Suppositories: The Bioavailable Advantage

The topic of absorption has spread like wild fire in recent years. The trend is rational, we all want to receive the most from our health products. There are three traditional methods to absorb medicine into the body. These three absorption channels include:

    1. Swallowing a pill

    2. Drinking a liquid

    3. Getting a shot

Although swallowing a pill is a traditional method, did you know the stomach digests the majority of the medicine? When medicines are injected into the vein (Intravenous) or muscle (Intramuscular), the effects are instantaneous because the medicine immediately enters the bloodstream. Injections into the muscle are slower acting, for example, a tetanus shot. Shots are effective, but can be tricky if you are unable to source a doctor willing to administer the shot. In that case, suppositories can be a helpful and powerful alternative.

The Suppository: A Hidden Secret

Suppositories are largely overlooked due to discomfort, yet little is reported concerning effectiveness. Suppositories are a round or cone-shaped object that you insert into your bottom. Too much information? I understand! But it is important to know – suppositories are pain free and also allow your body to absorb medicine without any fears of nausea. Once the suppository is inserted into the rectum, it begins to melt and release the medication.

Suppositories are helpful in the following instances (WebMD, 2017):

  1. If it is difficult to take drugs by mouth (suppositories can also be used for children who can’t swallow pills)
  2. You are vomiting and cannot keep pills down
  3. You are taking a drug that needs a slow absorption rate
  4. The medicine is too bitter to take by mouth
  5. You cannot source a doctor willing to administer a shot

There are three different types of suppositories – the traditional rectal Suppositories, vaginal suppositories (bacterial/fungal infections, vaginal dryness, birth control), and urethral suppositories (used rarely and only in men).

Rectal suppositories are used for a variety for ailments such as allergies, hemorrhoids, anxiety, constipation, pain, nausea, vomiting, and even mental health problems (WebMD, 2017).

Bio-availability is Everything

Swallowing a pill or drinking liquid might be the simplest, least awkward methods of absorbing vital nutrients, but they are not the most bioavailable. When a vitamin is ingested orally, several processes occur before the vitamin is introduced to the bloodstream:

  1. The vitamin is orally ingested and travels to the stomach
  2. From the stomach, the vitamin travels to the small intestine
  3. Once in the small intestine, the vitamin is finally absorbed into the blood stream
  4. The blood stream carries the vitamin to the liver
  5. The liver is where the nutrients are used, stored or disposed via the kidneys through urine

Once the vitamin reaches the stomach, Hydrochloric acid breaks down the majority of the vitamin. Although Hydrochloric acid releases nutrients into the small intestine, it reduces the bioavailability of the pill or liquid.

This is why a suppository makes sense.

Health enthusiasts who prefer Intravenous or Intramuscular injections get a bad rap for no logical reason. These individuals simply understand that the stomach significantly reduces the bio availability of vitamins.

Suppositories make sense for three reasons:

  1. Accessibility- Suppositories do not require a doctor written prescription.
  2. Cost-effectiveness- One pack of suppositories will save you 30 trips to the doctor, one trip to doctor for an Intravenous injection will cost as high as $150. One pack of 30-dosage Suppositories averages $100.
  3. Convenience- cancel your half-hour trip to the doctor once a week to sit in a waiting room for a shot, suppositories can be administered in the ease and comfort of your own home.

Suppositories offer the most bio available nutrients without the use of a needle. Because a suppository bypasses the stomach lining, the majority of the vitamin is not reduced by Hydrochloric acid. This greatly increases the bio availability of the nutrient once it arrives in the blood stream. The liver is able to use more of the nutrient as a result.

Thinking Outside the Box

DR Vitamin Solutions carries suppositories because we believe in “outside the box” thinking. The science behind suppositories convinced us that we could receive the most from our supplements if we were willing to let science guide our decision making process. 

We have chosen to carry Zetpil suppositories because Zetpil practices our belief in “thinking outside the box.” Rectal suppositories are only as awkward as we allow ourselves to imagine. When we look at the science of oral ingestion, we find that the bioavailability of the vitamin is significantly reduced through the digestion process. 

Rectal suppositories not only provide more of a vitamin, they deliver the nutrients at the fastest rate. When the suppositories melt inside of the rectum, the nutrients are instantly available in the bloodstream. Oral methods do not allow the nutrients to be instantly absorbed into the blood stream because they must go through the stomach before they are available for usage.

The Science Is In The Numbers

Suppositories are the unsung miracles when it comes to absorption. To illustrate how the science is in the numbers, we have created a chart allowing you to see the absorption rate per mode.

Percentage of Bioavailable nutrients deliverable to the liver:

Pill / Capsule 10%
Liquid 98%
Suppository 70%
Table citation: Cardio Renew, Inc. “Absorption: Liquid Chelation vs. Chelation Pills.” Absorption: Liquid Chelation vs. Chelation Pills | Cardio Renew.

How Do I Try a Suppository?

Inserting a suppository is simple and painless. We have provided you with the step-by-step procedure.


  1. Run the suppository under cold water to allow the medicine to solidify. Placing the suppository in the refrigerator for a couple minutes will also work.
  2. While the suppository hardens, make sure you have relieved all bowel movements.
  3. Use hand sanitizer or soap and water to clean your hands before insertion.
  4. Find a comfortable place where you feel relaxed
  5. When the suppository is hardened, apply lubricating jelly to moisten the tip of the suppository. If you do not have lubricating jelly, water will work. Do not use petroleum jelly such as Vaseline as it will not allow the suppository to melt.


  1. Lie down on your side with your bottom leg straight
  2. Relax your buttocks
  3. Using the narrow end first, gently push the suppository into the rectum. Adults must push the suppository one-inch into the buttocks. Children and infants at a half-inch.

Finishing Stage:

  1. Lie down with legs closed for 10-15 minutes
  2. Wash your hands with sanitizer or soap and water
  3. Dispose of all trash

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