support group is very important in providing an excellent source of strength and encouragement. The types can depend on your philosophical views and situation. They can include family, friends, church, synagogue or a variety of other options or combinations.
  5. The triumph: When we learn to practice forgiveness and not to hold grudges. Leave it in God’s hand and move forward in your life with the right spirit. This will help enrich your life and all of your relationships.

Our heart is very precious and we need to protect it at all costs. Physically, emotionally and spiritually we need to do all we can to guard our heart. If you are going to live life to its fullest you need an unclogged heart.

By Kurt LaCapruccia, DR Vitamin Solutions