Remembering Mom

Bouquet of flowers with a card that reads Thanks MomMy memories of mom fill my heart and mind.  Like beautiful flowers of the field they have a sweet fragrance and bring joy to the heart.

Time: I was the youngest of four children and my brother and sisters are 8 to 14 years older than I am. With no kids my age in the neighborhood and my siblings not wanting me around when they were with their friends I had no playmates.  Mom gave me more time than anybody when I was very young. When I would walk home for lunch from grade school mom was always home.  She was also an awesome cook.  Homemade is always better than store bought.

Togetherness: Through the years I always had a good relationship with mom. We spent a lot of time together and have many precious memories of things we did. My wife and I went on vacation to Florida with my parents and had a wonderful time with them.  We also spent time with them on a regular basis when we lived near them.

Truthfulness: You never had to wonder what mom was thinking.  She would tell you whether you wanted to hear it or not.

Picture of an antique telephoneTalking: Eventually my family moved out of state and it prevented the frequent visits I would make to mom’s house. However we did talk on the phone on a regular basis each week. My sister did mention how much mom looked forward to those calls.

Tears: One day the news came mom was in the hospital.  I took my wife and son and we drove to Connecticut. We went to see mom and spent the afternoon with her.  I went back that evening myself to spend some more time with her. As I left her room I had a feeling that was the last time I would ever see her again. As I walked by the gift shop I decided to go in and buy her a gift. I found something that some might think was silly but it was just perfect for my mom.  I went back up to her room and I gave her the gift, a big hug and I told her I loved her. I reminded her how much God loved her and shared some scripture with her. We had a great time together and she was so happy.

Picture of an antique pocket watch and eyeglassesTestimony: Unfortunately I was right and that was the last time I ever saw my mom alive on earth. I spoke at her funeral on behalf of the family and did the scripture reading. I also wrote her a poem which I read at the funeral and the tears flowed through the whole thing. I have done much public speaking through the years and that was the most difficult time I ever had. I am glad for all the things I did for and with my mother through the years and have no regrets.

I realize each person has a unique relationship with their mom and it has individual meaning to them. I would encourage you to value that relationship and do you all you can for mom while she is alive. Being the youngest child I was blessed to have her for a long time.  I am also grateful she got to know my son and she did not die until he was in college. My last grandparent died when I was 6 and I have no real memory of them. Invest time in your relationship and express appreciation today for one day you will only have the memories.

By Kurt LaCapruccia, DR Vitamin Solutions