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pillars of health, Grand classical stone columns soar up to decorative entablature at the Supreme Court building

Focus on These Four Pillars of Optimal Health and Well-Being

The goal for each person, I believe, should be to function at optimal health. This includes aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  To function at optimal health does not just mean the absence of symptoms,

How Vitamins Help Fight the Aging Process

There are many things in this life that you can always count on happening. The sun will rise in the morning, the waves will always crash upon the shore, the stars will twinkle through the night, and the earth will continue to rotate. Those are all incredible things, but let’s take a look at the […]

Sticking to your Healthy Resolutions When the Year Isn’t so New

As we get ready for the new year we often resolve to lead healthier and more active lives, but sticking to these resolutions beyond January is hard. Year after year most of us do not keep our resolutions and fall into a cycle of trying, giving up, and repeating next year. But it doesn’t have […]

Whey Protein and You

Whey protein is a protein powder often sold as a supplement to help build muscle and maintain a healthy body weight. But what whey protein has health benefits above and beyond just muscle building, it provides the building blocks for all cell repair and growth. It also supports the body’s ability to product glutathione, which […]

The Glutathione Pipeline

We all need glutathione, this vital nutrient and is the natural antioxidant the body produces on its own. Age, disease, and lifestyle can cause the body to stop making enough, and supplementing your body with glutathione becomes essential for maintaining your best health. Here at DR Vitamins we know the importance of glutathione and want […]

Maintaining Good Posture in the High Tech World

A healthy posture is a subtle yet very important part of overall health. People with good posture tend to be more confident, seem more confident and knowledgeable to others, and have fewer back and neck pains. Proper posture allows the body to walk, sit, stand, and lie down in positions which put the least amount […]